Guest Post: Some favourite pieces of poetry by SJ Warner


This wonderful and very talented lady has become a good friend over the past few years, when I visited the UK last year we got to meet up and I know we will remain good friends for a long time.

Her words inspire, please go check out her Blog and Books! Here are just a few of her Poems that I love!

Books by Author SJ Warner

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All of of her Books can be found on Amazon !

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So long she had walked this road
The twists and turns had sometimes been hard
But her footsteps they had slowed
Her way now seemed barred

The sense of bewilderment
Overpowering her soul
Her body completely spent
Life flashing by out of her control

The pathway before her no longer clear
So many different directions she could turn
Each one holding so much fear
Her mind unable to discern

Which path would lead her
And her heart to happiness
Her mind and vision a blur
The correct path hard to choose through all the mess

As she stood there at the crossroads
Lost and alone
Faith in the world erodes
The pain she felt was all her own

No one could save her from her fate
Decision made
Each step she hoped would take her from all the hate
As she walked she silently prayed

Prayed she had made the right choice
Hoped the path she took would lead her to joy
All around she could hear a whispered voice
Whispering it’s desire to destroy

She knew then she had taken the wrong path
Knew she would forever wonder this path of distress
Leading herself open to his wrath
As his poison began to infest

Her soul forever tormented
Set to wonder lost in the mire
Her once happy soul now demented
As her body was taken by the devil’s fire.

© S.J Warner 2014.




The gossamer ghost

The misty shape

That floats on by

That movement you see

From the corner of your eye

That’s me as I

Drift on by

You don’t see

The pain I hide

The tears I cry

Because I’m invisible

To you

I’ve tried so hard

To make you see

To make you hear

To make you love me

And support me

But you don’t see

So I hide

In the background

Hoping you will notice

The shadow of my former self

The tortured soul

That follows you

That begs you

That prays that one day

You will see

That one day

You will free me

From the sorrow inside

But you won’t

Because to you

I’m just

Invisible me.

© S.J Warner 2014.




With soft notes
Of spice
Gently float
Taking me to paradise

Memories of
Nights of sin
Of passion
Of pleasures

Stolen moments
Spent with him
Soft fabric
Brushes against
My skin

Taking the shirt
Slipping it on
The feel of the cloth
Makes nipples pert
Turning me on

Wrapped in his scent
Calmness restored
The feeling heaven sent
Bringing me instantly
Closer to him

Until he returns
This is all that remains
A suit
A shirt
And scent filled memories…

© S.J Warner 2014.


POETRY CHALLENGE via The Sacred Road Blog

“Become One”

He watched
From afar
Her beauty
And grace
Drawing him
To her.

Yet he could
Only watch
Wanting more
But fear
Of rejection
Holding him back.

So he watches
Her graceful steps
As she walks
Along the sand
Her cotton dress
Blowing softly.

The setting sun
No match
For her beauty
For in his eyes
She is

Even the ocean
Was calm
In her presence
The gentle swell
Softly caressing
The shore.

He watches
As she steps
Into the water
Her delicate ankles
Kisses by the lapping
Of the waves.

He wished he could
Walk with her
Hold her hand
Pull her into
His arms and
Kiss her beautiful lips.

But for now
All he can do
Is sit
And watch
Dreaming of
What could be.

If their
Hearts, minds
Bodies and
Finally become

© SW36 2013.


#PicturePromptChallenge by SJ Warner


Mind clouded by a cloak of pitch darkness
Shrouding her every thought
In obsidian black
No light breaking through the veil of despair
Gone was the laughter
The joy and the pleasure
All that was left was pain
Loneliness and heart break
Her body so numb
Unable to fight
That was why she was there that night
In the dark, misty moorland
Sat in the dark
The cold blanket of night
Wrapped all around
Black that lived deep in her heart
As frigid cold seeped throughout
Her body and mind
Her heart faltered
Bitter chill taking a hold
She knew then her time
Would soon be over
Her mind closing to all thoughts
Instantly a shaft of light
Breaks through the dark
Almost as if heavy obsidian curtains part
Light becoming stronger
Almost quite blinding
Yet she felt no fear
Felt no pain or anguish
Embracing the light
That pushed away darkness
And there in the moonlight
Her tears did break
When she saw them there
Waiting for her
The ones that had passed
The ones that she missed
Eagerly waiting for their friends soft kiss
Embraced in their love she finally felt whole
No longer in dark, pain or alone
She was finally with them
Finally home.


© SJWarner (2015)


Books by Author SJ Warner

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All of of her Books can be found on Amazon !

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#MDRomance Week: First up is the beautiful and very talented Poetess SJ Warner – her piece is beautiful and Mark Davis has done an interpretation to her photo which is a brilliant constrast to Sal’s Interpretation…. I have throughly enjoyed reading these pieces and can’t wait for what’s next! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


Always & Forever
By SJ Warner

As the heavy door opens, my eyes adjust to the inner gloom
Love rushes through my heart and soul as I see you
Waiting in the centre so patiently
Anticipating my arrival at
Your side
Standing there next to your friend looking so proud, so calm.

