2013 “Blurred Lines ~ Poetry Challenge” via The Sacred Road Blog


My talented friend Author B.L. Ronan ran a Poetry Challenge in 2013 called “Blurred Lines” on her Blog – http://www.scaredroad.com Poets were given a line: “Kissed by a lapping of the waves”, in which they had to write a poem around!!! The results were outstanding and brilliant collection of work by all whom participated!

The Participants:

Kissed by the lapping of the Waves – Page One


Megan Kay

Steve The Badger

Genevieve Dewey


Orgasmic Angel

Clara Holden

Kissed by the lapping of the Waves – Page Two.

Caroline Juliette


SA MacNeil

Lisa Fulham

Mr Insatiable

Gemini Derbyshire

Joseph McNamara

SJ Warner

Kissed by the lapping of the Waves – Page Three.

Magenta Nero

PJ Bayliss

Gel Mariano

Benjamin Prewitt

Darwin Blake

BL Ronan

Happy reading Debs xo



On summer days I feel you
Under bright blue skies
Footloose and carefree
Kissed by the warmth of the sun

On hilltops I feel you
Rising above the clamour
Liberated and unchained
Kissed by the softness of the breeze

By the ocean shore I feel you
Skipping through the surf
Energised and emancipated
Kissed by the lapping of the waves.

© 2013 iMinstel


Megan Kay



falling into place
in wake
of where I’ve been
of my minds confines
I walk

A path
yet somehow
I know it’s mine
for each time
my toes sink
into the deserts sand
I feel closer
to home

I’ve owned
hearts of others
I’ve shown
how loving I can be
I’ve succumb
to the gluttonous grasp
of acquisition
I’ve become
my own worst enemy

I can feel
each grain
beneath my stride
Lifting my arms
toward the sky
I am right here
I have no need
to hide
to lie

My time
has come
no longer craving
for my footprints
to be seen
to be followed
to be found
my hopes
my dreams

I fall
to my knees
cupping hot sands
in my awed hands
coating my skin
all that I was
all that I will never be
silencing my mind
I become
like these lands
by the earths

Closing my eyes
to the worldly mirage
my flesh
is forsaken
my soul
sublimely taken
my swelling heart
by the lapping
of the waves
I am a singular grain
in the conscious sea
I am home
I am free
I am me


Steve the Badger

“Iwo Jima”

They came from all their separate ways
To fight a foe who would enslave
And hid deep within volcanic caves
For freedom and the souls they’d save
The many their young lives they gave
Everyone of them, they were so brave
Never thinking they would end their days
Laying broken in their watery graves
Kissed by the lapping of the waves

© 2013 opusangelicus


Genevieve Dewey

“We Could Pretend”

We could pretend we both got lost here
…crossed paths like two strangers.
Strange in body, but not in soul
Certainly not in hearts.
Because ours
Have surely met before.

We could pretend we both found here
…Discovered by the fusion of fate and serendipity.
That heart’s intention had a will of its own
And could see with greater clarity
Than our words and mind.
Because ours
Have never been more blind.

We could pretend we both are free here
…Unburdened by promises and expectation.
Adrift in a sea of peaceful indecision
Where clarity came not from stillness
But a rare moment of chaotic bliss
Because ours
Would not be a placid sort of love.

We could pretend we floated to shore
…kissed by the lapping of the waves.
That our caresses were born from survival
And not an anxious sort of loneliness.
Because ours
Have always been this desperate.

We could pretend that nobody would mind
…betrayed by none and no betrayal in kind
That our love was just more prescient
Than the petty dictates of ephemeral morals.
Because ours
Have atrophied once more.

We could pretend we cared about any of that
…tethered to a society that tells us we should.
But we never were fond of children’s games
Nor too weak or innocent to face reality.
Instead we pretend nothing and willingly suffer
The consequences of our honesty.
Because ours
…Is not a pretending sort of love.

