Guest Post: Some favourite Poems by PJ Bayliss


PJ Bayliss is my witty neighbour from Across the Ocean, he’s a kiwi and since coming onto the Social Media world has become a good friend! He is very talented and I can’t wait for his new book to come out!!!

If you haven’t already met him go check him out and say hello :)

Books by PJ Bayliss – can be found at Amazon

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“Make Me”

A cafe outing,
short skirt with no panties,
Oak table,
With a rose.

She teases me with her toes,
Seductively rubbing
The tension,

Together we depart,
Hailing a cab,
My trousered length.

The drivers eyes diverting,
Just out of sight,
I’m almost,

Finally we arrive home,
I open the door,
She grabs,
My tie.

Passionately she then reaches,
Gasping my hair,
I’m forced,
Between thigh.

Amidst our lust frenzy,
We then stumble,
Before falling,
Upon the stairs.

Forcing my hand to comfort,
Beneath her skirt,
She unfolds.

Her delicate lips moistened,
Wrapped around my knuckle,
Before she,
Surrounds my wrist.

She cries with unbridled passion,
With aching song pleasure,
Unleashing me.

Her muffled moans leak,
Resonating deep,
Around my,
Unleashed girth.

Rolling upon her back,
Shoulders upon the steps,
Her thighs,
Restrict me.

I plunge my steady length,
Deep within,
Her surging,

My hips bear down,
Her grasp tightens,
Her moans,
Silently trickle.

Bonded within her,
My erection throbbing,
I pry,
We climb.

Step by step we rise,
Fucking her hard,
The stairs upward.

Her poor aching buttocks,
Spanked by every step,
Bruised and battered,

At the summit of the stair,
Fingers entangled in my hair,
We rise,
Bonded together.

I whip off my leather belt,
Together with my tie,
I bind her,
To open thigh.

Ankles bound to each,
Stairwell rail,
She’s breeched,

I watch her struggle,
To compose herself,
Only for me.

Slowly I enter her,
And again,
And again.

Exhaustion never betrays,
Her body holds firm,
As I plunge,
Into her fiery depth.

My vantage point,
Her polished mound,
I press,
A finger into her.

Vigorously plunging,
Tenaciously rubbing,
Trembling upon the wake,
Of her own waves.

As she gushes,
And again,
And again.

Completely broken,
I unbind her,
She collapses,
Into my arms.

Resting upon breath,
She snuggles into me,
With after shocks.

Like a feather I carry her,
To rest upon our bed?
To make love once again.

(c) 2015 PJ Bayliss


“MDRomance Challenge via Mark D. Davis Blog”


“Cutting Her Loose”

The key fitted perfectly into the door,
And slithers of light cut across the floor,
Hinges moaning as if they already knew,
What my sexual intentions were for for.

Your hand trembled nervously as I grasp,
Edging you forward into the lingering lust,
Our breathe echoed against concrete walls,
Before I stopped and allowed a brief pause.

Our eyes gathered together in the dim light,
I smiled and admired the angelic sight,
Of your torso and bosom as it gently heaved,
And of where I intended to bury my seed.

My thumb curled around your bottom lip,
Before I muzzled in for an intimate kiss,
Compelling your shoulders to drop towards earth,
Releasing the gates to your pulsating purse.

You drifted before me upon my open palm,
Then your eyes darted open in silent alarm,
As the cold leather pressed against your thigh,
From the table upon which you’ll be tied.

I close my eyes in order to envision,
How I desire your body to be positioned,
To appease my senses and guilty pleasure,
At my own pace and sublime leisure.

With your wrists bound tight in coarse rope,
Pulled far behind your back in lost hope,
Shoulders forced into an acute angle,
To your ankles so that you may dangle.

Inches above the black leather surface,
Knees pried open to expose your purse,
I hoist you upward to my waist height,
Observing the sway as you struggle with fight.

Your cheeks glowing red as I push,
My swollen member into your mush,
Deep into the recesses of your throat,
My thrusts taken up by slack in the rope.

You gag and choke for a little while,
As I plan my next move to defile,
Your body so twisted and distorted,
A delicacy yet sexually sordid.

Your’e left hanging as I patiently wait,
With a tool that rapidly vibrates,
Against your flesh which eventually weeps,
While simply do as I please.

Spinning you round, twisting the rope,
Tightening it further against your hope,
The room whirling past in a spin,
Stopping where I plunge into your sin.

My girth thrusting through your seam,
Within you we become a single being,
Saturated yet still soaking me in,
Clasping onto me from within.

The ropes cut into you with a sting,
As our bodies continue colliding,
Deeper and harder until I say,
Come for me Pet, cut loose and spray.

