2015 CinnamonTreats Challenge via SJ Warner


Cinnamon Treats – Multi Author Advent

Hosted via the amazing SJ Warner on her website!


Come celebrate the build up to christmas with fabulous, daily christmas themed posts from lots of wonderful authors.

As some of the poems/ stories will be erotic I ask that this event is kept 18+ only, Thank you.

Some will be spicy
Some will be sweet
Some will leave you shaking
From your head to your feet
But each and every one
Will be an absolute treat!

SJ Warner (2015)


Raven Anxo

CR Lemons

Jane Heron

Chris Kuhn

Amy Davies

KB Mallion – Part One

KB Mallion – Part Two

MB Feeney

Ethan Radcliff

Samantha Harrington

Amber Escalera

KA Hobbs

Amanda Carrington

Zoey Hart

Steve Richards

Charming Man

Suzzana C Ryan

Sabine Sam

AM Harding

Kit Tinsley

CJ Heath

Shawn D Standfast

Nina D’Arcangela


Angel Poet

Allana Walker

SJ Warner

Laurie Lee

BL Ronan

Olivia Purley – Part One

Olivia Purley – Part Two

Mark Davis

Caroline Juliette

Sarah Michelle Lynch

Linda Apodaca

Alistair Stone

Sydney Taylor


Merry Christmas 2015


A Happy New Year in 2016 to all!


Guest Post: Some favourite Poems by PJ Bayliss


PJ Bayliss is my witty neighbour from Across the Ocean, he’s a kiwi and since coming onto the Social Media world has become a good friend! He is very talented and I can’t wait for his new book to come out!!!

If you haven’t already met him go check him out and say hello :)

Books by PJ Bayliss – can be found at Amazon

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# His Social Media sites are:




“Make Me”

A cafe outing,
short skirt with no panties,
Oak table,
With a rose.

She teases me with her toes,
Seductively rubbing
The tension,

Together we depart,
Hailing a cab,
My trousered length.

The drivers eyes diverting,
Just out of sight,
I’m almost,

Finally we arrive home,
I open the door,
She grabs,
My tie.

Passionately she then reaches,
Gasping my hair,
I’m forced,
Between thigh.

Amidst our lust frenzy,
We then stumble,
Before falling,
Upon the stairs.

Forcing my hand to comfort,
Beneath her skirt,
She unfolds.

Her delicate lips moistened,
Wrapped around my knuckle,
Before she,
Surrounds my wrist.

She cries with unbridled passion,
With aching song pleasure,
Unleashing me.

Her muffled moans leak,
Resonating deep,
Around my,
Unleashed girth.

Rolling upon her back,
Shoulders upon the steps,
Her thighs,
Restrict me.

I plunge my steady length,
Deep within,
Her surging,

My hips bear down,
Her grasp tightens,
Her moans,
Silently trickle.

Bonded within her,
My erection throbbing,
I pry,
We climb.

Step by step we rise,
Fucking her hard,
The stairs upward.

Her poor aching buttocks,
Spanked by every step,
Bruised and battered,

At the summit of the stair,
Fingers entangled in my hair,
We rise,
Bonded together.

I whip off my leather belt,
Together with my tie,
I bind her,
To open thigh.

Ankles bound to each,
Stairwell rail,
She’s breeched,

I watch her struggle,
To compose herself,
Only for me.

Slowly I enter her,
And again,
And again.

Exhaustion never betrays,
Her body holds firm,
As I plunge,
Into her fiery depth.

My vantage point,
Her polished mound,
I press,
A finger into her.

Vigorously plunging,
Tenaciously rubbing,
Trembling upon the wake,
Of her own waves.

As she gushes,
And again,
And again.

Completely broken,
I unbind her,
She collapses,
Into my arms.

Resting upon breath,
She snuggles into me,
With after shocks.

Like a feather I carry her,
To rest upon our bed?
To make love once again.

(c) 2015 PJ Bayliss


“MDRomance Challenge via Mark D. Davis Blog”


“Cutting Her Loose”

The key fitted perfectly into the door,
And slithers of light cut across the floor,
Hinges moaning as if they already knew,
What my sexual intentions were for for.

