#PicturePromptChallenge by Mark Davis



What would you do
Confronted by this scene
Walk through those trees
Where the moon shines in between

Drawn by the light
Like a moth to the glare
No thought given
To dangers that might lie there…

Each brush of a branch
Fingers on your arm
Wind through the trees
Voices filled with charm

In your dream they devour
Your soul being taken away
Sense things have changed
As you slowly awaken


© Mark Davis (2015)


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#MDRomance Week: Sadly it comes to an end but not before the talented Author & Poet Mark Davis leaves us with his heartfelt piece!!! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet

She cried at the airport
When she saw him land
She cried
When she saw him
As he took her hand
She cried
When she kissed him
The taste of his lips
She cried
His hand stroking her hair
His gentle finger tips
Touching her breast bare
She cried
On the way home
After they had kisses
She cried
When he told
How much he had missed this
She cried
When they got home
Took her in his arms
She cried
As he entered her
Reacquainted with his charms
She cried
At the passion
Present in his eyes
She cried
As she held him
Locked between her thighs
She cried
Now he was back
Her lover and best friend
She cried
As he whispered
“My love for you will never end

Mark Davis


In closing comments my most heartfelt thank you to my wonderful  Poetesses  & Gentleman poets without which…

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#MDRomance Week Two: Was off to a hot and delicious piece by the talented Poetess Paris and Mark’s interpretation to the photo & title was very well done as well, thoroughly enjoyed! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet

By Paris

I sit awaiting his pleasure, eyes blinded to sight
My tongue runs along the inside of my abused bottom lip
Raw from where I had bitten it last night
Pulling my lip between my teeth, I worry it again
Anticipating when my beautiful pleasure will begin

We’ve been here before, but each time feels like the first
He keeps me guessing, keeps me on edge
Has me begging…loves building my thirst
Never knowing where he’ll be
Breath hitching, body quivering, longing for him to touch me

Warm breath caresses my neck…I tilt my head…I silently beg
Wanting the hot, wet press of his mouth…on my flushed, wet skin
Like a jungle cat he moves, stalking his prey, his path a silent segue
For I am poised naked and vulnerable…his captive kitten…claws sheathed
Craving the moment I shall be stroked and teased

His unique essence fills my senses to…

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#MDRomance Week: An elegant and touching weave of words between these two talented Poets Megan Kay & Mark Davis! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


Her fingers spilled
letters of romance
for hearts adrift
to lift in hope

Spelling out swells
of lustful tales
he wrote of passions
in crashing throes

She collected words
in scents of roses
He delivered verses
of submissive poses

She scripted lives
derived from fairytale dreams
He penned of the highs
of writhing elated screams

‘Romance is dead’
he chides her lightly
‘So is passion it seems’
she retorts so effortlessly

As she rests astride
his already awaiting knees
yet another Sunday fades
between their bound bodies

Romance and Lust
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You can find more of Megan Kay’s poetry at :


Poetic interprets of title and picture by Mark Davis

Is love shared
Feelings cared
Romance and lust
Deflated by trust

Is the future bright
Are we doing it right?
Blissfully unaware
Their partner is there

A trip to the hills
No internet ills
Phone service away

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#MDRomance Week: Two touching pieces by these talented Authors Zoey Hart & Mark Davis! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


By Zoey Hart

Her heart pounded
As his hands
Cupped her face
The soft look
In his eyes
Shadowed her own
Her body trembled
As the butterflies
Took flight
The fullness of
His lips
Gently brushing hers
Her eyes rolled
Back as they
Slowly drifted shut
The first kiss
Tender and sweet
Yet full of passion
As he pulled
Away from her
She longed for more
As her eyes
Began to open
He was no longer there
Tucked tight away
In her bed
Silent and alone
The sweetest dream
Of him
Forever in her mind

Zoey Harts other works may be found at :
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Poetic Interpretation Of Picture and Title
By Mark Davis 


What had she started?
Would she end up broken-hearted
The first kiss
The bliss
With him and more
Evident by the clothes on the floor

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A Romantic Tale ~ #MDRomance Challenge


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Across the bar I observe you
My eyes become aroused by the sight
I flush when you turn
And see me
Wondering now…
How to keep things simple and light?

Then I feel your touch upon my delicate skin
As you’ve found your way over to greet me
The warmth you radiate
Is intoxicating
It saturates deep
Beneath my surface within…

Leaning in so your breath is upon me
Your voice has my heartbeat amiss
I close my eyes
Digesting the moment
Breathing in
Your beguiling scented mist…

We spend an eternity talking
Till you offer to walk me on home
Lacing the strength
Of your fingers within mine
Then head out
Into a new fall of snow…

As we walk, talk and rekindle
Under the canopy
Of a beautiful night
My senses
Are savouring every morsel
Of your masculine bodily delights…

Before we know it
We’ve reach our destination
Where we reluctantly
Turn to say our goodbyes
The demanding kiss that you give me
Has me submitting, with a long and continuous sigh…

Then you whisper your desirable need
To see me again
And quite soon
Leaves me swooning
In a cloud of anticipation…
Of what’s to become, under a the next decadent full moon?


 © debradml (2014)


Hi all I wrote this piece for a Poetry Challenge on Author Mark Davis Blog #MDRomancehttp://markdaviserotica1225.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/a-few-words-on-romance-week-by-mark-davis/

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#MDRomance Week: Two touching pieces by the talented His Angel and Mark Davis, well done to you both!!! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


By Angel

As Friends
We always had each other
Battered and Bruised
When did it happen
New found love
Together now
Immense joy
Will finally admit
It’s time to submit
Skin to skin
Shedding the scars of our past
Entwined in each other at last
Sharing our pain of previous hurts
Needing to feel
Pulling you closer
Inhaling your scent
Lavicious thoughts in my head
Unbridled in passion
Entwined as one
This tango we dance
With rhythm and soul
Must be played
It’s been far too long
Stagnant and staid
Flirtatious foreplay
Frothing over in heat
Should we give in
Is it a sin
Two Friends as lovers
Can we survive
I’m willing to try
But no matter what happens
Always know this
Until you stop breathing
You are enough
Just as you are
Battered and Bruised
Take me in your arms
My lover my friend

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#MDRomance Week: Day Fours piece is by the talented Aurora, and Mark Davis has written an expectional piece full of warm love which paints a beautiful image for the readers mind… to Aurora’s photo for her piece! Well done to the both of you! ~ Debs xox

Mark Davis Author / Poet


By Aurora 

I shivered alone
Bereft of warmth
Consigned to loneliness

The heat of your gaze
Rekindled the fire within
I found sanctuary
Enveloped by your arms
Within your heart
I found my shelter

Your body became my blanket
Surrounding my skin with your heat
Beneath you,
I am exposed,
But no longer vulnerable

(c) aurora 2014
You can also find the Auroras other poetic work at 



Poetic Interpretation of Picture and Title by Mark Davis

By Mark Davis

Open air

The cold wind prevails
Under the blanket
Watch passing sails
Eyes drift away
From the ocean view
Lips close together
Focus on you
Wrapped up together
Fall into a kiss
Winter sun warming
Love days like this
Flat on the deck
No eyes can pry
Safe from the gaze
Of the passerby
“Cover me”
Softly she sighs
I do as I’m bade
Look in her…

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