Her galloping heart


# This exceptional piece by Mr. Insatiable is like reading something from my mind… it resonates deeply! Love his words… xoxox Debs

Mr Insatiable

She sits
Finding her silence within the seas
The sound of every rippling wave
As it ends its journey on the shores
Settling in her ears

As she sits
Not Lost, but not yet found
Lonely, but not alone
A heart full of love
Yet loveless
Looking out
Into the depths of the sea
An endless space
Of hopes and dreams
As her mind visits a well known place
Sadness sweeps her existence
A vision that is him
The one that is out there
Craving for her
Her touch
Her beauty
Her mind
Her soul

The one she dreams of
But never met
The one that will soar with her
On a stallion
To the edges of the earth
And back again
The one that will sweep her off her feet
And never allow her to fall
The one that will take her to…

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Darkness by Kat Fraser

# This lovely lady is another friend of mine and is currently writing a Book – this is one of her Poems! Debs xx

Inside Kat's Mind

Hello my lovelies

Today’s post is a little dark. I have been going through a really rough time the last month or so and last night these words just sort of poured out of me.  Only one person, maybe two know what this poem is really about.  Others will guess but honestly if you want to know just ask. I really have nothing to hide, obviously. With these words, I am sure some or maybe all of you can relate.  We all have been in that state where we just let the darkness take over.  No matter the self destructive damage it is causing.  Sometimes we need the pain, the hurt to remember we are alive.  Sometimes it feels like its all we have…


Darkness seeps in
Gripping within

Stabbing pain
Nothing to gain

Sadness takes over
Filling up and over

Bitterness tasted
Pointless time wasted

Happiness yearning
Never learning

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Words on Sticky Little Leaves…


What are your Sticky Little Leaves in Life…?

I came across this saying whilst reading Sylvain Reynard’s books the “Gabriel’s Series”Fyodor Dostoevsky in his Book “The Brothers Karamazov” and Alexander Pushkin’s Poem “Chill Winds Still Blow“.
📣 Quotes from these Books & Poems are:
     # Sylvain Reynard, Gabriel’s Inferno & Rapture:
  • “She is not my equal; she is better. She is my sticky little leaf.”
  • “You are my sticky little leaf. My beautiful, sad, sticky little leaf, and I want to see you happy and whole.”
  • “The sticky little leaves aren’t faith or salvation. They’re the remnant of hope. They stave off his despair, demonstrating that despite the evil he has seen, there is at least one good and beautiful thing left.”

    # Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov:

  • “Though I may not believe in the order of the universe, yet I love the sticky little leaves as they open in spring. I love the blue sky, I love some people, whom one loves you know sometimes without knowing why. I love some great deeds done by men, though I’ve long ceased perhaps to have faith in them, yet from old habit one’s heart prizes them.”  
  • “I love the sticky little leaves in spring, the blue sky – That’s all it is. It’s not a matter of intellect or logic; It’s loving with ones inside, with ones stomach.”

    # Alexander Pushkin, Chill Winds Still Blow:

  • Will the sticky little leaves; Soon blossom from the fleecy birch?”



For me personally My Sticky Little Leaves” in life first and foremost would be my son, my mom, family and friends….

I have also related to the words, “I go on living in spite of logic at times“, in my life when darkness appeared and today I am glad to be still here!

Also the words – “Though I may not believe in the order of the universe, yet I do find things that I love” ….well for me it would have to be Books, Poetry, Music, Art, Nature/ Animals and in my job, where I get to Nurse some wonderful people!

And “Some great deeds done by some ordinary human-beings, especially when we cease to have faith in others“, this especially comes to mind after some of the recent senseless disasters in the US with Gun problems, Terrorist Attacks and Bombings where the tragic result was the killing of innocent lives…….and then you can read how people worldwide band together to support and assist those directly affected to overcome these awful events and “One’s heart prizes them and restores your faith”.
And last but not least to our amazing Heroes (The Police and Military Forces), who put their lives at risk daily to make our world a safer place to live in! Words are not enough to express what I think of them but they have my total Respect & Support!!! Can’t imagine what it must be like to walk in their shoes….