© P.J Bayliss 2014.



“Broken Pieces”

I want to gather all the pieces,
That make me one n’ whole,
Those broken & shattered emotions,
Torn apart from my lost soul.

Picking up my spirits,
Tucking away my fears,
Bottling up my desires,
Sucking up my tears.

As my senses are collected,
My deceptions are removed,
I continue with my searching,
For a love that’s deep and true.

But my puzzle is never completed,
It will never be quite through,
As the one piece I keep missing,
Is the perfect void known as you.

© P.J Bayliss 2014



“Tearing Me Apart”

You once meant everything to me,
you compelled me to breathe,
suckling out my lust seed,
fulfilling my every need.

Kisses softened up my heart,
so it could never tear apart,
you were the whole to my half,
right from the very start.

Yet somehow you always knew,
you would tear me up in two,
scattering the very few,
remaining pieces in the dew.

Why would I forget that night,
as it was barely any fight,
you just said it had been nice,
you turned and then took flight.

I had never been so filled,
with tears that didn’t spill,
ruptured soul had been killed,
to be revived by little pills.

Their toxic venom never ends,
flowing though my every bend,
always pumping until when,
my passion comes screaming to a ….

© P.J Bayliss 2013


Lace Challenge via SJ Warners Blog


Darkness surrounds us,
Seeping from my mind,
Blanketing our bodies,
As I quietly bind.

Your wrists tight together,
Hemp rope and cable ties,
With a red silk blindfold,
Your only disguise.

Upon golden shoulders,
A familiar pattern,
Black roses with diamonds,
Embossed lace upon satin.

My knuckles flex,
To touch my moist lips,
As I closely observe,
Your curvaceous hips.

Protruding from,
The blue ribbed corset,
With your erect nipple,
Clamped in my forceps.

A tiny whimper,
You try not to resist,
My muscles flex,
In my wrist.

I grasp it,
Before giving a twist,
A pinch of pain,
Between us is bliss.

Goddess melts away,
As if she was butter,
Your muffled growl,
Emits with a stutter.

My knuckle reappears,
Upon my lip,
With white blazing grooves,
From where I bit.

Observing you writhe,
In timeless motion,
The white caps of pain,
Stirring her ocean.

I release the restraint,
From the stainless steel tong,
Politely asking you,
If anything is wrong.

You refuse to budge,
But manage a smile,
Replying to me,
I like your style.

Nonchalantly I inspect,
Your wrists turning rare,
Bound firm and tight,
Behind your rear.

My footsteps echo,
As I casually pace,
Circling you slowly,
Admiring your lace.

Garter belt stockings,
From thigh to your heels,
With a floral suspender,
Igniting my erotic zeal.

I struggle to contain,
My excitement inside,
Slowly I’m engorged,
Thick blood in my pride.

My hand on your shoulder,
Before I come undone,
Willingly you kneel,
Suckling to become one.

The bell of my glans,
Embraces your mouth,
Your throat swells,
As I force it south.

You relish my taste,
Choking on my flesh,
While I subdue you,
My erogenous pledge.

With a fistful of hair,
I tug ‘till you drool,
Pumping you hard,
As your cheeks become full.

I relinquish myself,
From the grit of your teeth,
Turning my attention,
To your goddess beneath.

She dances wildly,
Promising to shower,
As I roll into the room,
My tortuous plow.

Your heart palpitates,
As you’re wrenched to your feet,
I set the black dial,
To a steady beat.

I flick the silk mask,
Covering your eyes,
What you now see before you,
Makes you quiver and sigh.

There in the shadows,
Lurks the machine,
Quietly humming,
Glimmering and pristine.

Black matt framing,
Stainless steel dildo,
Three-quarters of a horse,
Thrusting to and fro.

© P.J Bayliss 2014.


“BLURRED LINES CHALLENGE via The Sacred Road Blog”

“Falling Apart”

Let us embrace,
In each others arms,
Captive in solitude,
Free from harm.

As I now trickle,
A gentle kiss,
Upon your neck,
Toward your lips.

The explosive effect,
Distilled waters now gather,
Whelming within you,
Rising urge to splatter.

Obvious to my task,
My wandering fingers,
Over your soft flesh,
Where lust lingers.

Gently they are slipping,
Within your swelling sin,
Kissed by the lapping,
Of the waves yet to come.

The aromatic mist,
From goddesses pond,
Triggered by my touch,
Of your delicate frond.

My lips firmly grasp,
Your arching neck,
Goddesses shoreline,
Is now soaking wet.

Such a cool touch,
Setting you on fire,
My trickling lips,
Drift down with desire.