© 2013 Genevieve Dewey





Husbands, Fathers, Brothers and Sons onto shores wielding weapons
Masked by fog so eerie, the loss of so many
By Wives, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, for the freedom we are given, engraved in charters
From the sacrifice gifted and favored, will forever be remembered
On the bloody beaches of Normandy, each brave soul for love of home and country
To their graves, Kissed by the lapping of the waves

© 2013 toro



“It Never Ends”

Walking along this
My heart
Beats within my breast
I see a shadow
Of you along the
With running
I never get
The distance
Just so far
Try with all my
The burning ache
No more air
To run again
With a crashing
I sit within
The golden
I close my eyes
To the beauty
Of night
My ears to the whisper
Of winds
My toes
Curl within
By the lapping
I hear you within
My heart
“I miss you too my girl”
My hair moves
As if caressed
As the
To join
The lapping
My arms
My knees
One more
I know
My daddy
Within me.
Wave that
My toes
The reminder
A parents love

© 2013 Orgasmic Angel



“As Times Goes By”

She remembered his touch
Felt the sea air on her skin
She had loved this man
He was her everything
She missed him so much

Walking along the shore
Lost in a world of thought
The sunlight slowly fading
It was here they kissed
Her man and her
The one she longed forever more

The breeze picking up speed
Her body felt the cold
Her toes kissed by the lapping of the waves
Closing her eyes, she remembered
Their first kiss, here on the sand
Her body yearning with need

He left, Vanished, Never returned
He took her heart, took it whole
He stole her soul
Let she loved and longed
She belonged to him
He was forever yearned.

The sun was setting
Wrapping arms around pale skin
She turned away
Walked along the sand
Those memories long gone
Never regretting

© 2013 Clara Holden



“One With The Night”

Hand in hand we stroll
Sand between our toes
You look at me with hooded eyes
That see into my soul

The setting sun a backdrop
To our perfect day
I feel my desire pooling
I’m wanton, my brain in disarray

You drive me crazy with lust
I lick my lips wanting to taste you
You halt me and pull me to a kiss
Biting and licking full of passion anew

I can’t wait for us to be alone
For you to be inside me
I look at the deserted beach
And seize the opportunity

Slowly, seductively with nimble fingers
I untie my bikini strings
Letting the fabric fall to the sand
Your look of awe gives my heart wings

I run into the ocean with you behind
Kissed by the lapping of the waves
My sensitive sex is getting wetter
I can feel your lust filed gaze

You walk towards me a panther on the prowl
So sexy & handsome in the moonlight
Making your way to your prey
You smile wickedly then take flight

You dive in the water in a rush
Right in front of me coming up for air
You cup my breasts, flicking each nipple
Kissing hard pulling me by the hair

I wrap my legs around your waist
and thrust down hard on your erection
Riding you with every wave
To our mutual satisfaction

Holding you around the neck
My fingers lightly stroking your hair
Brown eyes to brown so full of joy
I can not help but stare

I lay my head on your shoulder
You caressing my back feather light
I wish we could stay like this forever
Becoming one with the night

© 2013 Caroline Juliette



“Where We Belong”

Sinking into the warm sand
I make my way to the water’s edge
Padding softly
Jeans rolled up
Baggie white t-shirt billowing
Long hair whipped about my face
The seagulls call
Heralding their presence
The unmistakable scent of the sea
Making my nostrils twitch
Stepping over crusty seaweed
Onto compacted sand
Strewn with seashells
Of various shapes, sizes and hues
Digging into my feet sharply
Making me skip, jump, tip toe
Until smoother terrain is reached
Where the waves gush
And the rush of white foam
Is soon sucked back
In a rhythm of its own
Drawing me closer
I unzip and slip out of my jeans
Folding my arms across my body
I grab the fabric of my top
Hoisting it above my head
Like a sail
It wafts
Then drops
Soon followed by my underwear
All clothing now abandoned
Imitating Nature’s treasures
Washed ashore
Leaving me standing
Braced against the breeze
My flesh exposed
Caressed by the sun
Feeling at one with the elements
I step forward
The waves wash over my ankles
The cold shocking
The breath from my lungs
I gasp
But bravely step deeper
Then bend
Splashing the water
Over goosebumped flesh
And prominent nipples
Trying to accustom myself
To the icy water
Until there is a different pull
Sensing I’m not alone
I turn around to face the shore
And immediately I see you
Standing like a statue in the dunes
Watching me
Then as if a spell has broken
You start to move towards me
I stand transfixed
My heart racing
My body aching
And soon you’re in front of me
Wading in
Grabbing me
Pulling me close
Sparks fly as skin meets skin
Lips crush lips
Neither noticing the cold
As we fall
Into the shallow water
Our bodies entwined
Kissed by the lapping of the waves
We roll, we hug, we laugh
Where we belong

© 2013 heavenlyhaven1808


SA MacNeil

“The Call”

it was calling to her
the mystical roar of the Sea
she knew in its depths
she would once again be free

standing upon windswept shores
mesmerized by its rhythmic song
the Sea was singing to her heart
the Sea knew it wouldn’t be long

with the swift returning tide
her toes sunk further into cold sand
the Sea was gripping, pulling at her soul
with its mysterious and forceful hand

after one last lingering breath
to fill her aching lungs
she begins her journey forward
now ready to take the plunge

each inch of her warm flesh
kissed by the lapping of the waves
until she is one with the Sea
fulfilling the destiny she craved

