About Me…


Hello and welcome to my blog ;-)

I live in Australia, I’m a mom and my profession is Nursing! I decided to do this Blog to express myself more out into the Universe ~ I can be a bit shy and hold alot of myself within! It’s baby steps and I am learning as I go but I really am enjoying putting some of myself down to share…mainly for my “Sticky Little Leaf” my beautiful son! He is a talented writer, who is forever correcting my english lol as I’m not very good and I hope to inspire him to believe in himself more xoxox

My job has allowed me to meet some amazing people over the years, especially in working with the older generation ….I love listening to stories about their life ~ where they’re from and what they’ve achieved in their lifetime!

When I was younger I use to write Poetry but stopped in my 20’s…..recently I have been inspired to start again, I’m not great but I am enjoying expressing myself again!


Also I have an addiction called reading!!!  In books I do believe “You can loose yourself and find yourself there too…share in great minds, actions and undertakings…I love it when the words just reach out and grab you”!


“Reading & Music enriches, soothes and guides my soul through the seasons of life!” ~ By © debradml (2012)


# Please Note: That all my posts containing my words/ poetry/ stories with the exception of reader comments or otherwise stated are the property of the author/ administator of this Blog “Words across the Oceans”. Fair Use applies to all of the pictures etc. used within…which have been sourced via the Internet.

Thanks for stopping by…I hope you have enjoyed what you have seen, and please be sure to leave a comment, like and/ or follow me!


Debs xox


29 thoughts on “About Me…

  1. Dear Deb,
    Thank you for following my site. I too happen to be a nurse. Seems we have many common interests. Looking forward to reading more of your writings.
    Your New Friend, and Follower,
    Anastasia 😊

  2. Great to have found you through Benjamin, who is one of my inspirations in life. I look forward to reading lots more of your posts in 2014. Beast wishes from wintery Ireland, j

  3. Hello J and lovely to connect with another from Ireland, my mom is from Co. Kerry! Benjamin is a real treasure and he is also one of my big inspirations in life too… a very special soul! I hope you enjoy xox

  4. Hello, I got here through twitter since it seems we both read some of the same people like carolinejuliet and as I call him Mr. Richard, that is richardankers. Glad I stumbled upon your blog, have read some of your poetry can´t read the whole thing today, but I´ll get to it. It was very very nicely written. I enjoyed it very much, specially since I´m a novice writer and specially even more novice to this poetry thing. I myself studied a bit of English Literature during my college days, which weren´t very long since I only did a year and a half and the major was English literature with creative writing. Then I went into a 10 year hiatus from writing, and I´m Spanish, so you can imagine if you say you misspell words or use them wrongly, which I didn´t see at all, you can imagine some of my words, I´d probably even invented new words.

    • Hi Charley Nice to make a new connection! Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply but I’ve just got home from a long trip Oversea’s… Thank-you for your kind words and I look forward to reading some of your stuff too! Debs :-)

      • Hello there, sorry for the delay response, with the snow and and the chills here in Spain seems all connections to the outside world get disconnected. Seems also that we Spanish if two snowflakes fall…..we don´t know what to do or how to drive

      • Oh stop teasing me with the snow talk…. we don’t get any where I live… but do have thoughs type of drivers down here too… Visiting Spain one day is on my bucket list!

      • Well unemployment is high, we are by nature lazy but we do have great Cathedrals, great meals and always throwing some party for this or that reason. Don´t know how we manage to to it but seems that for other reasons we don´t find the strenght but for parties and festivities….weeeeha! ;)

  5. Hey Deb,

    Just a quick note here to check about the image challenge you presented. Is that still on? Did you postpone the deadline? Let me know. I want to give a proper ad as a preface when I post at JMC813. Thanks again for the opportunity. I love your blog by the way.


  6. Hello Deb so nice to get a follow from you it is like a friendly wave! I love poetry too , I have three sons all grown now but I can see you have the job of bring your lad up in hand! I am pleased to have found your blog and I urge you to believe in yourself and keep writing!! Wishing you well!! xxxx

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