Cascading downward,
Over heavenly breast,
Your heaving navel,
Pulsating love nest.

My tongue extends,
Separating your folds,
Consuming in thirst,
Massaging her sole.

Sweet nectar beckons,
To taste every pore,
An exquisite taste,
Of her gushing bore.

Reverent lapping of waves,
Floods me in a frenzy
Till goddesses pond,
Overspills with envy.

This is the moment,
A beat of your heart,
You just can’t help,
Falling apart.

© 2013 PJ Bayliss


Why do they cry,
He asked me tonight,
As we watched them scream,
Upon that television screen.

I could only sigh,
Thinking how to lie,
To my innocent son,
Who uses a finger as a gun.

We watched in vain,
As blood curdling pain,
Echoed across the street,
from parents at bare feet.

It’s a war I said,
So now the ground is red,
But it’s best if you don’t know,
Lets grab a ball & play throw.

We played together outside,
The dog panting at our side,
It was a magical delight,
Just my son, the dog, and I.

We played until dusk,
Just the dog and us,
His innocent voice then said,
Daddy why does the sky turn red.

Why do you ask my son,
So curious and young,
As he then said to me,
I was only just thinking.

If it was the war you said
Turning the sky over there red,
Then maybe I could help,
He said with a gentle pout.

A single tear broke free,
To trickle down my cheek,
As I then hugged my son,
Who wiped it away with his gun.

No matter how I lie,
Or explain that red sky,
There is nothing it seems,
That will reduce the screams.

Will you cuddle them tonight,
As tears cloud up the sky,
From the innocent child,
So desperate and wild.

(c) 2013 PJ Bayliss


Guest Post: Some favourite pieces of poetry by SJ Warner


This wonderful and very talented lady has become a good friend over the past few years, when I visited the UK last year we got to meet up and I know we will remain good friends for a long time.

Her words inspire, please go check out her Blog and Books! Here are just a few of her Poems that I love!

Books by Author SJ Warner

image image image image

All of of her Books can be found on Amazon !

#Please check out her Social Media sites and follow:

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So long she had walked this road
The twists and turns had sometimes been hard
But her footsteps they had slowed
Her way now seemed barred

The sense of bewilderment
Overpowering her soul
Her body completely spent
Life flashing by out of her control

The pathway before her no longer clear
So many different directions she could turn
Each one holding so much fear
Her mind unable to discern

Which path would lead her
And her heart to happiness
Her mind and vision a blur
The correct path hard to choose through all the mess

As she stood there at the crossroads
Lost and alone
Faith in the world erodes
The pain she felt was all her own

No one could save her from her fate
Decision made
Each step she hoped would take her from all the hate
As she walked she silently prayed

Prayed she had made the right choice
Hoped the path she took would lead her to joy
All around she could hear a whispered voice
Whispering it’s desire to destroy

She knew then she had taken the wrong path
Knew she would forever wonder this path of distress
Leading herself open to his wrath
As his poison began to infest

Her soul forever tormented
Set to wonder lost in the mire
Her once happy soul now demented
As her body was taken by the devil’s fire.

© S.J Warner 2014.




The gossamer ghost

The misty shape

That floats on by

That movement you see

From the corner of your eye

That’s me as I

Drift on by

You don’t see

The pain I hide

The tears I cry

Because I’m invisible

To you

I’ve tried so hard

To make you see

To make you hear

To make you love me

And support me

But you don’t see

So I hide

In the background

Hoping you will notice

The shadow of my former self

The tortured soul

That follows you

That begs you

That prays that one day

You will see

That one day

You will free me

From the sorrow inside

But you won’t

Because to you

I’m just

Invisible me.

© S.J Warner 2014.




With soft notes
Of spice
Gently float
Taking me to paradise

Memories of
Nights of sin
Of passion
Of pleasures

Stolen moments
Spent with him
Soft fabric
Brushes against
My skin

Taking the shirt
Slipping it on
The feel of the cloth
Makes nipples pert
Turning me on

Wrapped in his scent
Calmness restored
The feeling heaven sent
Bringing me instantly
Closer to him

Until he returns
This is all that remains
A suit
A shirt
And scent filled memories…

© S.J Warner 2014.


POETRY CHALLENGE via The Sacred Road Blog

“Become One”

He watched
From afar
Her beauty
And grace
Drawing him
To her.

Yet he could
Only watch
Wanting more
But fear
Of rejection
Holding him back.

So he watches
Her graceful steps
As she walks
Along the sand
Her cotton dress
Blowing softly.

The setting sun
No match
For her beauty
For in his eyes
She is

Even the ocean
Was calm
In her presence
The gentle swell
Softly caressing
The shore.