© 2013 SA MacNeil



“Kissed by the lapping of the waves”

As I look out to sea
My toes kissed
By the lapping of waves
I look to the horizon
Trying in vain
To spot your vessel
Praying for your safe return
I am your lighthouse
Your guiding beacon
Return to me
On these waves
Which lap my toes
Our time apart
Has been long
Nautical miles apart
But our love travels
At knots speed
Over the mighty distance
Each tide
That comes in
Brings my love
Closer to home
Put your ship into a bottle
Pour your love into a message
Sail home my love
And feel these waves
Lap at your toes
Whilst your hand
Holds mine
Together we shall gaze
Upon this horizon
And see
The new day

© 2013 Lisa Fulham





on the oceans shore
I watch
as each wave settles
on its sands
in search
of some relief
the pain
the struggle
the turmoil
a reflection of ones self

My heart
torn out of my chest
my racing mind
full of doubt
my self worth
The pain within me
becoming overwhelming
as I sit right in the center
of this agony
I can see no future
only a shattered past

I stare
into the vast
open seas
the peace in her waters
seeing only the ugliness
of her raging tide
into the dark depths
of my soul
the will to live
from my grasp
I have no choice
nowhere to go
but to surrender
to this anguish

My resistance
has all
but taken
my final breath
unwilling to fight
with my demons
every action
every inaction
The people I’ve hurt
flashing before my eyes
in lightning bolts of shame
a sickening feeling
to rip through
my quivering flesh

Struggling to breathe
my whole body
in an agonizing cramp
I fall
into the unknown
into my despair
into the pain
that I’ve let
take over my soul
Wave after wave
tears stream down my cheeks
each tormenting thought
being my worst enemy
in the very misery
I created
unable to find hope
to find that space
of innocence
in which I entered this world
my mind in chaos
my pain unbearable

I let out a scream
to the universe
to whoever will listen
to life itself
Layer by layer
I can feel myself dissolving
like a sand castle
by the lapping of the waves
taken back to the earth
in which it came
And then

my mind is still
the warm
gentle breeze
against my skin
For the first time
in my life
I feel free
in the realization
that it was I
that chose
to carry
all the burdens
the guilt
the judgments
my soul
It was I
that stopped myself
from forgiving
all that I had done

Expanding my awareness
I hear flocks of birds
as they soar
effortlessly above
The sounds
of the oceans beauty
and all it’s wonders
Inspiring me
to open my eyes
I see
the beauty of the skies
the amber horizon
the gentle seas
as the rise and fall
catches the sinking sun

Taking a deep breath
the essence
of all that is
coursing through my veins
penetrating my heart
the love
in the world
for the world
the love
in me
for my Self

© 2013 Mr Insatiable



Oh stormy sea
So fierce and mean
No man can beat
You mighty beast
A four man crew
You took them all
With one almighty sweep
Oh stormy sea
So cruel and fierce
No man can deny
They sailed that night
To save a life
Now all we do is cry
The mighty wind
Tossed the boat
Into the rocks and caves
Our men no longer by our sides
Kissed by the lapping of the waves

© 2013 Gemini Derbyshire




“Kissed by the Sea”

I laid in the sand this morning, the water breezing into tide ~

the sun warming the air,

the humidity already moistening life

As my back and bottom meets the sands, a small moan ~

his Dominance was still present,

his stripes and hews submissively collected the night before


That coveted and yearned for pain, flavoring my desires this day

Feeling my breasts, his breasts now,

I move my fingers circling over my areolas ~

and as I move my fingers over my sensitive and swollen nipples,

his nipples,

I feel him, here right now


Moving my hand down my trembling, warming belly I come to my core,

sensitive, moistened with Dominant derived nectar

One finger and then two feeling the warmth and excitement only he can bring ~

in and out of my body, his body,

and an awareness of his presence this morning


As the waves begin to tide,

a brief coolness as they caress my striped and hewed back through the sands

And now my fingers move,

encircling my clitoris, his clitoris,

feeling his fingers from earlier

Around and around,

a paced renewal of ecstasy and erotic bliss,

my fingers savoring my moistening, aroused sex


And as I reach my edge, his edge,

his Dominant edge,

I feel the tepid, salty seasoned water coming alive ~

and my craved for longing for him and his requisite Ascendancy,

his Dominance that drives my eros ~

is finally satiated in my orgasmic bliss as my body is again ~

“kissed by the lapping of the waves”


His Waves Now”

© 2013 Joseph McNamara

(Photo Credit: Stephen Wilkes)



“Become One”

He watched
From afar
Her beauty
And grace
Drawing him
To her.

