2015 CinnamonTreats Challenge via SJ Warner


Cinnamon Treats – Multi Author Advent

Hosted via the amazing SJ Warner on her website!


Come celebrate the build up to christmas with fabulous, daily christmas themed posts from lots of wonderful authors.

As some of the poems/ stories will be erotic I ask that this event is kept 18+ only, Thank you.

Some will be spicy
Some will be sweet
Some will leave you shaking
From your head to your feet
But each and every one
Will be an absolute treat!

SJ Warner (2015)


Raven Anxo

CR Lemons

Jane Heron

Chris Kuhn

Amy Davies

KB Mallion – Part One

KB Mallion – Part Two

MB Feeney

Ethan Radcliff

Samantha Harrington

Amber Escalera

KA Hobbs

Amanda Carrington

Zoey Hart

Steve Richards

Charming Man

Suzzana C Ryan

Sabine Sam

AM Harding

Kit Tinsley

CJ Heath

Shawn D Standfast

Nina D’Arcangela


Angel Poet

Allana Walker

SJ Warner

Laurie Lee

BL Ronan

Olivia Purley – Part One

Olivia Purley – Part Two

Mark Davis

Caroline Juliette

Sarah Michelle Lynch

Linda Apodaca

Alistair Stone

Sydney Taylor


Merry Christmas 2015


A Happy New Year in 2016 to all!


2014 “Erotic Advent Challenge” run by SJ Warners Blog


This is a collection of Short Stories or Poems written in 2014 for the “Erotic Advent Challenge” which was hosted by my friend SJ Warners Blog… during this Challenge we sadly lost a lovely friend and writer Marcus… xox

Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did – just click on each persons name to read their piece!


Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Ethan Radcliff

Raven Anxo

Pen name K


SJ Warner

Khul Waters

Zoey Hart

Cameron Lincoln

KA Hobbs

CJ Heath

KB Mallion

Olivia Purley

Chris Kuhn

Mark Davis

C.R Lemons

Steve Richards

Caroline Juliette

Jamie B

Magenta Nero

Callen Wright

Carrie Anne Ward

Angel Poet

Laurie Schmidt Lee

Der Erzahler



2014 “Treat Week Challenge” via SJ Warners Blog


My friend SJ Warner ran this “Challenge in 2014” via her Blog, showcasing some Short Stories & Poetry by the following Writers – Enjoy:

Caroline Juliette

Benjamin Prewitt

Cameron Lincoln

Ava Bellamy

SJ Warner

Stephen Richards

Jamie B.

Tammy Louise Wilkins

Chris Kuhn

Mark Davis

BL Ronan


#PicturePromptChallenge by Nina D’Arcangela


The Path

Allowing the gilded invitation to flutter to the patio, I wonder why your father is willing to tolerate my presence here after all these years. He swore I would never be welcome again, yet five years after your passing, four since my banishment from the estate, I find myself standing on this fertile precipice.

The moonlight, it beckons – how can I refuse? Slipping off my shoes, I place one bare foot upon the mossy grass, then the other. The scent of the cooling autumn air draws me forward. To the right, a path – our path – calls my name, offers a pang of joy as I recall delight and pleasure. I veer toward it; the smile on my face as bright as the orb hanging in the sky. Trees, old friends dearly missed, guide me along a sloping trail of memories. I hear your laughter, its resonating giggle, as we play hide and seek, only to catch one another, and play more amorous games amid these woods. A chorus of glee escapes my lips as I wrap my arms around a tree. Do you recall how we would clasp hands around a sapling, willing it to share in our passion? The tree I now rest my forehead against is a maturing recipient of that youthful, foolish notion. I press my lips to it in both greeting and farewell.

Further down the path, I come across the spot where we sat together as the night’s chill would shiver our bones. This night, I sit alone with my thoughts, reminiscing of things gone by. I think of you. I curl on my side, tell myself I’ll only linger a moment, but I stay much longer. Loath to rise, my lids slowly shut as a dream weaver carries me away to a more carefree time.

My fancy having come to an end, I draw in deeply the scent of the soil. I force myself to linger no more; one final caress of my hand, one final flutter of my heart. I continue to the end of the path and emerge into the clearing under the brilliant glow from above. I tilt my head to stare at our moon knowing it will never hang in my sky again. Turning away, I focus on the ground beneath my feet as I meander further afield. The path calls to me as I leave it behind; I refuse to indulge in its hypnotic plea. Lost to my own thoughts, I hear a slight sound but give it no heed until an overwhelming stench assaults me. By then it’s too late – he is already upon me.

