Guest Post: Some favourite Poems by PJ Bayliss


PJ Bayliss is my witty neighbour from Across the Ocean, he’s a kiwi and since coming onto the Social Media world has become a good friend! He is very talented and I can’t wait for his new book to come out!!!

If you haven’t already met him go check him out and say hello :)

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“Make Me”

A cafe outing,
short skirt with no panties,
Oak table,
With a rose.

She teases me with her toes,
Seductively rubbing
The tension,

Together we depart,
Hailing a cab,
My trousered length.

The drivers eyes diverting,
Just out of sight,
I’m almost,

Finally we arrive home,
I open the door,
She grabs,
My tie.

Passionately she then reaches,
Gasping my hair,
I’m forced,
Between thigh.

Amidst our lust frenzy,
We then stumble,
Before falling,
Upon the stairs.

Forcing my hand to comfort,
Beneath her skirt,
She unfolds.

Her delicate lips moistened,
Wrapped around my knuckle,
Before she,
Surrounds my wrist.

She cries with unbridled passion,
With aching song pleasure,
Unleashing me.

Her muffled moans leak,
Resonating deep,
Around my,
Unleashed girth.

Rolling upon her back,
Shoulders upon the steps,
Her thighs,
Restrict me.

I plunge my steady length,
Deep within,
Her surging,

My hips bear down,
Her grasp tightens,
Her moans,
Silently trickle.

Bonded within her,
My erection throbbing,
I pry,
We climb.

Step by step we rise,
Fucking her hard,
The stairs upward.

Her poor aching buttocks,
Spanked by every step,
Bruised and battered,

At the summit of the stair,
Fingers entangled in my hair,
We rise,
Bonded together.

I whip off my leather belt,
Together with my tie,
I bind her,
To open thigh.

Ankles bound to each,
Stairwell rail,
She’s breeched,

I watch her struggle,
To compose herself,
Only for me.

Slowly I enter her,
And again,
And again.

Exhaustion never betrays,
Her body holds firm,
As I plunge,
Into her fiery depth.

My vantage point,
Her polished mound,
I press,
A finger into her.

Vigorously plunging,
Tenaciously rubbing,
Trembling upon the wake,
Of her own waves.

As she gushes,
And again,
And again.

Completely broken,
I unbind her,
She collapses,
Into my arms.

Resting upon breath,
She snuggles into me,
With after shocks.

Like a feather I carry her,
To rest upon our bed?
To make love once again.

(c) 2015 PJ Bayliss


“MDRomance Challenge via Mark D. Davis Blog”


“Cutting Her Loose”

The key fitted perfectly into the door,
And slithers of light cut across the floor,
Hinges moaning as if they already knew,
What my sexual intentions were for for.

Your hand trembled nervously as I grasp,
Edging you forward into the lingering lust,
Our breathe echoed against concrete walls,
Before I stopped and allowed a brief pause.

Our eyes gathered together in the dim light,
I smiled and admired the angelic sight,
Of your torso and bosom as it gently heaved,
And of where I intended to bury my seed.

My thumb curled around your bottom lip,
Before I muzzled in for an intimate kiss,
Compelling your shoulders to drop towards earth,
Releasing the gates to your pulsating purse.

You drifted before me upon my open palm,
Then your eyes darted open in silent alarm,
As the cold leather pressed against your thigh,
From the table upon which you’ll be tied.

I close my eyes in order to envision,
How I desire your body to be positioned,
To appease my senses and guilty pleasure,
At my own pace and sublime leisure.

With your wrists bound tight in coarse rope,
Pulled far behind your back in lost hope,
Shoulders forced into an acute angle,
To your ankles so that you may dangle.

Inches above the black leather surface,
Knees pried open to expose your purse,
I hoist you upward to my waist height,
Observing the sway as you struggle with fight.

Your cheeks glowing red as I push,
My swollen member into your mush,
Deep into the recesses of your throat,
My thrusts taken up by slack in the rope.

You gag and choke for a little while,
As I plan my next move to defile,
Your body so twisted and distorted,
A delicacy yet sexually sordid.

Your’e left hanging as I patiently wait,
With a tool that rapidly vibrates,
Against your flesh which eventually weeps,
While simply do as I please.

Spinning you round, twisting the rope,
Tightening it further against your hope,
The room whirling past in a spin,
Stopping where I plunge into your sin.

My girth thrusting through your seam,
Within you we become a single being,
Saturated yet still soaking me in,
Clasping onto me from within.

The ropes cut into you with a sting,
As our bodies continue colliding,
Deeper and harder until I say,
Come for me Pet, cut loose and spray.

© P.J Bayliss 2014.



“Broken Pieces”

I want to gather all the pieces,
That make me one n’ whole,
Those broken & shattered emotions,
Torn apart from my lost soul.

Picking up my spirits,
Tucking away my fears,
Bottling up my desires,
Sucking up my tears.

As my senses are collected,
My deceptions are removed,
I continue with my searching,
For a love that’s deep and true.