Your hand trembled nervously as I grasp,
Edging you forward into the lingering lust,
Our breathe echoed against concrete walls,
Before I stopped and allowed a brief pause.

Our eyes gathered together in the dim light,
I smiled and admired the angelic sight,
Of your torso and bosom as it gently heaved,
And of where I intended to bury my seed.

My thumb curled around your bottom lip,
Before I muzzled in for an intimate kiss,
Compelling your shoulders to drop towards earth,
Releasing the gates to your pulsating purse.

You drifted before me upon my open palm,
Then your eyes darted open in silent alarm,
As the cold leather pressed against your thigh,
From the table upon which you’ll be tied.

I close my eyes in order to envision,
How I desire your body to be positioned,
To appease my senses and guilty pleasure,
At my own pace and sublime leisure.

With your wrists bound tight in coarse rope,
Pulled far behind your back in lost hope,
Shoulders forced into an acute angle,
To your ankles so that you may dangle.

Inches above the black leather surface,
Knees pried open to expose your purse,
I hoist you upward to my waist height,
Observing the sway as you struggle with fight.

Your cheeks glowing red as I push,
My swollen member into your mush,
Deep into the recesses of your throat,
My thrusts taken up by slack in the rope.

You gag and choke for a little while,
As I plan my next move to defile,
Your body so twisted and distorted,
A delicacy yet sexually sordid.

Your’e left hanging as I patiently wait,
With a tool that rapidly vibrates,
Against your flesh which eventually weeps,
While simply do as I please.

Spinning you round, twisting the rope,
Tightening it further against your hope,
The room whirling past in a spin,
Stopping where I plunge into your sin.

My girth thrusting through your seam,
Within you we become a single being,
Saturated yet still soaking me in,
Clasping onto me from within.

The ropes cut into you with a sting,
As our bodies continue colliding,
Deeper and harder until I say,
Come for me Pet, cut loose and spray.

© P.J Bayliss 2014.



“Broken Pieces”

I want to gather all the pieces,
That make me one n’ whole,
Those broken & shattered emotions,
Torn apart from my lost soul.

Picking up my spirits,
Tucking away my fears,
Bottling up my desires,
Sucking up my tears.

As my senses are collected,
My deceptions are removed,
I continue with my searching,
For a love that’s deep and true.

But my puzzle is never completed,
It will never be quite through,
As the one piece I keep missing,
Is the perfect void known as you.

© P.J Bayliss 2014



“Tearing Me Apart”

You once meant everything to me,
you compelled me to breathe,
suckling out my lust seed,
fulfilling my every need.

Kisses softened up my heart,
so it could never tear apart,
you were the whole to my half,
right from the very start.

Yet somehow you always knew,
you would tear me up in two,
scattering the very few,
remaining pieces in the dew.

Why would I forget that night,
as it was barely any fight,
you just said it had been nice,
you turned and then took flight.

I had never been so filled,
with tears that didn’t spill,
ruptured soul had been killed,
to be revived by little pills.

Their toxic venom never ends,
flowing though my every bend,
always pumping until when,
my passion comes screaming to a ….

© P.J Bayliss 2013


Lace Challenge via SJ Warners Blog


Darkness surrounds us,
Seeping from my mind,
Blanketing our bodies,
As I quietly bind.

Your wrists tight together,
Hemp rope and cable ties,
With a red silk blindfold,
Your only disguise.

Upon golden shoulders,
A familiar pattern,
Black roses with diamonds,
Embossed lace upon satin.

My knuckles flex,
To touch my moist lips,
As I closely observe,
Your curvaceous hips.

Protruding from,
The blue ribbed corset,
With your erect nipple,
Clamped in my forceps.

A tiny whimper,
You try not to resist,
My muscles flex,
In my wrist.

I grasp it,
Before giving a twist,
A pinch of pain,
Between us is bliss.

Goddess melts away,
As if she was butter,
Your muffled growl,
Emits with a stutter.

My knuckle reappears,
Upon my lip,
With white blazing grooves,
From where I bit.

Observing you writhe,
In timeless motion,
The white caps of pain,
Stirring her ocean.

I release the restraint,
From the stainless steel tong,
Politely asking you,
If anything is wrong.