Yet he could
Only watch
Wanting more
But fear
Of rejection
Holding him back.

So he watches
Her graceful steps
As she walks
Along the sand
Her cotton dress
Blowing softly.

The setting sun
No match
For her beauty
For in his eyes
She is

Even the ocean
Was calm
In her presence
The gentle swell
Softly caressing
The shore.

He watches
As she steps
Into the water
Her delicate ankles
Kisses by the lapping
Of the waves.

He wished he could
Walk with her
Hold her hand
Pull her into
His arms and
Kiss her beautiful lips.

But for now
All he can do
Is sit
And watch
Dreaming of
What could be.

If their
Hearts, minds
Bodies and
Finally become

© SW36 2013.



“Azure Blue”

There is no magic,
it has all been a lie.
There is no mystery,
life is nothing but a
random snowball,
bowling you over,
dragging you along.
The cry of a seagull,
soaring high and solitary
in azure blue,
cuts through my thoughts.
It is late morning.
The sun is a white glare
climbing the sky.
I stare into it hoping
it will burn away my vision
yet still the memories
flash through my mind.
I can’t stop them.
standing against the kitchen sink,
arms folded,
watching me chop vegetables.
It is late afternoon.
A warm haze of light
surrounds you,
the curtains behind you
drape in folds of yellow.
“What did the onion say to the carrot?”
You are smirking, smitten by your own charm,
it makes me laugh.
“I haven’t told you the punch line yet” you say
which only makes me laugh at you more.
There we are,
cracking up,
that huge chopping knife
dangerously loose in my hand.
A smile spreads across my face,
an empty smile,
a smile that is nothing more
than the twitching of muscles.
Glancing down at the rippling ocean
I am returned to this present moment,
the moment in which you no longer exist.
I am standing at the end of the jetty.
I didn’t mean to come here
but I am pulled,
mercilessly, by fragments
of you that linger within me.
To places that are testament
to you.
It is late at night.
The ocean is calm,
a sea of shiny dark ink.
The sky is matt black velvet.
The line between them so fine.
The line between us so fine.
You stand behind me and hold me
and all of us together
(you, me, ocean, sky)
exist as one thing.
I felt the rolling breath of the ocean,
I felt kissed by the lapping of waves.
I felt woven with you into a sacred pattern,
a pattern I no longer understand.
Tears sting and blur my view,
lost in azure blue.

© Magenta Nero 2013



“Falling Apart”

Let us embrace,
In each others arms,
Captive in solitude,
Free from harm.

As I now trickle,
A gentle kiss,
Upon your neck,
Toward your lips.

The explosive effect,
Distilled waters now gather,
Whelming within you,
Rising urge to splatter.

Obvious to my task,
My wandering fingers,
Over your soft flesh,
Where lust lingers.

Gently they are slipping,
Within your swelling sin,
Kissed by the lapping,
Of the waves yet to come.

The aromatic mist,
From goddesses pond,
Triggered by my touch,
Of your delicate frond.

My lips firmly grasp,
Your arching neck,
Goddesses shoreline,
Is now soaking wet.

Such a cool touch,
Setting you on fire,
My trickling lips,
Drift down with desire.

Cascading downward,
Over heavenly breast,
Your heaving navel,
Pulsating love nest.

My tongue extends,
Separating your folds,
Consuming in thirst,
Massaging her sole.

Sweet nectar beckons,
To taste every pore,
An exquisite taste,
Of her gushing bore.

Reverent lapping of waves,
Floods me in a frenzy
Till goddesses pond,
Overspills with envy.

This is the moment,
A beat of your heart,
You just can’t help,
Falling apart.

© 2013 PJ Bayliss






Gentle caresses as finger find silken
Folds. Lips lower to taste of the salted sea of your passion, as if
kissed by the lapping of the waves.
I find the rhythm of you needs and join you in the ebb and flow of your hearts deepest desires.

© 2013 Benjamin Prewitt




They saw each other every day.
If only from a far.
Every day just one step.
They took closer still.
And one day.
The tide was far and the land took place of the sea.
They walked toward each others heart.
And loneliness was no more.
They touched and smiled.
Their fingers linked.
A brief “Hello.” Was all it took.
As he took her in his arms.
And for that moment.
And ever more.
They held each other tightly so.
Then their world was complete.
The tide that fled.
It soon came back.
And without a care they embraced.
And slowly as the waters met.
He kissed her…kissed by the lapping of the waves.

