#PicturePromptChallenge by Lisa Fulham



The final curtain draws ever closer

Lowering slowly

Allowing one final glance

Before darkness consumes the moon

My howling friend

My mystical lunar

How will my soul carry on without you?

Crushed red velvet obscures my view

Reflections and shadows upon the floor

Offer a moment of peace

As the wolf inside howls

One last time

The heavy drapes

Come silently crashing down

Your final act is

Howling At The Fucking Moon


© Lisa Fulham (2015)


“This poem is written in memory of Tony and Marcus. Two playful wolves with deep and beautiful souls. Both taken too soon from our lives, but never our hearts. Together high and howling in death as they did in life together.”



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Poetry Challenge by Lisa Fulham


Words across the oceans
Sailing amongst the waves
Your heart called to me
Each time we wrote
Every word pulling me closer
Into your warm embrace
A friendship forged on words alone
Those many hugs
Mere words on a screen
Yet every one wrapped itself around my soul
All those encouragements
Understanding me and my worries
Helped my stand up tall
You made me proud of who I was
Through simple acceptance
And now your words are cast amongst the stars
The ocean could not keep you here
But in my heart
I will keep you friend
My friend of words
From across the ocean
© Lisa Fulham (2013)


# Lisa Fulham | Author of Romance.



Protect your breasts

# This is a brilliantl post by my mate Lisa Fulham on Breast Cancer Awareness!!!

Lisa Fulham - Author


Today some of you may have seen that I posted the following picture on twitter.


I had posted a picture of my new bra and then said that my tattybojangles looked rather good in said bra. This prompted a small army of people demanding proof and after some huge self doubts I did it. The response I got was amazing and I’m glad that I digged deep to find the courage to do it. I LOVE my boobs; they’re just like me—big, in your face and like to jump around. In fact I love boobs in general and will always point out a damn good pair to my husband and congratulate other women on their impressive pair. Boobs should be celebrated no matter their size, but more than that, boobs should be protected.


Now this post is turning a little serious and I do hope that you…

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Interview with Author Lisa Fulham