You refuse to budge,
But manage a smile,
Replying to me,
I like your style.

Nonchalantly I inspect,
Your wrists turning rare,
Bound firm and tight,
Behind your rear.

My footsteps echo,
As I casually pace,
Circling you slowly,
Admiring your lace.

Garter belt stockings,
From thigh to your heels,
With a floral suspender,
Igniting my erotic zeal.

I struggle to contain,
My excitement inside,
Slowly I’m engorged,
Thick blood in my pride.

My hand on your shoulder,
Before I come undone,
Willingly you kneel,
Suckling to become one.

The bell of my glans,
Embraces your mouth,
Your throat swells,
As I force it south.

You relish my taste,
Choking on my flesh,
While I subdue you,
My erogenous pledge.

With a fistful of hair,
I tug ‘till you drool,
Pumping you hard,
As your cheeks become full.

I relinquish myself,
From the grit of your teeth,
Turning my attention,
To your goddess beneath.

She dances wildly,
Promising to shower,
As I roll into the room,
My tortuous plow.

Your heart palpitates,
As you’re wrenched to your feet,
I set the black dial,
To a steady beat.

I flick the silk mask,
Covering your eyes,
What you now see before you,
Makes you quiver and sigh.

There in the shadows,
Lurks the machine,
Quietly humming,
Glimmering and pristine.

Black matt framing,
Stainless steel dildo,
Three-quarters of a horse,
Thrusting to and fro.

© P.J Bayliss 2014.


“BLURRED LINES CHALLENGE via The Sacred Road Blog”

“Falling Apart”

Let us embrace,
In each others arms,
Captive in solitude,
Free from harm.

As I now trickle,
A gentle kiss,
Upon your neck,
Toward your lips.

The explosive effect,
Distilled waters now gather,
Whelming within you,
Rising urge to splatter.

Obvious to my task,
My wandering fingers,
Over your soft flesh,
Where lust lingers.

Gently they are slipping,
Within your swelling sin,
Kissed by the lapping,
Of the waves yet to come.

The aromatic mist,
From goddesses pond,
Triggered by my touch,
Of your delicate frond.

My lips firmly grasp,
Your arching neck,
Goddesses shoreline,
Is now soaking wet.

Such a cool touch,
Setting you on fire,
My trickling lips,
Drift down with desire.

Cascading downward,
Over heavenly breast,
Your heaving navel,
Pulsating love nest.

My tongue extends,
Separating your folds,
Consuming in thirst,
Massaging her sole.

Sweet nectar beckons,
To taste every pore,
An exquisite taste,
Of her gushing bore.

Reverent lapping of waves,
Floods me in a frenzy
Till goddesses pond,
Overspills with envy.

This is the moment,
A beat of your heart,
You just can’t help,
Falling apart.

© 2013 PJ Bayliss


Why do they cry,
He asked me tonight,
As we watched them scream,
Upon that television screen.

I could only sigh,
Thinking how to lie,
To my innocent son,
Who uses a finger as a gun.

We watched in vain,
As blood curdling pain,
Echoed across the street,
from parents at bare feet.

It’s a war I said,
So now the ground is red,
But it’s best if you don’t know,
Lets grab a ball & play throw.

We played together outside,
The dog panting at our side,
It was a magical delight,
Just my son, the dog, and I.

We played until dusk,
Just the dog and us,
His innocent voice then said,
Daddy why does the sky turn red.

Why do you ask my son,
So curious and young,
As he then said to me,
I was only just thinking.

If it was the war you said
Turning the sky over there red,
Then maybe I could help,
He said with a gentle pout.

A single tear broke free,
To trickle down my cheek,
As I then hugged my son,
Who wiped it away with his gun.

No matter how I lie,
Or explain that red sky,
There is nothing it seems,
That will reduce the screams.

Will you cuddle them tonight,
As tears cloud up the sky,
From the innocent child,
So desperate and wild.

(c) 2013 PJ Bayliss


2014 “Erotic Advent Challenge” run by SJ Warners Blog


This is a collection of Short Stories or Poems written in 2014 for the “Erotic Advent Challenge” which was hosted by my friend SJ Warners Blog… during this Challenge we sadly lost a lovely friend and writer Marcus… xox

Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did – just click on each persons name to read their piece!


Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Ethan Radcliff

Raven Anxo

Pen name K


SJ Warner

Khul Waters

Zoey Hart

Cameron Lincoln

KA Hobbs

CJ Heath

KB Mallion

Olivia Purley

Chris Kuhn

Mark Davis

C.R Lemons

Steve Richards

Caroline Juliette

Jamie B

Magenta Nero

Callen Wright

Carrie Anne Ward

Angel Poet

Laurie Schmidt Lee

Der Erzahler



2014 “Treat Week Challenge” via SJ Warners Blog


My friend SJ Warner ran this “Challenge in 2014” via her Blog, showcasing some Short Stories & Poetry by the following Writers – Enjoy:

Caroline Juliette

Benjamin Prewitt

Cameron Lincoln

Ava Bellamy

SJ Warner

Stephen Richards

Jamie B.

Tammy Louise Wilkins

Chris Kuhn

Mark Davis

BL Ronan


April is National Poetry Month 


Well April is the Month for Poetry ~ 30 Poems in 30 Days!!!

NaPoWriMo, or National Poetry Writing Month, is an annual project in which participating poets attempt to write a poem a day for the month of April.


The Website http://www.napowrimo.net/ is owned and operated by Maureen Thorson, a poet living in Washington, DC. Inspired by NaNoWriMo, or (National Novel Writing Month), she started writing a poem a day for the month of April back in 2003, posting the poems on her blog. When other people started writing poems for April, and posting them on their own blogs, Maureen linked to them. After a few years, so many people were doing NaPoWriMo that Maureen decided to launch an independent website for the project.



Poetry means different things to each of us… it is an appreciation of Poetry in the art of expression for those that like to write it and for those who like to read it!!! Challenges like this to me personally helps me to grow as a writer who is still in the early stages of learning! What I dearly love about Challenges like this is the bringing together of like minded people and their individual interpretations to the Prompts… I find it fascinating and it enriches my soul!

This Month as well as taking up the #NaPoWriMo Challenge of writing a Poem a day, I am going to try and Post a Poem a day from some of the Famous Poets that I have enjoyed reading over the years… I am behind already in this Challenge but aim to catch up quickly over the next week!!!

So please join me and let’s Celebrate Poetry Month together ~ by either taking up the Challenge, Reading, or just by spreading the word!


To start off this Challenge I thought I would share with you all some Poets that I have come across over the past few years since starting my Blog ~ Words Across the Oceans!

Some Poetry Authors whose Books I have purchased and been inspired by are:

PJ Bayliss Amazon & Blog

BL RonanAmazon & Blog

SJ WarnerAmazon & Blog

Kat BastionAmazon & Blog

Robert ZimmermannAmazon & Blog

Thomas Snow – Payhip & Blog

Amanda CarringtonAmazon & Blog

Cameron LincolnAmazon & Blog

Lisa FulhamAmazon & Blog

Tammy-Louise WilkinsAmazon & Blog

Stephen RichardsAmazon & Blog

Zoey Hart – Amazon & Blog

Clarissa ClemensAmazon & Blog

Elena M. – Amazon

Penelope JonesAmazon & Blog

AJ WaltersAmazon & Blog

Gem DerbyshireAmazon

Shawn L BirdAmazon & Blog

Natasha HeadAmazon & Blog

Helle GadeAmazon & Blog

Tyler Knott Gregson – Amazon & Blog

Lang LeavAmazon & Blog

Michael FaudetAmazon & Blog

Christopher PoindexterAmazon


And here I have listed some “Poetry Blogs” that I read regularly and enjoy:

Darwin Blake

Caroline Juliette

 Shawn D Standfast

Magenta Nero

Sir Morose

Megan Kay

Richard Ankers

Angel Poet

Mark Davis

SA MacNeil


Desiree Masters

Romantic Dominant

May Desert Flower

Atwell Speaks

SA Healey

Justin Case

Sable Swan

JMC 813

Dandelion Girl

Darcy Black


Hasty Words






Midwest Fantasy

Katrina Storey