He watches
As she steps
Into the water
Her delicate ankles
Kisses by the lapping
Of the waves.

He wished he could
Walk with her
Hold her hand
Pull her into
His arms and
Kiss her beautiful lips.

But for now
All he can do
Is sit
And watch
Dreaming of
What could be.

If their
Hearts, minds
Bodies and
Finally become

© SW36 2013.


Guest Post: Some favourite Poetry by BL Ronan


I came across this talented lady a few years ago and purchased her book of Poetry “Saudade” which I treasure! Here are just some of her pieces over the years that I have loved but they are all exquisite… Her words soothe and touch my soul…
Enjoy ~ Debs xox

Poetry Book by Author B.L. Ronan:


Her social media sites are:

Blog   Facebook   Amazon  Goodreads    Google+




wait for me
in the gilded meadow
among the lilies
soft and fair.

wait for me
in the twilight
as the dust of moonbeams
glimmer in the air.

feel me
in the shadows
as the melody
of our dance begins.

the echo of me
within you –
now close your eyes
and cast away your whims.

savor the essence
of this moment –
an ember of time
long past
yet crystal clear.

the memory of me
a phantom ache in your fingertips,
my laughter a whispered balm
caressing your ear.

don’t dread
the waking morning
for precious hope
its warming rays bring.

lay as gifts before you
but most deserving.

the memory of me
will soften
as the ache of my silence
fills with unbridled joy.

no more tears
for the absence of yesterdays,
for my wish is : you  live
you love
you rejoice.

say farewell to me
in the gilded meadow
among the lilies
delicate and strong.

feel the sunshine
embrace your freckled cheeks
and know that i am always
in your heart
where i belong.

2015 b.l. ronan



“Time Tick Tocks”

the hands pivot –
the incessant ticking
marking the passing
of time…
of breath.
the pervading darkness
no longer seeps
from crooked angles
the silence of space

the symmetry of perfection
never harkened these doorsteps –
for all is
as it ever was :
the heart still
of joyful beginnings
and bittersweet goodbyes.

smiles form more naturally
but forever hold
the sadness of a small girl
ever so slightly broken :
as she traverses
the finite beauty
of her blessings.

blues now burn
in the heated pigments
of red
the glitter of hopeful promises
once more sparkle
in the hidden depths
of her soul.

the road faltered
altering her course
and leaving her perpetually lost
in this wayward and fraught-ful journey.
there is substantial pain –
a palpable twinging
as her centre grows
in the constant juggernaut of change.

the heaviness has lifted
but the phantom residuals of what once was
reminding her of the fleeting chiming of the clock
and the precious moments
now nurtured eternally
in the sacred caverns of her heart.


c. 2014 b.l. ronan




the ink
the tips of her fingers
as each
scours over
every word.

the printed letters
impart their depths
as she traces
the lined echoes of her heart.

these etchings
are extractions
from her very soul
such abundance
of faith
seem impossible.

the well
is dry.

the cage
is locked.

the pages

this space
is known
at the same time

for the emptiness
into shadows
far deeper
than she dreamed existed.

the mere
weight of the pen
between her fingers
agonized torture.

the scream
never comes

crying woman's eye, black and white image, low key, selective focus

the tears
pool silently
down her freckled cheeks,
the only warmth
from the bone deep chill.

she follows
the dip and curve
of each pen stroke
that one day
such life
will once again
resound from her chest.

a day
when her prison walls
will collapse
and the void
of nothing
will dissipate.

a day
when all that she longs
to say
to feel
to cry to the heavens
will once again
flow without impediment
upon the parchment…

of her tears
and ink stained finger


© 2013 b.l. ronan


Book Excerpt: The Portable Henry by Henry Rollins


Excerpt from ‘The Portable Henry’ by Henry Rollins

“It hurts to let go. Sometimes it seems the harder you try to hold on to something or someone the more it wants to get away. You feel like some kind of criminal for having felt, for having wanted. For having wanted to be wanted. It confuses you, because you think that your feelings were wrong and it makes you feel so small because it’s so hard to keep it inside when you let it out and it doesn’t come back. You’re left so alone that you can’t explain. Damn, there’s nothing like that, is there? I’ve been there and you have too. You’re nodding your head.”


