Poetry Challenge by DebraDML


As the world turns
One half day, the other night
Connections are being made
across the five oceans


Fulfilling desires and needs
Solely through our words across the oceans


Friendships are born
Lovers can be found
The beauty of our minds are released
Enriching our hearts and souls


The journey is so appealing
The anticipation addictive
Yearning to explore and find
All the connections that we seek


The world seems so vast
When you physically think about it…
Yet through this portal in time
This journey is not so hard to complete!

© DebraDML (2013)


I would also Iike to take this opportunity to kindly thank each one of these talented Poets for taking part in the “Poetry Challenge” over these past 2 weeks, I am so very honoured to have their amazing pieces on my blog to share out there into the universe with you all!

You have all made my heart full… and as a lovely Poet friend recently taught me (and I have been thinking of him often throughout this challenge) the meaning of the word … Baci Baci my dear friends xoxox







Poetry Challenge by Justin Case


I saw the moon rise last night
and thought of you
during my walk alone along the surf
In my mind’s eye
I see you
I whisper words to you
Words that drift
carried on the wind
and by the tides
through the day and night
They cross space and time
whispered words
written words
words of comfort
words of support
words with meaning and knowing
They are the strength of a thousand miles
They sooth your soul
They comfort you in their embrace
They bring you hope
these words across the oceans
My back now turns away
from the rising sun
looking, searching
reaching out for you
Distance is long
and time is short
An ocean apart
Too far!
Too much!
Fate guides my way
I carry on in hopes
of expressing my love
with poetry
in precious words
in whispered words
in words across the oceans
A friendship growing
A love in knowing
I smile now
for you are in my heart
as I am in yours
This is but the start
of two people
with only hearts to give
A relationship built on trust
and holding each other’s hands
Strong and true
How do we express our love
when mere words aren’t enough?
We say “I love you”
in so many ways
each and every day
without ever saying a word
in our words across the oceans
© Justin Case (2013)
Twitter – @JustinCase1957


Poetry Challenge by Michael Birchmore


“Words Across The Oceans”

Words across the ocean

Are but blips of electricity.

Messages from outer space.

Lines of synchronicity.

Telepathic murmurings

Clairvoyance tuning in

Today’s modern communication

Ethereal din

A cacophony of static electrification

Sound waves are what it’s all about

Technology aids this integration

Or else we’d all have to learn to shout.

But at the end of the day it’s not the how that really matters

It’s the content that’s the important thing.

Words across the ocean can be much more than that

If love to each other they bring.


© Michael Birchmore (2013)



Michael Birchmore

Twitter – @PerVersePoet



Poetry Challenge by Tammy L Wilkins


Lover of the Light

The mouth-wateringly rousing words you utter
Oh how they make my heart shamelessly flutter

Soft caress of your fingertips upon my skin
Secure in your tender hold, love and lust akin

Just for this fleeting moment, you are only mine
Want, need and longing combined, our bodies gently entwine
I come undone by the three words you whisper once more
Eliciting such an intense emotion I’ve never experienced before

You’re my fiery, passionate ball of light
Whether in the distance or right before my doe-eyed sight
Your glistening flame continues to melt my carefully carved walls
Crafted to protect myself yet you insist on making me fall

You kiss with deep meaning and sensual delight
Steal shy glances my way each and every night
Touch with warmth and adoration created to rock my core
Slowly but surely, this is how you’ve made me yours

And yet, after all this time, my heart still flutters
By the same three words you so gloriously utter

Though now so far away, you express such strong devotion
For your love is still present through words across the oceans


© Tammy-Louise Wilkins (2013)



Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Author of “My Intimate Poetry”


& Upcoming YA Mature/NA Novel “Temptation Bites”


Poetry Challenge by Angel


Words Across the Oceans

Softly spoken
Words across the oceans
Are my only link to you
My love
So full of devotion
We crave to touch
To taste each other’s lust
But… needs must
We satisfy each other
Through our conversation
The power and the passion
Not to be underestimated
But still I dream
That we will meet
And in that moment
No more words
Will either of us need

(c) 2013 heavenlyhaven1808
Twitter – @Heavenly_haven

Poetry Challenge by Mr. Darwin Blake


Words across the oceans.

When I received an email from Deb asking me to write a poem using “Words across the Oceans”. I was stumped.

What to write about?

Then I received a message from my wonderful friend Beth, we talked briefly about her lovely man who lives in the U.K.

Which made me think of this…


She stands, the cold harsh sea wind blowing in her face.

A long white scarf billows around her neck as if being tugged by Mother Nature herself.

The salt air stings her eyes, but she knows.

