Natures Sequence.


“Natures Sequence”

As the magical moon fades away from the night sky

I sit and wait patiently for my time to unfold.

So that I may bloom again with the dawn of a new day

Amidst the warmth of the sunlights ray’s.

This delicate dance of balance is “Natures Sequence”

A daily rebirth which inspires my soul.


© debradml (2016)




At times in this life

I feel like I am an oblivious mess

Fading into the nothingness

An inconsequential entity

That is only just existing until my time here is done…


A voyeur

Watching as life passes by

A nothing

A no-one

An unimportant waste of space…


But these are just

Fleeting moments of feelings

That happen some days

When doubt rears its ugly head

Or your environment is affecting you strongly…


Like when the sky gets dark and grey

You know it won’t last forever

But it can change your mood, deeply

Then as the Sun comes back out to play & nature is smiling again

You realise that your  “Perspective” has lifted & breathe a sigh of  release!


© debradml (2015) 

#PoetryInMotion Challenge – 2016


– 2016 –

Deep in the valley of my emotions
I can get lost at times…
And become overwhelmed
By the magnitude of everyday life!

Which leaves me
Wandering aimlessly at times
Day in day out –
Just placing one foot in front of the other.

Until something penetrates
The wall of obscurity surrounding me
Pulling me out and
Back to the world of believing…

So here’s to the “New Year” – 2016
May it bring some dreams come true
Be filled with peace, love, laughter, hope & good friends!!!

🎉Cheers All 🍾🍷🍸🍹🍻  and
Thank-you for your inspiration xox


#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Supernatural Horror Theme

“The Grim Reaper”

As I drift

In the twilight of my dreamscape

A scene evolves

That has scared me since I was small

It’s of the Grim Reaper coming to take me

Where it is black, lonely and cold

Into the nothingness

And when I wake

I’m left with the same overwhelming emotion

Fearful of death…

© debradml (2015)


#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Temptations



As the breeze flows through
Into my sanctuary
The drifting smells
Awaken my senses
To the echoing sounds
Of life stirring
Beyond my window
Drawing me
To peer outside
And become involved
But I am not quite ready
To leave my safe haven
So I will just enjoy
These temptations from afar.

© debradml (2015)


in my shoes…



Do you really know what it’s like

To walk in my shoes?

Your world is so different

From my path…

You may think, hastily

I am being childish

But do you really know

Or understand my Life

My pain

My struggles

Before you judge me

Please consider this aspect…

Because until you have

Walked in my shoes

You can’t understand me…


© debradml (2015)

#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Lost



As the darkness pulls at me
I am feeling “Lost”
In a haze of confusion…

Behind my mask
I suffer in silence: mostly
Putting on my brave face…

Daily, I dig into the grind
Searching for my peace
And the light at the end of the tunnel…

A moment of clarity comes
In the form of a holiday & trip away
With some good friends…

Which has made life
All worth the while
I feel so free!

So when your feeling this way, my friend
Take a trip & get away from it all
For it cleanses your body, mind & soul
And the mask can come off!!!

© debradml (2015)


#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Shadows



In the shadows

Of my fears and doubts

My inner demons

Are forever crying out

Looking for a release

To spread their darkness…


Yet strongly & always near by

My Guardian Angel of love & light

Shares my burdens with me

Giving me strength 

To continue on another day

And fight the good fight… 


© DebraDMLl (2015)


My Inner Demons…



When my “Inner Demons” surface

They take me down deep, quickly

Into the darkness of self-hatred, doubt & insecurity

Knowing me far too well

They spout years and years

Of any negativity I’ve ever had, easily

Transporting me 

Into the numbness & nothingness of my life

A lone entity 

Who never seems to make it out

From the bottom of the heap…

© DebraDML (2015)