But my puzzle is never completed,
It will never be quite through,
As the one piece I keep missing,
Is the perfect void known as you.

© P.J Bayliss 2014



“Tearing Me Apart”

You once meant everything to me,
you compelled me to breathe,
suckling out my lust seed,
fulfilling my every need.

Kisses softened up my heart,
so it could never tear apart,
you were the whole to my half,
right from the very start.

Yet somehow you always knew,
you would tear me up in two,
scattering the very few,
remaining pieces in the dew.

Why would I forget that night,
as it was barely any fight,
you just said it had been nice,
you turned and then took flight.

I had never been so filled,
with tears that didn’t spill,
ruptured soul had been killed,
to be revived by little pills.

Their toxic venom never ends,
flowing though my every bend,
always pumping until when,
my passion comes screaming to a ….

© P.J Bayliss 2013


Lace Challenge via SJ Warners Blog


Darkness surrounds us,
Seeping from my mind,
Blanketing our bodies,
As I quietly bind.

Your wrists tight together,
Hemp rope and cable ties,
With a red silk blindfold,
Your only disguise.

Upon golden shoulders,
A familiar pattern,
Black roses with diamonds,
Embossed lace upon satin.

My knuckles flex,
To touch my moist lips,
As I closely observe,
Your curvaceous hips.

Protruding from,
The blue ribbed corset,
With your erect nipple,
Clamped in my forceps.

A tiny whimper,
You try not to resist,
My muscles flex,
In my wrist.

I grasp it,
Before giving a twist,
A pinch of pain,
Between us is bliss.

Goddess melts away,
As if she was butter,
Your muffled growl,
Emits with a stutter.

My knuckle reappears,
Upon my lip,
With white blazing grooves,
From where I bit.

Observing you writhe,
In timeless motion,
The white caps of pain,
Stirring her ocean.

I release the restraint,
From the stainless steel tong,
Politely asking you,
If anything is wrong.

You refuse to budge,
But manage a smile,
Replying to me,
I like your style.

Nonchalantly I inspect,
Your wrists turning rare,
Bound firm and tight,
Behind your rear.

My footsteps echo,
As I casually pace,
Circling you slowly,
Admiring your lace.

Garter belt stockings,
From thigh to your heels,
With a floral suspender,
Igniting my erotic zeal.

I struggle to contain,
My excitement inside,
Slowly I’m engorged,
Thick blood in my pride.

My hand on your shoulder,
Before I come undone,
Willingly you kneel,
Suckling to become one.

The bell of my glans,
Embraces your mouth,
Your throat swells,
As I force it south.

You relish my taste,
Choking on my flesh,
While I subdue you,
My erogenous pledge.

With a fistful of hair,
I tug ‘till you drool,
Pumping you hard,
As your cheeks become full.

I relinquish myself,
From the grit of your teeth,
Turning my attention,
To your goddess beneath.

She dances wildly,
Promising to shower,
As I roll into the room,
My tortuous plow.

Your heart palpitates,
As you’re wrenched to your feet,
I set the black dial,
To a steady beat.

I flick the silk mask,
Covering your eyes,
What you now see before you,
Makes you quiver and sigh.

There in the shadows,
Lurks the machine,
Quietly humming,
Glimmering and pristine.

Black matt framing,
Stainless steel dildo,
Three-quarters of a horse,
Thrusting to and fro.

© P.J Bayliss 2014.


“BLURRED LINES CHALLENGE via The Sacred Road Blog”

“Falling Apart”

Let us embrace,
In each others arms,
Captive in solitude,
Free from harm.

As I now trickle,
A gentle kiss,
Upon your neck,
Toward your lips.

The explosive effect,
Distilled waters now gather,
Whelming within you,
Rising urge to splatter.

Obvious to my task,
My wandering fingers,
Over your soft flesh,
Where lust lingers.

Gently they are slipping,
Within your swelling sin,
Kissed by the lapping,
Of the waves yet to come.

The aromatic mist,
From goddesses pond,
Triggered by my touch,
Of your delicate frond.

My lips firmly grasp,
Your arching neck,
Goddesses shoreline,
Is now soaking wet.

Such a cool touch,
Setting you on fire,
My trickling lips,
Drift down with desire.

Cascading downward,
Over heavenly breast,
Your heaving navel,
Pulsating love nest.

My tongue extends,
Separating your folds,
Consuming in thirst,
Massaging her sole.

Sweet nectar beckons,
To taste every pore,
An exquisite taste,
Of her gushing bore.

Reverent lapping of waves,
Floods me in a frenzy
Till goddesses pond,
Overspills with envy.

This is the moment,
A beat of your heart,
You just can’t help,
Falling apart.

© 2013 PJ Bayliss


Why do they cry,
He asked me tonight,
As we watched them scream,
Upon that television screen.

I could only sigh,
Thinking how to lie,
To my innocent son,
Who uses a finger as a gun.

We watched in vain,
As blood curdling pain,
Echoed across the street,
from parents at bare feet.

It’s a war I said,
So now the ground is red,
But it’s best if you don’t know,
Lets grab a ball & play throw.