Waking strewn on cold concrete, I feel the jagged broken steps beneath my torn aching body. My head is a fog of pain and confusion; I try to open my eyes only to find one running with blood, the other unwilling to respond. I reach with a trembling hand to touch my tender brow, explore my shattered cheekbone, and discover worst of all, a crushed eye socket. Ever so gingerly, I wipe the congealing blood from my remaining eye; it offers a bare glimpse of my surroundings. As I slowly pivot my head, I realize where I am. It’s the stone edifice I worshiped in unrelenting despair years ago. A place your father took great delight in exiling me from; your tomb.

The moonlight reflects off the leaden windows, my already blurred vision halos further. Then I hear it; a low guttural breathing from behind. Pain forgotten, I quickly scurry onto the platform before the doors. With my back pressed against the guardians of your crypt, I try to make out the figure standing before the stairs. He remains motionless. As my sight begins to clear, I see it is not a man, but a beast, the same beast that tore your exquisite body to shreds; ending both your life and mine on the night you went wandering alone. It growls something I cannot understand. I sit frozen in fear. It grunts the same utterance again, pointing this time in concert with its demand. I turn toward the direction in which it points. My eyes lock onto the object discarded on the stone; my hand immediately flies to my throat. It’s gone – the chain bearing the key to your mausoleum! I rush to it, bleating like a wounded animal. I grasp it, hold it close, cling to it for my own salvation. Not salvation from the beast, but salvation from ever having to part with it. It is the last of you outside these walls; it is my damnation, it is my sanity.

The creature motions a third time as it begins to climb the steps. Eyes glistening in the moonlight; its face reflecting a pain I know all too well. Frightened but curious, I listen more carefully as it utters the word again; it is saying ‘key.’ Shock and fear propel me to my feet; my right knee gives way and I crumble. It reaches the pedestal and extends a clawed talon toward me, cups my elbow, lifts me to my feet; supports me. It silently demands that I unlock the doors.

For a moment, I consider fending it off, holding some delusion of gaining revenge on your behalf, but the look in its eyes stalls me. It mourns genuinely. I raise my hand to the decorative window set in the door, glance through, then turn back toward the beast. It seems to share my remorse. I unlock the doors as though in a trance. As a stale musty breath issues from the vault, moonlight floods its pristine interior. Realizing I am unable to walk, it gently eases me within, resting my broken body against the cool wall. Running a loving hand across your marble encasement, it circles your sarcophagus once before letting out a sorrowful moan of agony. Then, it lays its head on the raised casket that shrouds you. Plaintive eyes plead with me, a soft mewl begs that I understand it would never harm you. Much like me, it survives only to be with you again one day. Could this creature belong to you as much as I? Looking deep into the sad eyes before me, I see intelligence, I see anguish; I see truth. This is not the monster that took you, but a creature who cherishes you.

Calmness steals over me; the beast seems to sense my resolve. I limp to the verdant marble, rest a hand upon the stone; yet another final goodbye – how many must I say? I lift my shaking hand and dare to touch its coarse hair; it doesn’t seem to mind and lets out what I assume to be a strangled sob. My fingers stroke through its mane; somehow I feel closer to you. Removing my hand and reaching to the wall for support, I hobble my way across the threshold and back out into the night. It glances upward as though thanking me. The starlight shines across its mangled features as I close and seal the doors forever, breaking the key within the lock. Turning, I make my way down the steps with no little amount of difficulty. The excursion having exhausted me, I draw a bloody smear along the wall as I slide down its surface to rest. The breeze whispers thank you along with my name. I sigh as I sit staring across the way. I cannot help but wonder at the cruel irony of your father placing this shrine in clear view of the path – our path; the one he found us on the last night I saw you alive. A braggart at best, a cruel drunkard at least, I still cannot fathom why he would allow me to attend the five year memorial of your passing. As my mind wanders, I hear yet another sound; this one a menacing growl. As a clawed hand rips my throat open, I catch the glint of your family seal on his gold ring.

A pained cry echoes from within your tomb.