No Weddings Blog Tour + Guest Post + Giveaway by @KatBastion @Stone Bastion @No_Weddings

I had to share this great “No Weddings” by Authors Kat & Stone Bastion – Book Blog Tour with you via my friend Susi’s Blog!!! I have followed Kat Bastions previous Books and she is an awesome writer!!! I have just finished reading this collaboration with her husband Stone and Highly Recommended it to all… it’s brilliant! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 ~ Debs xox

Reading & Writing Between The Wines Blog

Blog Tour – No Weddings by Kat and Stone Bastion

Guest Post and Giveaway

no wedding blog tour banner


Award-winning author Kat Bastion teams with her husband, Stone Bastion, in this first book in the No Weddings Series about Cade Michaelson, a successful man with his sights set on a new venture in business, and Hannah Martin, the woman who makes it personal.

I think I have my act together as a successful bar owner, my master’s degree within reach, and a list of no-strings-attached women warming my bed. Turns out, I don’t.

Hannah believes she has safeguarded her wounded heart by shunning men and focusing on her new baking business. The thing is, she hasn’t.

When my three sisters and I form an event-planning business with Hannah as our baker, I have no idea how my life is about to change. As Hannah and I work closely together, the attraction between us becomes…

View original post 514 more words

“Kafka on the Shore” by Author Haruki Murakami


I came across this book via Tumblr, which I am currently reading…. it’s an interesting read so far and I wanted to share!


Kafka on the Shore, a tour de force of metaphysical reality, is powered by two remarkable characters: a teenage boy, Kafka Tamura, who runs away from home either to escape a gruesome oedipal prophecy or to search for his long-missing mother and sister; and an aging simpleton called Nakata, who never recovered from a wartime affliction and now is drawn toward Kafka for reasons that, like the most basic activities of daily life, he cannot fathom. Their odyssey, as mysterious to them as it is to us, is enriched throughout by vivid accomplices and mesmerizing events. Cats and people carry on conversations, a ghostlike pimp employs a Hegel-quoting prostitute, a forest harbors soldiers apparently unaged since World War II, and rainstorms of fish (and worse) fall from the sky. There is a brutal murder, with the identity of both victim and perpetrator a riddle – yet this, along with everything else, is eventually answered, just as the entwined destinies of Kafka and Nakata are gradually revealed, with one escaping his fate entirely and the other given a fresh start on his own.


An Excerpt:

“Lost opportunities, lost possibilities, feelings we can never get back. That’s part of what it means to be alive. But inside our heads – at least that’s where I imagine it – there’s a little room where we store those memories. A room like the stacks in this library. And to understand the workings of our own heart we have to keep on making new reference cards. We have to dust things off every once in awhile, let in fresh air, change the water in the flower vases. In other words, you’ll live forever in your own private library.”
~ “Kafka on the Shore” by Author Haruki Marakami


“No Weddings Series” by Kat & Storm Bastion

The very talented Author Kat Bastion & her husband Storm have written a new set of stories called the “No Wedding Series” – for a peek read on to their Website for the Cover Reveal & Book Excerpts!!!! ~ Debs xox

Talk To The Shoe

Banner No_Weddings_Cover Reveal

Hello, everyone!

The time for the No Weddings Series Cover Reveal has arrived!

First and foremost, we would like to thank all those who helped make the cover reveal such an amazing event today. Enormous gratitude to Nazarea and KP at InkSlingerPR for coordinating the event. Huge thanks to all the bloggers, book reviewers, readers, followers, and friends who’ve helped host the cover reveal and share with your social media sites.

And about the beautiful covers…

Thank you to those directly involved in the creation of the gorgeous covers themselves:

Cover designer: Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations
Photographer: Mandy Hollis Photography
Models: Steven Preston and Brittany Brescia

Sarah Hansen was a joy to work with. She had a particular vision for these covers and was the one who suggested we hire out for a custom photo shoot for the series. We were thrilled with the idea and are very pleased with…

View original post 1,476 more words

BLOG TOUR STOP: “Exposure” by Morgan and Jennifer Locklear

It is my honour and pleasure today to be hosting a Blog Tour Stop of a new contemporary romance novel called “Exposure” by Authors Morgan and Jennifer Locklear!

Morgan and Jennifer are currently promoting and visiting numerous Blogs across the five Oceans… I connected with this talented duo a few years ago via Twitter and the Twilight Fan Fiction Site…

Included in this post is the Book Summary, a hot Excerpt, plus a Short Interview with the lead character Shaunna Nobel and the Authors Bio!



Is a well written, entertaining story, and a must read!



Publicist Shaunna Noble is no stranger to the ego-filled dysfunction of Hollywood’s elite, but is she ready for her two biggest clients to turn into her worst nightmare?
Kyle Petersen and Michelle Cooper are Hollywood royalty, everyone’s favorite celebrity couple, but while on location filming their new summer blockbuster, Kyle ambushes his wife with divorce papers and orders Shaunna to destroy Michelle in the media. Unwilling to comply, Shaunna spectacularly and publicly quits her job, humiliating Kyle in the process.