© 2013 Mr. Darwin Blake




by. b.l. ronan

i stand
looking out on the horizon
as another day
draws its curtains closed.

the sun dips,
blurring the waterline
into burning reds

feet sinking
further into the sand –
my calves
by the lapping of the waves,
quickly saturate my gown.

i breathe in
the balmy air,
feel the salty
caress of the ever present wind,
and my eyes pool
with the falling
of my tears.

the moon rises above me
and the stars
in a dance of wishes.

i am humbled
below the expanse
of such vastness.

i fall to my knees
head lifted to the heavens
for a respite.

to feel
of some semblance
of peace.

the waves tug
singing to me
of wholeness

my fractured heart
and i let go
allowing its depths
to enfold me.

i surrender
only to be cast
and gasping
upon the sandy shore….

once again

© 2013 b.l. ronan


2015 CinnamonTreats Challenge via SJ Warner


Cinnamon Treats – Multi Author Advent

Hosted via the amazing SJ Warner on her website!


Come celebrate the build up to christmas with fabulous, daily christmas themed posts from lots of wonderful authors.

As some of the poems/ stories will be erotic I ask that this event is kept 18+ only, Thank you.

Some will be spicy
Some will be sweet
Some will leave you shaking
From your head to your feet
But each and every one
Will be an absolute treat!

SJ Warner (2015)


Raven Anxo

CR Lemons

Jane Heron

Chris Kuhn

Amy Davies

KB Mallion – Part One

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MB Feeney

Ethan Radcliff

Samantha Harrington

Amber Escalera

KA Hobbs

Amanda Carrington

Zoey Hart

Steve Richards

Charming Man

Suzzana C Ryan

Sabine Sam

AM Harding

Kit Tinsley

CJ Heath

Shawn D Standfast

Nina D’Arcangela


Angel Poet

Allana Walker

SJ Warner

Laurie Lee

BL Ronan

Olivia Purley – Part One

Olivia Purley – Part Two

Mark Davis

Caroline Juliette

Sarah Michelle Lynch

Linda Apodaca

Alistair Stone

Sydney Taylor


Merry Christmas 2015


A Happy New Year in 2016 to all!


Featured Image -- 6952

Beasts Howling at the Full Moon.

In beautiful remembrance to a unique and amazing soul… who touched so many in such a short time… but now he’s forever in our hearts and memories! Miss you Marcus so much xox Debs

Kindred Words

This is piece collaborated on by myself, the lovely Caroline Juliette, and the Lionheart, JMC813 

It is a piece written in remembrance for our late friend, Marcus. It has become a tradition since his tragic death that I post on the full moon of each month in his honor; so once again – please feel free to join in and add your howls to the moon in the spirit of good friends, good memories, and the freedom of the wolf’s spirit to run the wild forever.


Would you offer to us,
a moment, for Marcus?
a respectful head bow
a leg hump, a wolf howl?

Per il nostro capo,
branco amata il Lupo,
we’ve come together,
somehow, thanks to you…
to howl out our lungs
for tonight’s full moon;
with love, in remembrance
of so much goodness in you,
tonight, we…

View original post 141 more words

Day 12 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 12’s optional prompt, was to write a descriptive prose… to describe in great detail your favorite room, place, meal, day, or person. You could do this in paragraph form. The site advised you could cut unnecessary words like articles and determiners (a, the, that) and anything that isn’t really necessary for content; leave mainly nouns, verbs, a few adjectives and/ or cut the lines where you see fit and, VOILA! A poem!  ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 12’s Prompt” I have chosen a poem from “PoemHunter.com” by French Poet, Charles Baudelaire, and after that is my interpretation to the Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!




You have to be always drunk. That’s all there is to it–it’s the only way. So as not to feel the horrible burden of time that breaks your back and bends you to the earth, you have to be continually drunk.

But on what? Wine, poetry or virtue, as you wish. But be drunk.

And if sometimes, on the steps of a palace or the green grass of a ditch, in the mournful solitude of your room, you wake again, drunkenness already diminishing or gone, ask the wind, the wave, the star, the bird, the clock, everything that is flying, everything that is groaning, everything that is rolling, everything that is singing, everything that is speaking. . .ask what time it is and wind, wave, star, bird, clock will answer you: “It is time to be drunk! So as not to be the martyred slaves of time, be drunk, becontinually drunk!

On wine, on poetry or on virtue as you wish.”

By Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)    




The memories etched from my one and only visit, aged six: are still alive and strong.
Back to the place where my mother was raised in County Kerry, Ireland;
And where my grandma spent most of her daily life.
I recall entering this lively place full of action,
The smells hitting my senses and making my stomach grumble,
As my grandma and mom were cooking breakfast there…
The oven was different to our electrical one back at home in Australia,
It was three times the size with a fire burning and was called Aga.
After breakfast was completed in my grandma’s kitchen,
My sister and I were allowed to help with baking morning tea for the farm helpers,
We made ginger bread men and apple pies like I’ve never tasted before,
Simply delicious delights, that I can still recall their taste upon my tongue!

© debradml (2015)


Day 13 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 13’s optional prompt, to write a riddle poem. ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 13’s Prompt” I have chosen a three poems to show this form of poetry, by Sylvia Plath, Jane Austen and Philip M. Haskin; then after that is my interpretation to the Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!



I’m a riddle in nine syllables,
An elephant, a ponderous house,
A melon strolling on two tendrils.
O red fruit, ivory, fine timbers!
This loaf’s big with its yeasty rising.
Money’s new-minted in this fat purse.
I’m a means, a stage, a cow in calf.
I’ve eaten a bag of green apples,
Boarded the train there’s no getting off.

By Sylvia Plath



CHARADES by Jane Austen (1775-1817)

“My first, tho’ water, cures no thirst, My next alone has soul, And when he lives upon my first,

He then is called my whole.”

#The answer is Sea-men.

When my first is a task to a young girl of spirit, And my second confines her to finish the piece, How hard is her fate! but how great is her merit

If by taking my whole she effects her release!

#The answer is Hem-lock.




Israel, my people,
God’s greatest riddle,
Will thy solution
Ever be told ?

Fought – never conquered,
Bent – never broken,
Mortal – immortal,
Youthful, though old.

Egypt enslaved thee,
Babylon crushed thee,
Rome led thee captive,
Homeless thy head.

Where are those nations
Mighty and fearsome ?
Thou hast survived them,
They are long dead.

Nations keep coming,
Nations keep going,
Passing like shadows,
Wiped off the earth.

Thou an eternal
Witness remainest,
Watching their burial,
Watching their birth.

Pray, who revealed thee
Heaven’s great secret :
Death and destruction,
Thus to defy ?

Suffering torture,
Stake, inquisition –
Prithee, who taught thee
Never to die ?

Ay, and who gave thee
Faith, deep as ocean,
Strong as the rock-hills,
Fierce as the sun ?

Hated and hunted,
Ever thou wand’rest,
Bearing a message :
God is but one !

Pray, has thy saga
Likewise an ending,
As its beginning
Glorious of old ?

Israel, my people,
God’s greatest riddle,
Will thy solution

Ever be told ?

By Philip Max Raskin (1880-1944)

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/the-eternal-riddle-by-p-m-raskin#ixzz3XIG9a7on
Family Friend Poems 




Where deep in the ocean I am laid,
In a place adorned with life,
Look not upon the foreshore,
And have no thoughts of the crashing of the waves,
For I am submerged and surrounded by the sea,
Coming to life within the flow of the oceans currents,
I am bright and colourful,
But in need of great care; by man!

© debradml (2015)


Day 10 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 10’s optional prompt, to write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet. . ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 10’s Prompt” I have chosen a poem from the “poets.org website” by British Poet, Edward Lear, and after that is my interpretation to the Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!




A     tumbled down, and hurt his Arm, against a bit of wood.
    said, “My Boy, O! do not cry’ it cannot do you good!”
    said, “A Cup of Coffee hot can’t do you any harm.”
D     said, “A Doctor should be fetched, and he would cure the arm.”
E     said, “An Egg beat up in milk would quickly make him well.”
F     said, “A Fish, if broiled, might cure, if only by the smell.”
    said, “Green Gooseberry fool, the best of cures I hold.”
H     said, “His Hat should be kept on, keep him from the cold.”
I     said, “Some Ice upon his head will make him better soon.”
J     said, “Some Jam, if spread on bread, or given in a spoon.”
K     said, “A Kangaroo is here,—this picture let him see.”
    said, “A Lamp pray keep alight, to make some barley tea.”
M     said, “A Mulberry or two might give him satisfaction.”
    said, “Some Nuts, if rolled about, might be a slight attraction.”
O     said, “An Owl might make him laugh, if only it would wink.”
    said, “Some Poetry might be read aloud, to make him think.”
Q     said, “A Quince I recommend,—A Quince, or else a Quail.”
    said, “Some Rats might make him move, if fastened by their tail.”
S     said, “A Song should now be sung, in hopes to make him laugh!”
T     said, “A Turnip might avail, if sliced or cut in half.”
U     said, “An Urn, with water hot, place underneath his chin!”
V     said, “I’ll stand upon a chair, and play a Violin!”
W    said, “Some Whiskey-Whizzgigs fetch, some marbles and a ball!”
X     said, “Some double XX ale would be the best of all!”
Y     said, “Some Yeast mised up with salt would make a perfect plaster!”
Z     said, “Here is a box of Zinc! Get in my little master!
We’ll shut you up! We’ll nail you down!
We will, my little master!
We think we’ve all heard quite enough of this sad disaster!

