Guest Post: Treasured Poetry by Toro ~ Tony


Dearest Toro ~ I think of you often my friend and wanted to treasure you on here!

Baci, till we meet again xox


Sadly the few pieces of Tony’s words that I had managed to save are on my old computer that crashed last year so these are the only ones that I could find…

“YAY” I am so happy an amazing Angel called “May ~ Whispers on the Sigh Of Dreams Blog” has just emailed me her copies of Tony’s Poems… tears of joy and love are flowing as I read over them… Words can’t describe my gratefulness to her!




Covered in tiny specks

Each an imperfection

Complex, so you think

We all have them

It’s part of who we are

These scars of life, bizarre

From those that thrill us

To those that haunt us

To be loved but once

For who we truly are

Accepted and Adored

Without prejudice, toward

Is truly a gift

To never have loved

On the stage of life

Is a tragedy

Romeo and Juliette

Scarred they were

In love they died

Knowing, that they were so

Never questioned, never doubted

They lived enough to sacrifice

Their human form so scarred on earth

To transcend their souls

Their scars entombed

Faded to dust

To dwell amoung the living

Haunting those who cast their hatred

Above the clouds

Their love eternal

Forever more united

Never to be parted

© Toro (2013)


“Blurred Lines ~ Poetry Challenge” via The Sacred Road Blog



Husbands, Fathers, Brothers and Sons onto shores wielding weapons
Masked by fog so eerie, the loss of so many
By Wives, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, for the freedom we are given, engraved in charters
From the sacrifice gifted and favored, will forever be remembered
On the bloody beaches of Normandy, each brave soul for love of home and country
To their graves, Kissed by the lapping of the waves

© 2013 toro


card hearts


La mia signora, il cuore viene bruciato e rotto.

Prendi il mio, non avro bisogno piu



“From That to This”

Tethered and broken

Planks loose and twisted

Gaze the other side

Longing for whats there

Step by step

Limbs shaking

Heart pounding

Dont look down

Don’t look back

Sweat dripping

Almost there

Eyes ahead

Step over step

Licking my lips


From that to this

Desire and want

Open heart

Free will

Run wild

Kiss alot

Hug more

Bite me






Pay it forward

Accept graciously


Give love

Be loved

Make love

Love more



Sleep without tears

Break rules








In love


And again

And again

From that to this

 ~ toro ~


time clock

“Lost in time, Float on by”

Lost in time

Float on by

Seasaw with the wave

A fool like the Kings Knave

Blue sky above

Clouds drift

Sea birds hover

Searching for supper


Lost in time

Float on by

If only you can hear

My minds on you my dear

Time ticking away

Angel eyes distant

Will time finally arrive

Will I survive


Lost in time

Float on by

Lost in my head

Maybe tomorrow, maybe dead

Maybe so

Will anyone care

Lungs filling in

My head in a tailspin


Lost in time

Float on by

Can’t hardly recognize

My soggy disguise

Ferry man passes by

Pays me no nevermind

Could not see me

Faded into the sea


Lost in time

Float on by

Silence like death

Takes away your breath

Time to go with the flow

Tip back and dive

Strained heartstrings

The endings…





being held in the arms of love

kisses that travel the length of body

flesh exposed

heated and musky

…forgot what thats like


sound of my name

called out between kisses and bites

soft and breathy

a flame ignites

…forgot what thats like


mouth to mouth

tongues explore

breath intake

lips swollen and sore

…forgot what thats like


the weight of her

along my form, aligned

curves and all

limbs entwined

…forgot what thats like



she straddles

eyes connect

hers twinkle

…forgot what thats like


cuddled into me

words not required

eyes shut

just her desired

…forgot what thats like


watching her sleep

watching her breathe

my love

to her bequeathed

…forgot what thats like


reality sets

staring at walls

my life

no one calls

…i know what thats like

~ toro ~



“After All These Years”

Missing you.

After all these years.

Only God and You know.

How can I miss you each-day.

When you’re in my thoughts every-day.

After all these years.

With a single phrase said…

I travel back in time.

I love you.

After all these years.

It draws me to you.

Can you see me.

When I say…I love you, dearly.

After all these years.

Never seems quite enough.

How can so much feeling linger for so long.

No matter how many times I say it.

Never fades away.

After all these years.

Book one…me and you…always, forever and a day.

Book two…missing you…holding you…compelling you to stay.

Book three…time has passed…time to let go…chapter one: “new day”.

After all these years.

Just know this…you are always in my heart, no more tears.

~ toro ~



“Demon’s Rise”

I’m a fucking mess, can’t you see from my face

I’ve got red lips and mascara streaks rolling down, what a disgrace

Pale white skin

Eye’s so black their cold

Feeling the pain

Walking in the rain

Eight inch blade buried deep

Pulled it out and tossed it.

Wiped my lips, feeling me drift

Eye’s weary

Throat full and spitting

Ear’s are deaf

No sound left




 ~ toro ~


Ode to Toro…


Ode to Toro:

Hearts are bleeding from you’re news because we love you…
In this short time how you’ve touched us so deep…
Can’t stop thinking of how we should be there with you…
To hold your hand would make it complete!
I sat upon the beach today just staring…
Wondering why and was there something I could do?
Everything that seemed to matter yesterday is nothing
Compared to what you are going through!
So please know that when you feel like you need us
Close your eyes and feel our arms around you tight!
For in our hearts we will be right there with you…
Shining brightly as the days turn into nights.
And there we will continue to hold you…
Until our paths do cross again!
Take care and know that we love you
Our dear and beautiful Friend
xxx Baci
© debradml 2013