Moments come and moments go

Throughout our lives.

Sometimes they are delightful

Filling you with such joy.

Sometimes they can be special and inspiring

That you’ll hold forever close to your heart.

But sometimes they can be full of drama and tragedy

That will effect and change us forever…

A bit like hearing the echoing sound

Of footsteps fading away from you

From behind a closed door

As you try to mask your reaction

Until you are alone in your thoughts

To face the consequences…

Where the intensity hits

Of just how profoundly

It’s affected you

And that there is nothing

You can do to change it…


© DebraDML (2015)


Blurred Lines



Your blurred lines
Of truth and reality
Drew me in falsely
To your clandestine world…

Innocently believing
That you were a good soul
That our connection
And friendship was solid…

Now all those moments
Once shared: Sincerely on my part
Are lost in time
Like tears falling with the rain…

© DebraDML (2015)


#PoetryInMotion – Prelude Actions…



The prelude actions of your behaviour
That you revealed slowly over time
Should have been all the warning sign needed
To your true nature…

But you cleverly hid behind it
With my naive trust and doubts
Till you stripped me bare & broke my heart
That will now, never be the same…

© DebraDML (2015)


#PoetryInMotion ~ My Calla Lily Friend…


“My Calla Lily Friend”

As I stand here
Caressing you gently
Your pleasant-smelling aroma
Takes me back in time.

To a memory, lost long ago
Full innocence and carefree abandon
Ploughing through the fields
Where I came across you, once before.

I was in awe
Of your unique creation
And held the naive anticipation
That you could be mine forever.

So I took you
Hid you away from your home
Where you quickly wilted away,
Lost your magnificence and passed on.

A heart breaking lesson learnt: my “Calla Lily” friend
That the beauty of nature cannot be removed from its home
As it is a precious gift
For all to treasure, protect and enjoy!

© DebraDML (2015)