It’s my pleasure and honour folks to support and share a little further insight into the up and coming new Indie Author Lisa Fulham…. Erotic Romance Writer & Poet!
For those of you whom don’t know her she has recently written and published her first novel called out “Out on Business” which you can purchase via Amazon!
I came across this young Lady at the beginning of this year via Twitter and started following her Blog. Through Reading her Poetry and Short Stories I could see that she held a lot of promise with the Novel she was writing! Over time with chatting on there our connection has grown and we have become good friends! She is full of fun and is truly beautiful soul!
# Debs: Ok so on with the Show….Hello and welcome Miss Lover of Nylons I am so excited to be your first Interview!!! Tell us a bit about Yourself?
So you would like to know more about little old me, well I’m many things all at once. I’m a Mum, Wife, friend, manager and writer. There’s no real order to that list, I think every aspect of my life is just as important as another. I love to walk a little off centre to what is considered the norm and I guess one of the biggest things I can tell you about myself is that I have a big mouth. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obnoxious, I just find it hard not to fight the good fight and I wear my feelings on my face. This last bit can make for a few awkward times in life I can tell you. Mostly though I’m just the kind of person who loves to see others happy, I like to encourage and support my friends and I truly believe that giggles make the world go round.
# Question: Have you always wanted to be a writer or is this a newly discovered desire?
Well, I’ve loved books from a very young age. As a child I HAD to read before I went to bed otherwise I couldn’t go to sleep. When I was about fourteen/fifteen years old I read a book called ‘In the Deep End’. It was about a pair of teenagers about the same age as me and it was based on their romance. It was relevant to me and I connected with the issues these two people were going through and I remember wishing that I could write something like that. I guess you could say my dream started from there, but I never really thought it would come true. I tucked it away inside myself and got on with life. I carried on my passion for reading, but a desire to write didn’t come back to me until almost a year ago. Oh dear twitter, however can I thank thee? Yup joining twitter was the thing that rekindled my dream and the rest of the story is forever on my blog for all to see.
# Question: In your novel I love how you describe in detail the places that your character Lucy Hunt is viewing, what inspired you?
Haha, it’s funny you should ask. Out on Business did not start out as my first book; it was supposed to be a short story for my blog, around three thousand words or so. I had been tweeting a lot about #SuitPorn and a few guys even sent me pictures. One of my followers decided that the story was about him and he lives in Edinburgh. I already had the main character formed in my head so it was never actually about him, but I decided to do a little research about Edinburgh as I’ve never been and the moment I found The Dome I knew I had to base my story in that majestic building. I completely fell in love and I have promised myself that one day I will be seeing it for myself. People always find it funny that I’ve never been to the places I describe in the book, believe me a lot of research was done. The Vivienne Westwood shop she bought her dress from though is in Manchester and I have been to it, it is a beautiful store. The dress itself is completely my own creation; I can picture it exactly and even feel the material between my fingers.
# Question: On your blog you have posted some wonderful Poetry! How do you define Poetry?
How do I define poetry? I don’t. I don’t think that anyone really should. Poetry is an emotion, an expression and the same piece of poetry can mean something different from one person to the next. When I write poetry I never use full stops or commas, this is because I personally think that each line, each word is just as important as the one before it and the one after it. It may surprise you that I’ve never really taken an interest in poetry. I love Shakespeare and my all time favourite poem is Stop all the clocks by W H Auden. Other than that,before I began following writers on twitter I didn’t read poetry. I stumbled upon writing it by sheer coincidence. My first poem ‘To write is to’ came to me because someone asked me what writing meant to me. I was working on writing a book (something I was nowhere near ready for) when I was asked why I wrote and what it meant to me. The more I thought about it, the more my thoughts became that poem. I almost didn’t share it with anyone, but a very dear friend convinced me. Poetry is whatever you want it to be whether you’re the writer or the reader. We have all lived different experiences and so words will stir different memories and emotions in each of us.
Thank you by the way for calling my poetry wonderful, that really does humble me.
Debs: You are very welcome, you’re very clever! 
# Question: Do you have a motto in life?
I don’t have a motto as such, but I do have a few things I live by:
  • Giggles make the world go round
  • Haters will always hate
  • Fight the good fight
  • Speak your mind
  • Be the best you can be no matter what the circumstances are
  • Love and be loved
  • I also like to sign off with this: Stay kind, Stay kinky, Stay True
# Question: Who or what inspires you? Do you have a Muse?
Life inspires me, be it pain, love, passion or loss. I think that as people we draw from those around us and the experiences we live through. Don’t get me wrong, I write fiction, but there is always an element of myself or my emotions within my writing. My poetry is a different story, some of the poems I have written have literally been written through my own tears.
# Question: Do you have a creative process? Like writing at a certain time of the day; listening to music or prefer silence? And how do you like to write – Phone, Computer or Journal?
As my life is so busy, I write when, where and on whatever I can. I have notepads and post it notes in every bag I own. I utilise the notes section on both my ipad and iphone and Out on Business was the first time I have written straight onto my pc. I used to write everything longhand, but it took forever to get anything out there for people toread. I still write all of my poetry longhand, but my stories a predominantly written on my pc.
While I’m writing I listen to the band oasis, being a Manchester lass born and bread I grew-up listening to the local boys and their songs are embedded into my soul. I can have them playing in the background and I don’t have to listen to hear them. I can’t sit in silence, I’m too noisy a person for that and too long alone with my own thoughts isn’t always such a great idea.
# Question: Do you ever get writers block? If so do you have a remedy?
I’m actually just coming through the other side of the biggest writer’s block I’ve ever had. I had a crazy two weeks back in July; I published my first book and lost a fellow writer and friend. Hitting such a highand then experiencing something like that rendered me incapable of creating anything. What was the point in my writing? What difference did it really make to the world in the grand scheme of things? For almost eight weeks I couldn’t read or write. I managed a few small pieces here and there, but my passion had left me. I couldn’t concentrate for longer than ten minutes and the blank screen with its flashing cursor simply mocked me. I’m not really sure what changed in the past few weeks, but I’m finally beginning to write again and I’ve never felt such relief. I know that without the support of my friends there is no way I would have made it though and for them I am forever thankful.
# Question: Many writers describe the road to their first published work as a great learning experience. Would you agree? And if so, what do you feel is the most important thing you learned about yourself throughout the process?
Of course it’s a learning curve, life’s one big learning curve. What’s the biggest thing I’ve learnt about myself? I hate editing and I am not actually superwoman. I put huge demands on myself and all that happens is I’ve ended up setting myself up to fail. Writing should be fun, an escape from the humdrum of real life. When it’s not fun you need to step away and take some time for yourself.
# Question: What excites you in life?
I’m a big goon, I honestly got really excited the other day because I found a chocolate bar in my bag that I’d forgotten about. Hubs thinksI’m hilarious. I believe that the little things in life are what we should get excited about; spending time with friends, your favourite comic book superhero movie coming out or simply getting THAT LOOK from someone in a bar. The big things come and go, the little things happen everyday and should be cherished.
# Question: What attracts you to a Man? And/or people?
I like a man who can make me laugh, can laugh at himself and who I can argue with. I know that last one probably sounds silly, but I did warn you I like to walk a little off centre to the norm. I love arguing, it’s just so much fun and it’s even better when you do it with someone who pushes you.
# Question: What does Erotic Romance mean to you?
Erotic romance means something that will get your pulse racing while allowing you to connect with the characters.
# Question: If you could make-out with anyone Famous who would it be?
Robbie Williams as I have had dirty thoughts about that man before I knew what dirty thoughts were lol
Debs: Hmmmm nice choice!
# Question: If you could posses a super power what would it be?
Time travel I think so I could go back in time and save the baby before the truck hit it, or go to the future and make sure that the lessons of today helping the world of tomorrow.
# Question: If you could invite anyone famous over for dinner who would you choose?
Boris Johnson the mayor of London. Not because of his politics (which I disagree with) but because he is a total fruitloop and I have no idea how he was voted to be our capitals mayor.
# Question: Do you like interaction with your readers? Ever had a bad experience?
I love talking to people (as you can see, you can’t shut me up once I get going). I’ve never had a bad experience with a reader, but on twitter I think they are inevitable. The haters will always hate, but it’s our duty to ourselves to rise above it.
# Question: What are your future projects?
I am currently working on a story for my blog called “lust through a lens“. It’s about a curvy redhead who has self image issues and asks her friend to take photos of her looking sexy. It’s inspired by the work of @justarandomscott and I’m really enjoying working on it now I’ve got past my block. I hope to start work on my next book towards the end of this year or beginning of next year. That one I’m keeping under wraps for a little bit.
Debs: Oh cool, I love his Blog!
# Question: Do you have a message for your fans?
Fans? I’m sure I don’t have any of them. Anyone who has been gracious enough to give my words their time, become my friend. As for a message, I’d just like to thank each and every one of them from the bottom of my heart. I’m still very new to writing and I still haveso much to learn, I love the people I’m meeting on this journey.