By Edward Lear (1512-1888)



My Abecedarian Poem

As I stand here facing forward

Balancing on the precipice of

Change, I reflect on the monumental mistakes been made…

Desperate to fit in, be accepted and find love, I

Enticed my own disappointment, through devaluation…

Forever putting others first,

Going out of my way to please,

Hoping to find a magic

I no longer believe exists…

Just too many

Knocks along the way now,

Leaves me finally accepting my defeat…

Moments lost,

Now time to change,

Once so careless and free is gone…

Peace and

Quiet calls out to me longingly, to

Renew my inner self

So I can breathe again

Through taking a step back,

Uniquely focusing on my own needs, and

Valuing myself as the woman that I am…

Winter time is coming fast

Xanadu is gone

Years are fading quickly, the

Zany times of youth are but a distant fading song…

© debradml (2015)


Day 11 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 11’s optional prompt, is to get rather classical and compose a poem in Sapphics. ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 11’s Prompt” I chosen a two poems from the “Poetry Soup Website” by Sappho (Greek Lyric Poet) & Mary Darby Robinson (an English Poetess); and after is a Piece by me, but not in lines with todays Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!




On the throne of many hues Immortal Aphrodite
child of Zeus weaving wiles–I beg you
not to subdue my spirit Queen
with pain or sorrow

but come–if ever before
having heard my voice from far away
you listened and leaving your father’s
golden home you came

in your chariot yoked with swift lovely
sparrows bringing you over the dark earth
thick-feathered wings swirling down
from the sky through mid-air

arriving quickly–you Blessed One
with a smile on your unaging face
asking again what have I suffered
and why am I calling again

and in my wild heart what did I most wish
to happen to me: “Again whom must I persuade
back into the harness of your love?
Sappho who wrongs you?

For if she flees soon she’ll pursue
she doesn’t accept gifts but she’ll give
if not now loving soon she’ll love
even against her will.”

Come to me again release me from
this pain everything my spirit longs
to have fulfilled and you
be my ally

By Sappho (Approx. 612 BCE – 570 BCE)

–Taranslated by Diane Rayor




Why, when I gaze on Phaon’s beauteous eyes,
Why does each thought in wild disorder stray?
Why does each fainting faculty decay,
And my chill’d breast in throbbing tumults rise?
Mute, on the ground my Lyre neglected lies,
The Muse forgot, and lost the melting lay;
My down-cast looks, my faltering lips betray,
That stung by hopeless passion, –Sappho dies!
Now, on a bank of Cypress let me rest;
Come, tuneful maids, ye pupils of my care,
Come, with your dulcet numbers soothe my breast;
And, as the soft vibrations float on air,
Let pity waft my spirit to the blest,
To mock the barb’rous triumphs of despair!

By Mary Darby Robinson (1757-1800)




Into the forest I flee
Looking for a connection
Searching for a peace…

Lucid dreams behind me
Wanting to be free
I need to get back to reality
And find the space I seek…

Time is of the essence
As LIFE is going by: fast
No more
Wasting can be done…

Finally reaching the edge
I breathe in
The precious aroma
Of the moment now…

Looking forward only
Hope will be my compass
Conscious is my guide
Wish me luck…

© debradml (2015)



Day 9 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 9’s optional prompt, was to write a visual poem. And stated if that wasn’t specific enough, perhaps you could try your hand at a calligram? That’s a poem or other text in which the words are arranged into a specific shape or image ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 9’s Prompt” I chose a poem written by Robin F. Brox – she is an Author of Sure Thing (BlazeVOX 2011), Founder of Saucebox Book Arts, a Feminist micropress and occasional performance series, and a Graduate of SUNYBuffalo & The University of Maine/, Then I posted some other pictures showing this style of poetry – I found on the Internet, And after that is my submission to the Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!


