#PicturePromptChallenge by Magenta Nero


the moon

the veil is raised
a window in time
for you to slip through
there is no return
you have chosen this
darkness sublime
cast shadows
change form and meaning
losing sight of the path
until emerging
a distant light beckons
disguised as the moon
it will deceive
it will illuminate
as you wander this realm
all things reflecting
a subtle glow
the stage is set
for you to dance.


© Magenta Nero (2015)


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Pen of the Damn

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Erotic Advent by Magenta Nero

S.J's Blog

 Erotic Advent

On the first day of Xmas

my true love summoned me

a message from a white dove

On the second day of Xmas

My true love prepared for me

a plush bed of pillows

and a bowl of fresh creamy milk

On the third day of Xmas

my true love said to me

I shall expect you in the dungeon

on the strike of midnight

not a minute before

On the fourth day of Xmas

my true love presented me

with a black lace corset

fine hose stocking

silver handcuffs

and a thick leather studded collar

On the fifth day of Xmas

my true love gave to me




hands cuffed and tied

to a high beam

legs spread apart

toes barely touching the ground

On the sixth day of Xmas

my true love abandoned me

suspended from the ceiling




muscles stretched and stinging

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