David Quinn, a struggling actor cast alongside the A-listers, is caught in the crossfire. When pictures surface of David and Michelle out on the town, media and fans rush to crown them Hollywood’s new hot couple. Kyle explodes, tensions boil over, and everyone’s lives and careers are thrown into jeopardy.

So what’s a publicist to do? Especially when Shaunna finds herself falling in love with the sexy and talented David. Can she put out fires on the set while keeping the flames burning in the bedroom?

Love, lies and passion. What happens when the naked truth is exposed?



When his eyes settled on Shaunna again, she was completely nude. Her pert nipples were beacons to the gentle valley between her round breasts. David’s stare followed the path of least resistance to the tiny and tidy garden of brown curls that split the river of skin.

He suddenly realized how very, very overdressed he was and fidgeted slightly as he dragged his heavy eyes back up to hers. “Allow me to reciprocate,” he murmured as he began to loosen his necktie. “Let me,” Shaunna offered as she stepped toward him.David obediently dropped his arms to his sides, allowing the naked woman to undress him.

“This is a nice tie,” she commented as she slid it from his neck. “You had it with you in Texas?” David nodded his head. “I brought all my clothes with me.”
“Of course you did,” Shaunna said as she walked around behind him and removed his jacket.

She especially liked the way men looked in vests when their jackets were off. She admired how David’s fit figure was accented by the corset nature of his pinstriped, three-buttoned special. Shaunna appreciated him as she completed her circle.
She then backed up to get, and give, a better view.

“Have a seat.” Shaunna gestured to a custom rock bench near the edge of the black tiled pond. David sat and she began removing his shoes. He looked down at the nude beauty working the laces and willed himself not to be ticklish for the next thirty seconds of his life. Her touch, however, was too delicate and he was just too tender-footed. David chortled and twitched, giving himself away. To her credit, Shaunna did not take advantage of her newfound knowledge until she had removed his other shoe and both his socks. She feathered the balls of his feet with her fingers before she allowed him to stand again.

“Don’t worry,” she assured him as she began unbuttoning his vest. “I’m ticklish too.” She opened it and then pressed her firm body up against his while she claimed another kiss.


INTERVIEW with main character – Shaunna Nobel:

#DEB: Hi Shaunna great to have you take part in some Q&A thank-you!

Ok first up… Do you think the author portrayed you accurately? How would describe yourself?

Shaunna: My shyness is a defining characteristic, but if you ask my family and friends I think they would tell you that I’m not shy around those I love and trust. I can be feisty when I want to be, although that hasn’t always worked in my favour.

#DEB: What attracted you to David the most?

Shaunna: The first time I noticed David, he was working out in the gym and it was impossible not to admire his … form and technique. David is a very good looking man, but beyond his physique I was attracted by David’s modesty. It’s not a character trait you often encounter in my world.

#DEB: Yes he certainly going to be one of my New Book Boyfriend Favourites! Have you ever wondered about pursuing another career?

Shaunna: Others have tried to encourage me to go into acting, but it’s not for me. I suppose if I was going to consider doing something else it would involve working for my father’s production company. He’s always been supportive of me and I’m glad he’s allowed me to find my own way. I enjoy my job as a publicist, and am happy helping my clients achieve their dreams.

#DEB: Do you have a pet peeve?

Shaunna: I can put up with a lot. I’m a patient woman, but I cannot stand disloyalty.

#DEB: I hear you, one of mine too!

Okay, name five items in your Handbag that is a must to have?

Shaunna: My iPhone, a pair of sunglasses, a hair tie, lip gloss, and my season pass to Disneyland.

#DEB: Favourite Music?

Shaunna: I enjoy a wide variety of music, but it all sounds so much better when David sings to me.

#DEB: Name the last three books you read?

Shaunna: My job doesn’t allow much free time for reading, but David encouraged me to read “The Shadow Year” by Jeffrey Ford. It was really suspenseful.

#DEB: How do you envision your future?

Shaunna: I’m looking forward to moving through life with David at my side. I’d prefer to lead a quiet, simple life, but given our careers we’ll have to endure the occasional spotlight now and again. One thing is for sure, I know life with David will never be boring.

#DEB: Well we wish you all the best and thank-you so much for your time!




Morgan and Jennifer Locklear met in 1989 as teenagers and became high school sweethearts. They have been married since 1995 and live in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States with their two children, a son and daughter.

Although both enjoyed creative writing in their youth, they have only been working as a writing team since 2010. Since then they have created a dozen full-length and short stories together.

Jennifer has been employed in fundraising and development for a non-profit organization since 2000. She also enjoys participating in charitable activities, both locally and online. In her (limited) free time she is an avid reader.