# Rapid Fire Questions:
Married or SingleMarried
Tall or short?  A Tall 5ft 6 inches lol
Torso, Legs, Arse or all?  I love backs & all of those mentioned 😉
Vanilla or Kinky?  All flavours of Ice-Cream please
Nylons or Garter Stockings?  YES and knee high socks
Batman or Superman?  Batman, he fights the best baddie of all time
Chocolate or Ice Cream?  Chocolate
Meat or Seafood?  Meat all the way baby
Beer, Wine or Spirit?  Yea please and a body shot of Sambucca
Books or Kindle?  Books in the main, Kindle for all my smut
Camping or Hotel?  Hotel! There are bugs on the floor
Beach or Rainforest?  Beach for relaxation, Forest for exploration
Spirituality or Evolution?  I feel they go hand in hand
Favourite Poet?  Shakespeare
Favourite Books?   Anything where I forget the world around me
Favourite Music?   I’m very eclectic when it comes to music
Favourite TV Show?  DR. Who
Favourite Movies?  You may as well ask me – breathing in or out
Favourite Sport?  Lisa: Football  (Debs: Er so that would be Pommie for Soccer lol)
Favourite colour?  Purple

Lisa: I’d really like to take this opportunity to thank you Deb I am truly humbled that you would wan to interview me. More than that, I want to thank you for all the support you give to so many writers. It warms my heart when people like yourself do such wonderful things for other people. Last and certainly not least I want to tank you for your friendship and cheering on. The comments you leave me always touch my heart and make me want to keep writing.


Debs: Aww hunny thank-you so very much for that!!! You melt my heart 🙂 I am like you, I love meeting people and finding precious little indie gems out there, it enriches my heart, mind and soul, 😉 your Awesomesauce!  ~ Debs xo



My Review of “Out on Business” by Lisa Fulham


# “Out on Business” is a sexy, hot and romantic read!


Publish Date: 21st July, 2013

Length: 66 Pages

Genre: Fiction

When Lucy Hunt is informed by her boss she will be accompanying him on a weekend long conference; she wonders how she will be able to keep her thoughts on her work. Vivid dreams of all the things she would like to do to Mr Casey have given her many sleepless nights. A weekend in his company sounds like heavenly torture.
Blake Casey is all business and no play. Could his shy and bashful PA be the one to change all that in just a weekend?
When the company goes Out on Business, fantasies are experienced, stockings are worn and suits are torn apart.
Let Casey advertising company give you a pitch you won’t want to forget.


My Review:

This book is a sexy and hot read with elements of beautiful romantic tenderness in it as well. It takes you into a tale of mutual attraction between two work colleagues and the dilemma of whether or not to act on their feelings and desires for each other, especially being between a Boss and his PA.
The Author captures you with her brilliant descriptive writing style – and by the end of the novel couldn’t believe that this was her first novel, she is very talented!  I loved the way storyline unfolds and you get to read what both the characters are thinking and feeling the whole way through. 
Plus I loved the Suits, Nylons and Architecture references….which makes me want to visit some of the places described! I was totally hooked and left wanting s’more please! 😉 



About the Author:

Lisa Fulham is a writer and poet on the journey of life. She feeds her emotions into her words…”Have you ever wondered ‘what if’? I have. Many moons ago I dreamt of writing stories, I let life take hold and soon the dream was forgotten. These days I am living my ‘what if’ and I’d love for you to come along on this bodacious ride we call life.”

She lives in Manchester, UK and her influences are World-wide!

The Author’s Social Media Links:

  • Twitter – @lisa298


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