Any nerves I have disappear as I begin to make my way down the aisle
Nearing you with every slow, precise step
Dad holds my arm, his pride in his little girl showing on his face.

Finally at your side he places my hand in yours
Our eye meet
Revealing in each others appearance
Each touch, each breath, each carefully spoken promise
Verifying the weight of our love until
Eventually we hear those words and our lips meet
Responding to each other, sealing our vows forever.

c. S.J Warner 2014.

You can also find SJ Warner’s other works…

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#TreatWeek by S.J Warner

#TreatWeek special by SJ Warner…

S.J's Blog

Her Little Game.


She appeared in the room
Dressed in His shirt
With a glint in her eye
She started to flirt
She wanted to play
Needed to feel
Her man use control
To handle her needs

He watched as she teased
Twirled and twisted
Spinning and flexing
Allowing Him glimpses
Of her waxed delight

He would not give in
Would not bite
Even though
He ached to be
Deep inside
His delicious sweet ride
Pumping and thrusting
Until she cried

His resolve was strong
She would not control
His will decided
When He would enter her soul
He watched as she fingered
The buttons that fastened
The shirt that she wore
Dropping it swiftly
On to the floor

Her corset
Clinching her waist
Pushing her breasts
Right into His face
Her sweet pussy
Visible, bare to the eye
Ready to taste
Offering heaven inside

Still He resisted
Her frustration was…

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The Versatile Blogger Award


I was recently nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award” by a beautiful lady called Sally aka SW36, I am so honoured and humbled that she has enjoyed my blog to nominate it for this award!

Thank-you again Sal, this means a lot to me! Much love and hugs ~ Debs xox


Please check out her wonderful Blog as she is a talented writer and poet!

Raspberry Delights –” 


# The Rules in accepting this Award are:

  1.  Display the Award on your Blog
  2. Announce your win with a post and thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  3. Post 7 interesting things about yourself and answer the 7 questions…
  4. Present 15 deserving Bloggers with the Award.
  5. Link your nominees in the post and let them know of their nomination with a comment.



# 7 Interesting things about me:

  1. I was once a Hairdresser many moons ago…
  2. Good at Roller-skating but not Ice-skating
  3. I love Tandem skydiving – it’s awesome!
  4. Hate spiders – and have quite a few lol stories that could be told…
  5. Sports I’ve played Netball & Softball
  6. First Record I ever owned was “Abba Arrival”
  7. Freaked out snorkelling once on the Great Barrier Reef at thought of meeting a shark round a wall of coral… TG no one was filming it would have been hilarious… a new style of swimming ‘backward frog style’ 😂

Not very interesting stuff …but some things about me!


# Answer 7 Questions:

1. Do you remember your dreams – and if you do what do you think they mean?

Yes parts of them …sometimes they are way off the grid of reality and some would make great movies! Wouldn’t have a clue what they mean… I also sometimes dream of the future …weird insignificant stuff like a place or event!

2. Would you rather share your life with a pet or a person? (or a person who is a pet?)

Hmmm… haven’t met a person as yet other than family and have always have a easy connection with animals!

3. What is the most submissive aspect of your life and your personality?

Hmmm… in a sexual relationship I like a Alpha Male! I like to make people happy, don’t like conflict and/ or letting others down! My “Enneagram Type is mean’t to be No. 9 ~ The Peacemaker” 

4. What is the most dominating?

In my job and role as a mom I take charge and am very protective of people I care for! In my job I am often sticking up for others…. when I see right from wrong!

5. if you could retrain as something, would you want to do that?

No not really I love my job as a Nurse, but there are things I would still like to try!

6. Which do you fear more – fire, water, or wind?

I’d have to pick Fire – it can be unpredictable and I’d hate to get burned!

7. How long on average each week do you listen to music?

A couple of hours per day at least!


# 15 Blogs I nominate receive this Award:

I love all the Blogs I follow and to pick out just fifteen is way too difficult …but here are some that I follow regulary… and ah I’m sorry but it’s way more than 15 🙂 You can view their blogs by clicking on their names below!

Some Favourite Blogs ~ Writers, Poets, Artists and Smore

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Poetry Challenge by SJ Warner



The messages lay
Upon my desk
Words from a love
So far away
Words sent from a
Place so dark
Yet filled with love
And light.
The hope and affection
Bring me to tears
Words across the oceans
Sent from afar.
Each one so personal
So passionate
Hiding the horrors
Giving hope.
A note from man
To his sweetheart
Spread out before me
So much history.
The love that’s poured
Into every word on the
Delicate, browned parchment
Fills my heart.
As he tells
Of his hope for their future
And how he is
Eternally hers.
Words kept with a
Wedding dress
Packed away safe
Hidden from daylight.
Not known about
Until it was too late
To ask questions
Lovers reunited in heaven for
© SW36 2013.
(Pictures and cards owned by my family and I).


# Sal (SW36)