Nina DÀrcangela (2015)


Writer/ Contributor at:

Sirens Call Publications & Pen of the Damned

Her “Social Media” sites are:

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#PicturePromptChallenge by BL Ronan


the moon held her lofty dominion in a blanket of stars strewn across an immeasurable abyss. only in the softened hues of twilight and dusk, was she fared away from her gilded throne allowing her charges but pockets of moments where full breaths could nourish in the absence of her unwavering gaze. days have long since been forgotten, as the haze of permanent darkness now forever paints the sky.

freya stood beneath the heavens unable to deny the enormity of all that lay above. the beauty of the night seeping like frozen fire into her bones, harkening to the cold inevitability of all that would never come.

most revealed in the misty shadows, able now to hide under masks with hidden keys. the penchant for thriving in all that once held the bitter taint of contempt and shame, running as a vile plague deviantly waiting for its next host.

freya used to find solace in the blackened edges of her existence; much like a broken doll left on a forgotten shelf. the memories of a time before are but a phantom ache reminding her that once all was not as it is. yet, she can neither recall the sun nor the feel of its radiance upon her brow. but she yearns for them.

reality forever spins, as her life becomes a struggle from one inhalation to another on the back of fragile prayers with malformed wings. freya’s hope is hopeless, but she fights to succumb to the menace ever encroaching on her path. it stalks her – a savage beast with an unquenched hunger.

the weighted anticipation of her demise is relentless and cracks the ill-structured wall built to keep all the world at bay. leaving the rubble of the crumbling facade of protection, she flees blindly, searching in vain for any means of escape. but just as there was no beginning there is no ending as her flight leads her to but a futile end.

here in the pervasive shadows framed in opulent drapes, she realizes she is but a pawn in a sick and twisted game. the echo of laughter rebounds in the attentive audience as she turns to face what was always to be her fate. the tears begin to fall and all that is left is the plush red curtains closing upon her screams.


© 2015 b.l. ronan


Poetry Book by Author B.L. Ronan:


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#Picture Prompt Challenge ~ Week Ones line up!

Well my friends and followers I am excited to start this Challenge that begins today “my time” in Futerland and this is the line up for Week 1… the support I have received has been incredible and I can’t wait to share these Writers talented interpretations to the Picture Prompt with you!


As in Life we are all unique Individuals that see and feel our experiences on the journey differently and in Poetry or Story-telling this type of Challenge helps to convey this message perfectly…

I love reading and being inspired by Writers different views to a Picture or Word Prompt Challenge… it truly lifts and enriches my Soul!

So I thank each one of these Writers for sharing their Gifts with me greatly!!!

Enjoy Debs xox


#Picture Prompt Challenge

(Graphic Font Designs are by my friend Angel Poet ~ http://Angelwingspoetry.com )


Hi All 👋 well to start off my New Year I’m hosting a “Picture Prompt Challenge” for three weeks… Participants in this Challenge are some Authors, Poet Friends & Writers that I follow and adore… They have submitted their interpretations to the picture below in the forms of Poetry or a Short Story!!!

Hoping you’ll all be inspired as I am :-)) And step into this New Year with fresh eyes and renewed Hope!

Cheers Debs xox


A short story… The Contract by Author Paige Thomas

A brilliant short story by a great Australian Author Paige Thomas… Enjoy! ~ Debs Xox

Paige Thomas

The Contract

Piper Maddison sat in her old run-down kitchen, her hands trembling as she allowed the contract to fall from her fingers to the table. When Mr. Corby had personally handed her the plain white envelope on her last day working for Corby Industries, and insisted it not be opened until after she arrived home, she didn’t expect to find what it contained.

She’d taken the three month temp position while his long-standing personal assistant was on maternity leave. Now, Piper found herself unemployed once more and within a matter of weeks the bills would quickly accumulate and remain unpaid unless she found another job—and fast.

For the second time, she scanned the handwritten note which accompanied the two-page document, the black ink scrawled across the thick, embossed paper causing her heart to pound wildly in her chest.

Was the man certifiably insane?

Mitchell Corby was a highly successful, extremely attractive…

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A Lacey Tale… Continued

A LACEY TALE ~ Continued…

As she enters the car sent to collect her
Her skin prickles
With excitement…

Following the instructions sent
She places the mask over her eyes
Which heightens her state of anticipation…

When the car comes to a stop
Her heart beats faster
As the moment has arrived…

The door opens briskly
And she inhales a fresh Ocean scent
Combined with a spicy cologne…

A strong hand lays on top of hers
As he speaks for the first time
His voice is like deep, velvet, chocolate…

“Welcome my lovely guest, I see you received my gifts… You are such a good girl”
She manages to say Thank-you, as her mouth is dry & she is so nervous!

Then he runs his hands slowly down her body
And removes her shoes
Explaining she won’t be needing them…

Guiding her then from the car
On a short walk along the sand
He stops and whispers his warm breathe in her ear…

“We’re here my lovely, are you ready for s’more”
All she can do is nod her head…

He then gently removes her mask
The sight she be holds is breathtaking
A candle lit dinner set out on a secluded beach…


© debradml (2014)

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