By Robin F. Brox


Here are some other examples found on the Internet:





© debradml (2015)


Day 8 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 8’s optional prompt, was to write a palinode, a poem in which the poet retracts a statement made in an earlier poem. ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website

You could take that route or, if you don’t have an actual poetically-expressed statement you want to retract, maybe you could write a poem in which you explain your reasons for changing your mind about something. It could be anything from how you decided that you like anchovies after all to how you decided that annoying girl was actually cool enough that you married her.


So with “Day 8’s Prompt” I chose a poem from the “Australian Poetry Library” by Philip Hodgins (an Australian Writer), Then next is Guest Poet – Amanda Carrington interpretation, And after that is my submission to the Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!



A Palinode

My second childhood has begun

but the rhythms and the rhymes aren’t quite right.

The way my cells increase

is not unlike the vague, unbutton child

reaching up to childhood’s end.

But with one difference.

My half a bucketful of blood

is filled with rumours of an early death

and I am alone in a room

full of dying flowers.

I think it is the body’s palinode

and as far as I can see there is no God.

By Philip Hodgins (1959-1995)



Hate To Love

Spiteful boy I hate you
With all your sticks and stones
Why you always preyed on me
I swear I’ll never know
Your hurtful words and viscous jibes
Broke down my self esteem
You never told me what I did
To make you act so mean

Junior school then Middle school
Your hatred still in place
Every time you looked at me
I saw it on your face
I tried to keep my distance
I kept you at arms length
Weighed down by your disfavour
I began to lose my strength

Senior school was different
You looked at me in awe
The gawky ugly duckling
Didn’t live here anymore
Your demeanour was so different
I even saw you smile
You treated me with courtesy
I even liked your style

Seven years came and went
You still walked by my side
Until the day you begged of me
That I should be your bride
It seems hauntingly ironic
How you came into my life
I never thought I’d see the day
That I’d become your wife

Precious man I Love you
You make my world complete
To think my childhood bully
Now worships at my feet
Sometimes the unexpected
Can catch you by surprise
Hate can turn to love
As much as truth can turn to lies

© Amanda Carrington (2015)



Lessons Learnt

As a innocent child

I lived my life

With a faithful belief

That if you strived to do right

Life would turn out good…

I am now in the middle of my life

With many painful lessons

Learnt along the journey

And if I could part – my now wisdom,

Back to the child I once was: I would say

that the statement you once believed

doesn’t turn out to be true!

That in this life you have to love yourself

And put yourself first in all situations.

With all relationships in your life –

Each person has to meet each other 50/50,

Otherwise it’s not worth you time and effort.

And don’t rush into to things…

always try to wait, look and listen!

© debradml (2015)


Day 7 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 7’s optional prompt, was to write a poem about money or the value or worth. ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website

Keeping to the theme of poetry’s value, Wallace Stevens famously wrote that “money is a kind of poetry.” So the challenge for day seven is to write about money! It could be about not having enough, having too much (a nice kind of problem to have), the smell, or feel, or sensory aspects of money. It could also just be a poem about how we decide what has value or worth.


So with “Day 7’s Prompt” I chosen the Lyrics from Pink Floyd’s song called “Money” and after that is my Interpretation with a totally different take! 

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!




Money, get away*

Get a good job with more pay and you’re O.K.

Money, it’s a gas

Grab that cash with both hands and make a stash

New car, caviar, four star daydream

Think I’ll buy me a football team


Money, get back I’m alright,

Jack, keep your hands off my stack

Money, it’s a hit

Don’t give me that do goody good bullshit

I’m in the hi-fidelity first class travelling set

And I think I need a Lear jet


Money, it’s a crime

Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie

Money, so they say Is the root of all evil today

But if you ask for a rise it’s no surprise that they’re

Giving none away, away, away

By Pink Floyd





Cold, hard, heavy, metallic

Crisp, green, smooth paper

Opposites yet same

Some worth more than others

A driving force

In every person’s life

Always wanting more

Needing more

Buying our happiness

Yet not

They are objects we claim affection for

Yet only objects

They offer no warmth

No love

No words

No human connection

And aren’t these the happiness in life?

© Midwest Fantasy (2015)




Slowly but surely – you are leaving my daily thoughts

Slowly but surely – this crazy addiction is coming to an end

Slowly but surely – I’m no longer craving your contact

Slowly but surely – my desires are under control

Slowly but surely – one day it will no longer hurt me

Slowly but surely – I’m starting to value my own worth

Slowly but surely – I’m no longer your doormat

As I realise now… you just can’t afford me!

© debradml (2015)