#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Supernatural Horror Theme

“The Grim Reaper”

As I drift

In the twilight of my dreamscape

A scene evolves

That has scared me since I was small

It’s of the Grim Reaper coming to take me

Where it is black, lonely and cold

Into the nothingness

And when I wake

I’m left with the same overwhelming emotion

Fearful of death…

© debradml (2015)


#PoetryInMotion Challenge – Temptations



As the breeze flows through
Into my sanctuary
The drifting smells
Awaken my senses
To the echoing sounds
Of life stirring
Beyond my window
Drawing me
To peer outside
And become involved
But I am not quite ready
To leave my safe haven
So I will just enjoy
These temptations from afar.

© debradml (2015)