Ode to Toro…


Ode to Toro:

Hearts are bleeding from you’re news because we love you…
In this short time how you’ve touched us so deep…
Can’t stop thinking of how we should be there with you…
To hold your hand would make it complete!
I sat upon the beach today just staring…
Wondering why and was there something I could do?
Everything that seemed to matter yesterday is nothing
Compared to what you are going through!
So please know that when you feel like you need us
Close your eyes and feel our arms around you tight!
For in our hearts we will be right there with you…
Shining brightly as the days turn into nights.
And there we will continue to hold you…
Until our paths do cross again!
Take care and know that we love you
Our dear and beautiful Friend
xxx Baci
© debradml 2013


Ode to Mirabella…


Ode to Mirabella

An erotic sensual being whom in habits this earth.
Igniting you through words and pictures.
Filling your sight, mind and soul endlessly…
Touching you with a gentle flick of her words –
Leaves you with a deep penetration of feeling!

 © debradml (2012)



This beautiful inspiring Lady was one of the first people I met on Twitterland ….her Sun beams shined so brightly and I just knew we’d become friends  🙂

I wrote this small amount of a few words for her back then and it was the first time in many many years I had even attempted too….she loved of course as she is a generous and unique soul!

Her Words and Visions are on Fire you should take a look…..@una_tentazione



Words on a Special Friends…


Ode to Special Friends:

Dear friends of my heart.
You are each awesome gifts.
Sweet and gentle souls.
Its uncanny at times
At just how much we relate.
Through our shared laughter, fun and some tears!
You’re always there to listen
And forever showing you care.
Making this world a brighter place!
Each little Angels that have been sent…
Disguised as an ordinary Human-beings
Who lifts and spurs me on!
And even though we’re far apart
Our connection continues to grow
My dear friends from across the waves!
❤ Forever n Always!
© debradml (2013)