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Dating Secrets For Nerds

Nerdy or not - the main thing is that this is still a girl. And any girl wants - to love and to be loved.

If you grasp the stereotypical phrase about cockroaches in a girl's head, then a smart girl has the same cockroaches in her head, only more well-read, with monocles and a contemptuous squint. So let's get started.

You are obliged to ask her opinion about anything: about a work of art.

Clarify why she has such an opinion? Why not the opposite?

Thus, you will show that a picture of a girl's inner world is necessary for you, and that girls who do not have their own opinion, are not of interest to you.

To please an intelligent girl, you have to be ... well, not exactly a woodpecker. A smart girl always has her own opinion about everything. And you should have it too. And, we hint, it shouldn't sound like: “Yes, you're so right!”.

A guy who has his own opinion, and is ready to stand up for it, even in front of a beautiful girl with glasses will cause respect and interest. 

A smart girl deserves a smart compliment, and a smart compliment is not a quote from a the Facebook.

Say that you are very sorry that the date is coming to an end so quickly, that you have not discussed so much, that it is rare to meet a person with whom it is so easy to have a common interests…

When you have at least a little bit studied your highly intellectual object of desire, you know what she likes and how she prefers to spend her leisure time, which means that you can move a new meeting to “her territory”. 

If these places are associated with any particular pastime, for example, with board games, ask her to teach you how to play them, and then learn.

One nerdy girl will easily go for rapprochement with a great guy, the other won’t. Therefore, by light flirting and various kinds of touches (watch the situation), determine her involvement in what is happening between you. Watch the reaction, if she does not mind, you can slightly increase the onslaught. Remember that those guys who missed the right moments to indicate their need, forever fall into the cycle of the friend zone.

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