Morgan has been employed in the hospitality industry since 1998. He has been active in the local performing arts community since childhood with many acting and directing credits to his name. He is also a musician and songwriter and has recorded 6 albums.

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Words on Books in 2014…


So a New Year begins… and its going to be a huge one for me personally…  I already have a TBR List of 360 Books and counting and have listed some below that I’m really looking forward to reading!

Some of you already know that I am a bit of a Bookworm… I just love how reading a Book can open up your world and/ or lift and spur you on in this crazy thing called life!

Anyways hope I might have shared something to someone and it helps make their year, Cheers :-)




*My Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge is to read 104 Books *

You can check me out on Goodreads and/or Pinterest by clicking on the highlight name!



# “Some Books from my TBR list are” &/ or “Are yet be Published in 2014”:

  • A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
  • Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett
  • The Rook by Daniel O’Malley
  • The TimeKeeper by Mitch Albom
  • The End of the Affair by Graham Green
  • The Sullivans #12 & #13 by Bella Andre
  • The Raven by Sylvain Reynard
  • Captivated by you by Sylvia Day
  • Show Me Baby & Dark Haven #4 by Cherise Sinclair
  • Born of Mist and Legend & Found in Flame and Moonlight by Kat Bastion
  • Return to & Saving Poughkeepsie, Bittersweet Seraphim, Shackled  by Debra Anastasia
  • Awaken by Nina Lane
  • A Gentleman’s Affair & Secret by A.J. Linn
  • Unmasking Maya by Libby Mercer
  • Tangled Series: Books 1.1, 1.5, 2 & 3 by Emma Chase
  • Beautiful Bastard Series; Books 2.5, 3, 3.5 by Christina Lauren
  • Between the Lines Series: Book 3 & 4 by Tammara Webber
  • Conversion Series: Books 1 – 4 by S.C. Stephens
  • Avoiding Series: Books 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3 & Record Series by KA Linde
  • Chocolate Lovers: Books 2, 3, 3.5 & Playing with Fire Series: Books 3 & 4 by Tara Sivec
  • Hopeless Series: Books 1.5, 2.5 by Colleen Hoover
  • Cocktail Series: Books 2, 3 & 4 by Alice Clayton
  • Forgiving Lies Series: Books 1 & 2 by Molly McAdams
  • Some Like It Wild & There’s Wild Then There’s You by M. Leighton
  • The Blackstone Affair: Book 4 by Raine Miller
  • The Storm Series: Book 3 by Samantha Towle
  • Beautiful Series: Books 1.5 & 2.5by Jamie McGuire
  • This Man Confessed by Jodi Ellen Malpas
  • The Vincent Boys Series: Books 2 & 3 by Abbi Glines
  • Thorn (The Willows, #2) by Hope Collier
  • Losing It Series by Cora Carmack
  • Emancipating Andie by Pricilla Glenn
  • The Debutante by Kathleen Tessaro
  • Closer To You Series by A.L.Jackson
  • The Submissive Trilogy, Book 2 & 3 by Tara Sue Me
  • The Angel, The Prince, The Mistress & The Gift by Tiffany Reisz
  • Little Red Riding Crop, Submit to Desire & The Mistress Files by Tiffany Reisz
  • The Saint, Everything they Wanted & Daniel Pt 2 by Tiffany Reisz
  • Burnt, Chemical Romance & Chronicles by PJ Bayliss
  • The Mayfly by Cameron Lincoln
  • My Intimate Poetry: Beneath the Vin Rouge & Temptation Bites by Tammy L. Wilkins
  • Words of a Season by Lisa Fulham
  • The Muse Unguarded by Chris Kuhn
  • Paying the Rent & In the Kitchen by Dylan Cross
  • Erotic Escapades by Chase Boehner
  • Masterful Series by Ms. Quote
  • All or Nothing Series by C.C. Gibbs
  • The Attraction Series, Book 2 by AJ Walters
  • A Taste of Erotica by AM Harding
  • Resolution by Lesley Jones
  • Teaching the Teacher, Stormy Love & Lessons for Steve by Mark Davis
  • Give Me Hope, Give Me Desire & Give Me Love by Zoey Derrick
  • The Nightlife London by Travis Luedke



# Some great Book Blogs that I follow are:

Go check them out by clicking oh their Website Name – they run great competitions, do Interviews with some wonderful Authors and Review loads of Books!


