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Caroline Juliette and I have become good friends online over the past few years, she is a fellow Nurse and has been a great supporter of my words… She is a talented Poet and inspires me with her words! Here are just some of her pieces over the years that I have moved me but all her words are excellent… So if you haven’t already go check her out!
Enjoy ~ Debs xox


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“Dragonfly & La Luna”

The moon in the sky
a queen to be celebrated
shining down on her kingdom
I tip my chin
my eyes upwards
raise my hands
and flip her off
middle fingers held high
followed by
furious fists clenched
I am so angry
swatting and punching air
but mostly sad & mournful
where once I relished
in all her splendor
affectionately basking
in her magnificent glow
now I crumble
as tears fall like rain
a dragonfly with broken wings
I can’t stand to look
at the celestial beauty
without feeling the loss
there will be a time
when I can smile
under la luna’s brilliance
and remember with a fondness
without feeling pain
even as the night sky softens
indigo gives way
to cerulean and turquoise hues
flecks of amber gold
peeking over the horizon
a peacefulness surrounds me
as I realize
today will not be that day


© Caroline Juliette (2015)




Struggling within this

cacophony of thoughts

distain & contempt for herself

pulling her down

writhing in agony

heaving with heartache

pressure building


burning flames

until she is nothing


she rises

like a phoenix

reborn from the ashes

of a broken soul

her clouded vision cleansed

by her tears

she is here

to live another day

ready to forgive

more than ready

to forget


© Caroline Juliette (2015)



“In The Hot Summer Storm”

Sultry air hovers
warm breezes
offer no relief
in the hot summer storm

purple hues
of electric light
prance in the sky
without rain or thunder
lightening crashes
in the hot summer storm

our bodies
dance to a rhythm
only we hear
hips thrusting
arms reaching
hands grabbing
sweat dripping
in the hot summer storm

shudders run through us
exhausted muscles relax
skin cooled
shivering and goose bumps
in the hot summer storm


© Caroline Juliette (2015)




I want to run away
From all this pain
Away from the anger
Where sadness reigns

To a place where we
Can just be free
Away from all
Of life’s misery

I want to be with you
Hand in hand
Lying in the sun
Our toes in the sand

Frolicking in the ocean
You’ll kiss me all over
Splashing and laughing
You’ll throw me over your shoulder

Play through the day
Until the moonlight kisses you
Breeze off the water
So clear and blue

Carry me back to our blanket
With heat in your eyes
Your mouth to my ear
“I have a surprise”

You lead me up a trail
To a perfect little space
A beautiful beach house
“This is the place”

“We can stay here as long as you like
You and I together”
I kiss you with passion
“I want to stay here forever”


© Caroline Juliette (2015)


“Blurred Lines ~ Poetry Challenge” via The Sacred Road Blog

“One With The Night

Hand in hand we stroll
Sand between our toes
You look at me with hooded eyes
That see into my soul

The setting sun a backdrop
To our perfect day
I feel my desire pooling
I’m wanton, my brain in disarray

You drive me crazy with lust
I lick my lips wanting to taste you
You halt me and pull me to a kiss
Biting and licking full of passion anew

I can’t wait for us to be alone
For you to be inside me
I look at the deserted beach
And seize the opportunity

Slowly, seductively with nimble fingers
I untie my bikini strings
Letting the fabric fall to the sand
Your look of awe gives my heart wings

I run into the ocean with you behind
Kissed by the lapping of the waves
My sensitive sex is getting wetter
I can feel your lust filed gaze

You walk towards me a panther on the prowl
So sexy & handsome in the moonlight
Making your way to your prey
You smile wickedly then take flight

You dive in the water in a rush
Right in front of me coming up for air
You cup my breasts, flicking each nipple
Kissing hard pulling me by the hair

I wrap my legs around your waist
and thrust down hard on your erection
Riding you with every wave
To our mutual satisfaction

Holding you around the neck
My fingers lightly stroking your hair
Brown eyes to brown so full of joy
I can not help but stare

I lay my head on your shoulder
You caressing my back feather light
I wish we could stay like this forever
Becoming one with the night

© 2013 Caroline Juliette


#PicturePromptChallenge by Caroline Juliette



The curtain ready
to descend
covering the path
she’s left behind
leading to unknown possibilities
instead she’s chosen
the safe route
the branches & brambles
can’t claw at her
but her heart stays
locked in her chest
never searching
for adventure
she will always wonder
if the moon
still shines
brighter in her dreams


© Caroline Juliette (2015)


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#TreatWeek by Caroline Juliette

#TreatWeek special by Caroline Juliette….

S.J's Blog

The Wolf And Little Red

A walk in the woods

my footsteps pad on forest floor

your howls have beaconed me

searching for what I don’t know

but I follow

because I can’t stay away

excitement surges with each ragged heartbeat

adrenalin coarses through my veins

every part of me longing to be with you

I feel my hunger for you increase with every step

my wanton desire overcomes me

still you call to me

I need to feel you

inside me

filling me

thoughts of you invade my mind

what is this power you have over me

together the two of us

wild, unabashed passion taking over

I am at your mercy

pulling me down to meet new grass of Spring

you lick suck and bite my skin

claiming me

every inch of me is yours

as you enter my wet core

my body trembles with release

you are…

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Poetry Challenge by Caroline Juliette


Your Words

I see you there behind glassy eyes
I read your words so beautiful
I hear your voice, whispering in the wind
You echo in my mind
In my thoughts
Your words across the oceans
Reaching in
Taking hold
Of my heartstrings
Gentle heartfelt words
Full of love
Wrapping me up like a blanket
Comforting and soothing me
Keeping me safe
Protecting me
You have always said the sweetest things
You have always been so thoughtful
Even when I couldn’t be
Thank you my friend
For being you
© Caroline Juliette (2013)

Caroline Juliette

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