Day 2 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 2’s optional prompt, was to take your gaze upward, and write a poem about the stars in any form or style.  ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 2’s Prompt” I have invited fellow Poet – Thomas Snow for his Interpretation, followed by my Submission and then Coldplay’s Lyric’s to “Yellow”…

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!



From Thomas Snow

In February of this year I wrote a piece for my blog entitled “Stars are Stars and They Shine So Hard”.

Although it was one of the best received things I have written by a few it did not get anywhere near as many viewings as some of my other work. That is understandable as it was a romance based on theories of entropy and quantum physics but if you like the poem I submit below then I would be so grateful if you would look in on the blog and see the big picture. View this poem as a telescope and the blog as the night sky. One leads to the other. Hopefully


 Here is my Interpretation for Day 2 in the NaPoWriMo Challenge:

 That Night that Summons our Souls

[ “All we ever see of stars are their old photographs.”  ― Alan MooreWatchmen ]


I did not find your beauty in your face

Nor see it in your eyes

It came  from within another place

Conquering by complete surprise


We touched together under starlit night

Talking of days to come

Then you did something Oh so right

That struck my nonsense dumb


“You see that star,” it’s where we met”

You pointed far above.

“It’s just though we don’t  know it yet

We have always been in love.”


True as time and sure as fate

I understood your notion

Destiny itself would celebrate

Lovers in a timeless Ocean


For stars are myriad and always there

Just like my love for you

I looked at a soul beyond compare

Realising that we always knew


That life is short and stars are never

Lovers that must reluctantly part

So they remember today and forever

Where we end is where we start


So goodbyes are never intended

Though we fade from sight

For loss and regret may be mended

By that perfect Romantic – starlight


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star How I wonder who we are

Up above the world so high Like eternity we never die

Hopelessly lost and all alone ?

Stars will find us and bring us home

© Thomas Snow (2015)




Tonight the stars are singing brightly

Of their journeys from light years away

As I lay here and stare into the night sky

I am in awe of their breath-taking beauty

That beams down into the very depths of my soul

With a beguiling fierceness

That words just cannot describe

To be placed on mere paper

It has to be experienced face to face…

© debradml (2015)




Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And everything you do
Yeah, they were all yellow

I came along
I wrote a song for you
And all the things you do
And it was called yellow

So then I took my turn
Oh what a thing to have done
And it was all yellow

Your skin
Oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
You know, you know I love you so
You know I love you so

I swam across
I jumped across for you
Oh what a thing to do

‘Cause you were all yellow
I drew a line
I drew a line for you
Oh what a thing to do
And it was all yellow

Your skin
Oh yeah, your skin and bones
Turn into something beautiful
You know, for you I’d bleed myself dry
For you I’d bleed myself dry

It’s true
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine for you
Look how they shine

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you
And all the things that you do

By Coldplay


#PicturePromptChallenge by Thomas Snow



We stand together on this stage
Lights dazzling our searching eyes
Hands held in trustful wonder
Bowing as the audience rises
The curtains swish their drama
Shadows dance forever
The perfection of our script
The pauses – one – two –three – the beats
I guess we got it right
Author Author
They’re throwing scented flowers
One more melodramatic kiss
We perfected romance
We took their breath away
I am all alone on this stage
Darkness and dust dismays
My hands clasped in prayer
Heavy with the past
The curtains closed too soon
A monologue of mystery
Words fumbled and lost
Waiting for you to turn
I guess we got it wrong
Actor Actor
You walked away backstage
The moon lit your path
We perfected sorrow
We forgot to breathe


© Thomas Snow (2015)


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Poetry Challenge by Thomas J Snow


I remember the first touch
How my tingle skin breathed
I remember the first kiss
Brutal tender and shocking
I remember the first thought
Surrendered beguiled and true
I remember the first breath
You pressed against our tree
And there I stayed
And there you stayed
And there we are kissing still
Though we are parted
Though love has gone
Time flows and calls our souls
Time rages and remembers our hearts
Time roars and touches our dreams
And time is an ocean
And these words a storm
Words across the oceans
Remember. Rest. Remember. Rest.
And we were intended for calmer shores


© Thomas J Snow (2013)



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