Guest Post: Some favourite Poetry by BL Ronan


I came across this talented lady a few years ago and purchased her book of Poetry “Saudade” which I treasure! Here are just some of her pieces over the years that I have loved but they are all exquisite… Her words soothe and touch my soul…
Enjoy ~ Debs xox

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wait for me
in the gilded meadow
among the lilies
soft and fair.

wait for me
in the twilight
as the dust of moonbeams
glimmer in the air.

feel me
in the shadows
as the melody
of our dance begins.

the echo of me
within you –
now close your eyes
and cast away your whims.

savor the essence
of this moment –
an ember of time
long past
yet crystal clear.

the memory of me
a phantom ache in your fingertips,
my laughter a whispered balm
caressing your ear.

don’t dread
the waking morning
for precious hope
its warming rays bring.

lay as gifts before you
but most deserving.

the memory of me
will soften
as the ache of my silence
fills with unbridled joy.

no more tears
for the absence of yesterdays,
for my wish is : you  live
you love
you rejoice.

say farewell to me
in the gilded meadow
among the lilies
delicate and strong.

feel the sunshine
embrace your freckled cheeks
and know that i am always
in your heart
where i belong.

2015 b.l. ronan



“Time Tick Tocks”

the hands pivot –
the incessant ticking
marking the passing
of time…
of breath.
the pervading darkness
no longer seeps
from crooked angles
the silence of space

the symmetry of perfection
never harkened these doorsteps –
for all is
as it ever was :
the heart still
of joyful beginnings
and bittersweet goodbyes.

smiles form more naturally
but forever hold
the sadness of a small girl
ever so slightly broken :
as she traverses
the finite beauty
of her blessings.

blues now burn
in the heated pigments
of red
the glitter of hopeful promises
once more sparkle
in the hidden depths
of her soul.

the road faltered
altering her course
and leaving her perpetually lost
in this wayward and fraught-ful journey.
there is substantial pain –
a palpable twinging
as her centre grows
in the constant juggernaut of change.

the heaviness has lifted
but the phantom residuals of what once was
reminding her of the fleeting chiming of the clock
and the precious moments
now nurtured eternally
in the sacred caverns of her heart.


c. 2014 b.l. ronan




the ink
the tips of her fingers
as each
scours over
every word.

the printed letters
impart their depths
as she traces
the lined echoes of her heart.

these etchings
are extractions
from her very soul
such abundance
of faith
seem impossible.

the well
is dry.

the cage
is locked.

the pages

this space
is known
at the same time

for the emptiness
into shadows
far deeper
than she dreamed existed.

the mere
weight of the pen
between her fingers
agonized torture.

the scream
never comes

crying woman's eye, black and white image, low key, selective focus

the tears
pool silently
down her freckled cheeks,
the only warmth
from the bone deep chill.

she follows
the dip and curve
of each pen stroke
that one day
such life
will once again
resound from her chest.

a day
when her prison walls
will collapse
and the void
of nothing
will dissipate.

a day
when all that she longs
to say
to feel
to cry to the heavens
will once again
flow without impediment
upon the parchment…

of her tears
and ink stained finger


© 2013 b.l. ronan


#PicturePromptChallenge by BL Ronan


the moon held her lofty dominion in a blanket of stars strewn across an immeasurable abyss. only in the softened hues of twilight and dusk, was she fared away from her gilded throne allowing her charges but pockets of moments where full breaths could nourish in the absence of her unwavering gaze. days have long since been forgotten, as the haze of permanent darkness now forever paints the sky.

freya stood beneath the heavens unable to deny the enormity of all that lay above. the beauty of the night seeping like frozen fire into her bones, harkening to the cold inevitability of all that would never come.

most revealed in the misty shadows, able now to hide under masks with hidden keys. the penchant for thriving in all that once held the bitter taint of contempt and shame, running as a vile plague deviantly waiting for its next host.

freya used to find solace in the blackened edges of her existence; much like a broken doll left on a forgotten shelf. the memories of a time before are but a phantom ache reminding her that once all was not as it is. yet, she can neither recall the sun nor the feel of its radiance upon her brow. but she yearns for them.

reality forever spins, as her life becomes a struggle from one inhalation to another on the back of fragile prayers with malformed wings. freya’s hope is hopeless, but she fights to succumb to the menace ever encroaching on her path. it stalks her – a savage beast with an unquenched hunger.

the weighted anticipation of her demise is relentless and cracks the ill-structured wall built to keep all the world at bay. leaving the rubble of the crumbling facade of protection, she flees blindly, searching in vain for any means of escape. but just as there was no beginning there is no ending as her flight leads her to but a futile end.

here in the pervasive shadows framed in opulent drapes, she realizes she is but a pawn in a sick and twisted game. the echo of laughter rebounds in the attentive audience as she turns to face what was always to be her fate. the tears begin to fall and all that is left is the plush red curtains closing upon her screams.


© 2015 b.l. ronan


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#TreatWeek by B.L Ronan

#TreatWeek special by Author BL Ronan…

S.J's Blog


the heavily embroidered velvet lifts to reveal a solitary figure illuminated amongst the shadows. she stands in position – focused solely on the rhythmic rise and fall of her chest. after an eternity of moments, the soft bass of her intro washes over her. at once she is lost in its heady beat.

the music builds and its darkly raw carnality is echoed in her movements. each extension – each graceful line and jolting break is a visually emotive expression of a memory. this is no mere choreography of steps but a sensory experience.

the world around her grows breathless as she weaves her hedonistic seduction amid grande adages, sous sous, and intoxicating waltzes. her skilled toes mimic the racing pulse of her palpitating heart. her hands become hishands as they graze the sensitive protrusion of her collarbone. her head falls back as she succumbs to the visceral…

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Poetry Challenge by B.L. Ronan



she sits atop the knoll,
sea oats dancing lightly
against her pale
exposed skin.

the pen in her hand
hovers above the heavily scribed pages –
her eyes lost in the distance.

the wind whispers.

wisps of hair tickle her sun kissed cheeks
as memories
crash as relentlessly within her mind
as the ones breaking before her.

time is lost.
lost in time.

when darkness looms on the horizon,
bringing her
to the here
and now.

etching her final secrets up on the parchment,
she lifts her hand into the heavy winds.

her words across the oceans
to embed within the sandy depths…

the beatings of her heart
only known by her
and the sea.

© 2013 b.l. ronan



BL Ronan 

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Author – Saudade




An Interview with B.L. Ronan

# Brilliant Interview with Author/ Poet B.L.Ronan ~ Debs xo

So The Story Goes

We are fortunate to have had the pleasure of sitting down for a chat with friend and writer B.L. Ronan, author of saudade.  Join us as we discuss inspiration and her journey into self publishing…

So The Story Goes:Have you always wanted to write?

B.L. Ronan: i have always been a dreamer – creating and living stories almost constantly.  so in the essence of creating as a writer does, yes. i love words but it was not until middle and high school that i used it as a form of expression.

STSG:Have you always been drawn to poetry as a medium?

B.L.: my mind tends to be lyrical and i therefore have an immediate connection to the medium of poetry and prose. i find i get the most fulfillment out of it because i am able to essentially breathe my heart onto the page.

STSG:Where do you…

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