That he is there, across the sea.

She screams, her voice dwarfed by the roar of the ocean.

Her face red with rage.

Her throat sore from her call.

Tears stream down her face; nothing can break through the deafening thunderous sound of the sea.

Or so she thinks…

Thousands of miles away, he sits.

Reading quietly to himself and counting the days until she comes to him.

A whisper passes his ear.

The wind whips through the room as if he stands upon the shore.

His eyes widen and he knows she calls.

Running from the room, he streaks from his home as if possessed.

His feet pounding the pavement, his heart a rapid drum.

Pavement turns to grass.

Grass to hill.

He runs.

Upwards to the highest peak, the sound it grows stronger and then…is gone.

Listening intently he strains to hear but all he hears is the world.

The birds they sing and distant cars go by.

His heart pounds in his chest as he pants.

Disillusion and despair fills his head.

Was it his love?

Did she call?

Spurred on by his heart he roars.

His voice a deafening roar, his words perfect and pure.

He falls to his knees, exhausted.

Unable to contain his sadness he sobs uncontrollably.

Missing his Muse, pining for her love.

On a beach, a lifetime away, she walks away.

The tears that stain her face a shimmering reminder of how she misses him.

The wind, already strong and pushing her along the beach rises.

And she hears, she hears his words as they are carried across the oceans.

“I love you” he said.

And their love spans oceans.

Soon my friends.

You will be as one.


© Darwin Blake (2013)



Twitter – @DarwinBlake

Blog – http://darwinblake.com/



Poetry Challenge by PJ Bayliss


“Untitled #No. 4”

Have you ever,
Thought that dammit,
We have destroyed,
Our own planet.

Have you ever,
Wondered why,
We’re taught to love,
Yet trained to fight?

Have you ever,
Worked a day,
With extra hours,
Without the pay?

Have you ever,
Seen their eyes?
The lost youth,
Are they blind?

Have you ever,
Ignored the views,
Of the victims,
Upon the news?

Have you ever,
Heard their words,
Across the oceans,

As they burn?

Have you ever,
Asked yourself?
Is this heaven?
Or is it hell?

I have never,
Felt this fate,
Nor accepted,
It’s too late.

© PJ Bayliss (2013)



PJ Bayliss

Blog: http://www.peejaybayliss.wordpress.com

Website: http://www.pjbayliss.com

Twitter: @PJBayliss @YrMonAmi

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Poetry Challenge by Kat Bastion


Whispered Trade Winds

Thoughts drift off, and there you are.

Thousands of sea miles between us vanish.

Distant shores collide into one glittering sandy stretch.

A canopy of stars flows above as our intimate diamond-dusted tent.

Ancient trade winds whisper secret sentiments from my lips to your ears.

An immortal message in a bottle transports us with words across the oceans wide.

 © Kat Bastion (2013)



Kat Bastion



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Poetry Challenge by Amanda Carrington


I Whisper Your Name

Alone on the shore staring out to sea
The wind in my face, tears on my cheek
My heart aching for you to return
My soul breaking this emptiness hurts

This distance between us infinite it seems
The sound of your laughter still fills my dreams
I remember the warmth of your tight embrace
I cling to the memories that time can’t erase

My life is a blur of going thru’ the motions
But will the wind carry my words across the oceans
To find you, remind you what you left behind
I need to know if I cross your mind.

Do you stand on the shore and miss me too
Do you whisper to the wind of a love you once knew
Or is there another who has taken your heart
Are we destined to be forever apart

I whisper your name as I bid you goodbye
Blinded by sadness filling my eyes
Time to move on time to let go
To the wind and the ocean my pain I bestow


 © Amanda Carrrington (2013)



Amanda Carrington

Twitter – https://twitter.com/voiceoferotica

Blog – http://www.voiceoferotica.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/AmandaCarringtonVOE

– www.facebook.com/Voiceoferotica

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Poetry Challenge by Mark Davis


Passions flowing readily
Keyboard is on fire
She reads the words he’s sending
Adds to her desire
His voice invades her head
Her fingers following his trail
Drives her body crazy
Never seems to fail
Through half closed eyes she reads
Fingers invade her sex
His posts become more frantic
Knows what is coming next
She braces for the words
That will set her juices free
A loud scream as she reads
“Come my girl for me”
Then silence as he knows
Her composure she’ll regain
Till more words across the oceans
Take it away again

 © Mark Davis (2013)



Mark Davis

Twitter – @Markdavispoet

Blog – http://markdaviserotica.blogspot.com.au/

Author – Erotic Midnight Musings, Volumes I, II & III