My 2013 Year in Review…


2013 has been a big year where my world just keeps on growing…. I started this Blog, got back into writing Poetry, continued my Studies in Nursing, Connected with some amazing people across the five oceans (with some I am hoping to meet face to face in 2014)…. plus some significant people from my past, lost a few dear loved ones who’s journey has left this world…, had a few new life’s born into our family, had a few loved ones had major surgery and illness…..and throughout all of this I’ve danced, sung songs (badly so I’ve been informed), laughed, cried, loved, lost and got back up again!


And whilst sitting here on New Years Eve and in the theme of my Blog….below are my Top Reads, Music most listened too, Poetry & Poets found, plus some Fan Fiction, and some Movies I’ve watched n enjoyed throughout 2013!


My Top 5 Reads of 2013:

  1. Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard
  2. Forged in Dreams & Magick by Kat Bastion
  3. The Sullivan Series by Bella Andre
  4. Masters of the Shadowlands Series by Cherise Sinclair
  5. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

Debut Novels + New Authors to watch – (They are all on Amazon):

  • The Muse Unlocked by Chris Kuhn
  • Out on Business by Lisa Fulham
  • Perfect Pleasures by Cameron Lincoln
  • TouchStone for Play by Sydney Jamesson
  • An Acute Arraction by AJ Walters
  • Finding Loves Wings by Zoey Derrick
  • Starstruck by Paige Thomas
  • Snow, a winters romance by Mark Davis
  • Saviour by Lesley Jones
  • Cougar Diaries Series by Aoife Brennan
  • Restraint by PJ Bayliss


Stunning Artwork



Some Exquisite Poetry:

# You can click on their Names to read their entry in a “Poetry Challenge” I ran and/or on their Blog name to view their Blogs…

# Also here is a Poem I wrote this year in a “Poetry Challenge” held by V0Ella



Music enjoyed:

# Albums:

  • Ed Sheeran – +
  • Kings of Leon – Aha Shake Heartbreak
  • REM – Around the Sun
  • The Killers – Age & Day
  • Muse – The Resistance
  • Powderfinger – Fingerprints & Footprints
  • Coldplay – Mylo Xylto
  • Yael Naiim – Yael Naiim
  • Sia – Best of…
  • Crayola Lectern – The Fall and Rise Of…

# Songs:

  • The Waifs – London Still
  • The Audrey’s – Oh Honey, Don’t change
  • The Lumineers – Hey Ho
  • Lorde – Royals, Team
  • London Grammer – Hey Now, Strong
  • Florence + The Machine – Spectrum, Never let me go, You’ve got the love
  • Birds of Tokyo – Lanterns & This Fire
  • Regina Spektor – On the Radio, Fidelity
  • Lisa Mitchell – Edge of my dreams, Clean white love, Oh! Hark!
  • Kate Miller-Heike – The last day on earth, Caught in the crowd, Sarah
  • Goyte – Somebody that I use to know, Heart’s a Mess
  • Birdy – Wings, Skinny Love, People,e help people
  • Pomplamoose – If you think you need some lovin, Another Day, Vie En Rose
  • Feist – 1234, I feel it all
  • Little Birdy – Bodies, Summarise, Hairdo
  • Sigur Ros – Hoppipolla
  • The Be Good Tanyas – Hello Love, The littlest birds
  • Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane, For you, Hold On
  • The Civil Wars – Poison & Wine, C’est La Mort, Falling
  • Mumford & Sons – I Will Wait, The Cave, Little Lion Man
  • Alabama Shakes – Hold On
  • Beth Orton – Stolen Car, She cries your name
  • Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran – Everything has changed
  • Christina Perri – Arms
  • Paramore – The only exception, Decode, I Caught Myself
  • The Killers – Mr. Brightside, Somebody told me, Runaways
  • Muse – Starlight, Madness
  • The Fray – Love Don’t Die
  • Imagine Dragons – Demons
  • John Legend – All of Me


Movies watched:

  • The Hobbit: The desolation of Smaug
  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
  • Iron Man III
  • Thor: The Dark World
  • Elysium
  • Flight
  • The Call
  • Pacific Rim
  • Identity Thief
  • Heat


Fan Fiction read:

# Random Cran (Miss Cranberry)

# Morgan Locklear (MOG)

# MeilleurCafe (SerendipitousMC)

# MG2112 (Avi Footwear Goddess)

# Sweet Dirty Draco

# Gothic Temptress (Blantant Oddities)

# Raum (Raum Tweet)

# Anais Mark

# Writing Babe

# Mostly a Lurker

# Cosmogirl7481

# Sydney Alice

# Silly Bella

# Just Duckie

# Anna Lund

# Deb24601

# Jaxon22

# The Fic Chick

# TKegl

# Vancouver Canuck Girl

# Ms Kathy

# Sunflower Queen

# Afonz