in my shoes…



Do you really know what it’s like

To walk in my shoes?

Your world is so different

From my path…

You may think, hastily

I am being childish

But do you really know

Or understand my Life

My pain

My struggles

Before you judge me

Please consider this aspect…

Because until you have

Walked in my shoes

You can’t understand me…


© debradml (2015)

#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Lost



As the darkness pulls at me
I am feeling “Lost”
In a haze of confusion…

Behind my mask
I suffer in silence: mostly
Putting on my brave face…

Daily, I dig into the grind
Searching for my peace
And the light at the end of the tunnel…

A moment of clarity comes
In the form of a holiday & trip away
With some good friends…

Which has made life
All worth the while
I feel so free!

So when your feeling this way, my friend
Take a trip & get away from it all
For it cleanses your body, mind & soul
And the mask can come off!!!

© debradml (2015)


#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Shadows



In the shadows

Of my fears and doubts

My inner demons

Are forever crying out

Looking for a release

To spread their darkness…


Yet strongly & always near by

My Guardian Angel of love & light

Shares my burdens with me

Giving me strength 

To continue on another day

And fight the good fight… 


© DebraDMLl (2015)


My Inner Demons…



When my “Inner Demons” surface

They take me down deep, quickly

Into the darkness of self-hatred, doubt & insecurity

Knowing me far too well

They spout years and years

Of any negativity I’ve ever had, easily

Transporting me 

Into the numbness & nothingness of my life

A lone entity 

Who never seems to make it out

From the bottom of the heap…

© DebraDML (2015)


#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Endings & Beginnings



As I walk forward

Having been released

From the confines of my old ways

I feel free: As today is a new day

Where “Endings & Beginnings”

Momentarily meet and part

With the Winter-time ahead

New tools are required

For the next leg on the journey…

© debradml (2015)

#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Growth



Life is full of moments

Captured in time

Where precious seeds of thought

Were once planted…

A delicate thought

Started within

As we tended to it with care

And watch its growth to fruition…

Offering it out into the world

Sharing ourselves, hopefully

With mixed results

As we learn along the journey…

© debradml (2015)



Moments come and moments go

Throughout our lives.

Sometimes they are delightful

Filling you with such joy.

Sometimes they can be special and inspiring

That you’ll hold forever close to your heart.

But sometimes they can be full of drama and tragedy

That will effect and change us forever…

A bit like hearing the echoing sound

Of footsteps fading away from you

From behind a closed door

As you try to mask your reaction

Until you are alone in your thoughts

To face the consequences…

Where the intensity hits

Of just how profoundly

It’s affected you

And that there is nothing

You can do to change it…


© DebraDML (2015)