#NaPoWriMo 2016 Challenge – Day 3


Day 3’s Challenge via the NaPoWriMo Website was to turn our vision outward and write a poem in the form of a “Fan letter” to a Celebrity



“My Fan Letter to Author Sylvain Reynard”

Dear Sylvain Reynard (aka SR),

You may know me via your social media sites.
I came across your first book 4 years ago now
And became so touched by the journey it took me on
I ended up doing some research on you,
And my world opened up to a huge arena…
Fan Fiction, Twitter, Goodreads, Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram
I’ve even met some of your other SRFans
When I travelled overseas recently.

With each new series you write though
I still get that same feeling from the first time
Where I’m left feeling touched
And in awe of your talent,
From the journey you take the reader on,
To how it makes one stop and think about things.

Through reading your books over these years
And the impact it has had on me
Here I am today writing this “Fan Letter Poem”
As apart of the “NaPoWriMo Challenge”
And I just wanted to say I think you are extraordinary,
Your gifts are not just mere words upon a page
They have a ripple effect
That reaches out and can change people too.

How grand it would be to meet you
And have a chat over a coffee n donut, or Scotch
Or better yet
Have the chance to meet at a SRFans Convention
With all your Fans from across the globe attending
‘Oh the fun that would be had…
They are an awesome unique bunch of people
And I truly thank-you for your magical touch!

One of many of your Aussie SRFans,
© DebraDML (2016)


4 thoughts on “#NaPoWriMo 2016 Challenge – Day 3

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