Guest Post ~ Words by K.C.


When Love Meets Despair

His languid gaze
Licking guiltless
At my core
Four months until
I let him in
His world
An intoxicating mix of
Despair and swagger
I long for more and
He knows it
I surrender to
Dark heights and
For a brief moment only
There is love
Without control
He fully
And completely
Releases me
Memories are skewed
All that remains is
A desperate mess
Of a passion dead
And regretted
…from a solitary beachside table
He sat, unexpected and out of place
His mind in fragments
His heart despairs
And desperately laps up
My love
He shoots straight
He empties into me
He shatters me
And never looks back

© K.C. (2013)

Words on Love…


Mysterious Love
I thought love was the answer
That every heart seeks…
A language that every heart speaks
That is meant to be priceless and free…
The sweetest of pure magic
To one of life’s rare mysteries…
But now I understand I never found it
Realty came bearing no fruit…
And yet at times my heart still yearns
To find this fantasy of fiction…
A spoken connection for all time with your soulmate –
Who curls your toes & sends tingles when they kiss you
Needs to explore every inch for their memory
Who knows, cares & truly just gets you
Wants to treasure & protect you
And wants nothing more than to make your heart smile!
© debradml (2013)

My Review of “Utterly Loved” by Kat Bastion


This is a beautiful collection of powerful Poetry!


Publication Date: 29 Nov., 2012
Length: 100 Pages
Genre: Poetry


Foreword by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Sylvain Reynard.

In Utterly Loved, award-winning paranormal romance writer Kat Bastion shares her poetry with the world for charity. Heartfelt poems, rich in passion and rooted in nature, transport us to misty forests and sandy beaches.

What began as a private collection of poetic love letters to her husband for their twentieth anniversary, evolved into a book of poems and quotes they decided to share.

Proceeds of Utterly Loved, after costs and taxes, will go directly to selected charities. They will feel Utterly Loved.

Visit her website and her blog for a list of charities and updates.


My Review:

I had been waiting for this book to come to me via Post …which was going to take 6-8 weeks, then received the great news that it was also available via Kindle so I had to get it straight away!!!

I knew it was going to be good but I was wrong it was GREAT…and when I finally received my Paperback copy I was even more blessed!

I have followed Kat Bastion via her Twitter, her Blog and Facebook Page now for a few months, I have been impressed and touched by her powerful words but this beautiful collection of her works had me emotional even before I reached the Poetry……such an amazing and unique love relationship that she has experienced in her life and so lucky are we that she has been so very giving to share it with the world via “Utterly Loved”!

It truly is a Must Read!

All monies made from the books are being donated to Charity…I  am in awe of this Lady!

Also in this book is a Foreword written by the brilliant and very talented writer Sylvain Reynard  (Author of Gabriel’s Inferno & Rapture).

They are both just brilliant people, who are are changing the world in their own unique ways and inspiring others to do also!!!



# News on future projects by this Author:

       “Highland Legends Series”

  • Forged in Dreams and Magick – (Available 23/9/2013)
  • Bound by Wish and Mistletoe ~ (Available in Nov. 2013)
  • Born of Mist and Legend ~ (Release date TBA)
  • Found in Flame and Moonlight ~ (Release date TBA)

I am very much looking forward to more of this Authors work in the up and coming Highlander Legend Series!!!



About the Author:

Kat Bastion is an award-winning paranormal romance writer, poetic warrior, and eternal optimist who loves getting lost in the beauty of nature.

On a never-ending, wondrous path of self-discovery, Kat throws her characters into incredible situations with the hope that readers join her in learning more about the meaning of life and love.

Her first published work, Utterly Loved, was shared with the world to benefit others. All proceeds from Utterly Loved, and a portion of the proceeds of all her other books, support charities who help those lost in this world.

Kat lives with her husband amid the beautiful Sonoran Desert of Arizona, USA.

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