We played together outside,
The dog panting at our side,
It was a magical delight,
Just my son, the dog, and I.

We played until dusk,
Just the dog and us,
His innocent voice then said,
Daddy why does the sky turn red.

Why do you ask my son,
So curious and young,
As he then said to me,
I was only just thinking.

If it was the war you said
Turning the sky over there red,
Then maybe I could help,
He said with a gentle pout.

A single tear broke free,
To trickle down my cheek,
As I then hugged my son,
Who wiped it away with his gun.

No matter how I lie,
Or explain that red sky,
There is nothing it seems,
That will reduce the screams.

Will you cuddle them tonight,
As tears cloud up the sky,
From the innocent child,
So desperate and wild.

(c) 2013 PJ Bayliss


Guest Post: Treasured Poems by Marcus ~ High in the Woods


Here are some treasured pieces I have managed to find… they were written by a very beautifully soul and friend, Marcus aka Canus Lupus – A Poet, High In The Woods of Canada… the journey he would take you on with his words were incredible! l once told him I loved how his mind worked & he lol :)

Sadly when I was away travelling at the end of last year, (18th Dec, 2014), he passed on from this world suddenly after being hit by a drunk driver at 3am in the morning whilst out walking one of his dogs, who also was killed… I’d have to say Marcus has been one of the most amazing people I’ve come across in my life… My heart goes out to his Lady-wolf… SO please let’s spread this message in his honour “DONT DRINK & DRIVE


He and Tony were best mates and I hope one day we will meet up and get to spend that night together ~ oh what a hoot it would be… laughing out loud, telling tales and HATFM xox


waiting on his howl


She grabbed her chair and raised her feet

Resting on the edge of the moon

Holding it in place above the meadow

Waiting on his howl

He’s been gone for such a long time

Desert storms and fighting canyon battles

Home for the holidays, hopes with dreams

Waiting on his howl

She drifts among the stars

Counts the twinkles like smiles

Each one promised for him

Waiting on his howl

A yellow ribbon hangs for all to see

Where it will stay until the day

She sees the eyes of her heart rise

Waiting on his howl

~ 2014 © Marcus ~

( This, for all the service men and women away from home and loved ones. Pray you get to howl.)


the forest of make believe

“In The Forest of Make-Believe”

From a distance, the blackness waves,

like the suns rhythmic beat, how a desert behaves.

Silent thunder erupts, veiled by ominous clouds,

resembling, blood stained corpses, wrapped in shrouds.

Flowing, rolling, calling those who seek, curiosity does peak,

as Moses did, to climb Mount Sinai, steep.

At the forests edge, where dark meets light,

once within its canopies, day becomes night.

Owls that hoot, Wolves that howl,

creatures on the prowl.

Sounds all around, twitching nerves,

flesh wound tight, a being dwarves.

As was David, in the presence of Goliath,

elders to children were told, on a sabbath.

Excited fear, intoxicates the mind,

accelerated heartbeat and breaths, grind.

In the forest of make-believe,

stories, spun and weave.

By those not so adventurous, staying at home,

no desire, nor will, to roam.

Sons, brothers and fathers, tales of those who ventured forth,

only one ever returned, to walk the earth.

They call him mad, his words jumbled useless,

now the towns fool, homeless, they call clueless.

at each new moon he utters a phrase,

~the beast, the beast, cast out among his kind, one in the same, each one, one of a kind~

then, like the fool on the hill, he prays.

In the forest of make-believe

stories, spun and weave.

~ 2014 © Marcus ~


coloured boaders

“Coloured Boarders”

I think of who you are

I think of where you’re from

I often wonder what it would be like

To wear a different colour

I’m red and white with a maple leaf

I wear it proud like you wear yours

Then I think about this world

And what it really means to me

Not so much of being a patriot

More about decency and its mystic spirituality

You see this world owes me nothing

It’s I who owes a debt of gratitude

For breathing in its magical salvation

Years in the billions Mother Earth has lived

Spinning at her pace

Created in space

Take away colours that line borders

What you might get, now play along with me

Blue for the oceans

White for the arctic poles

Green and Gold for all the living things in-between

Where we thrive in its graceful glow

Now doesn’t that make you want to be

A citizen of the world

Instead of holding a passport coloured by political strategy

Saying without permission

You may not live here

I realize, a dream is a dream

In reality, will we truly ever be free?

If we let colours stop us from living and loving

~ 2014 © Marcus ~




Spanish nights




Heavy air that coats the flesh dewy wet

Lifting the body’s fragrance as the sun sets

Music in the streets play to the dance, the hearts dance of love

Strides that glide over cobblestone roads

Through a little village on the Mediterranean

Follow the heart

Let it lead

Stumble it may

Let it breathe

Carry on dancing

Until the heart stops beating

~ 2014 © Marcus ~




They fall without a sound

Countless specks of snowy lace from sky to ground


No two alike, so they say, but I need to know

Is that even possible throughout history of falling snow


Its a magical though that’s for sure

When completely covered by winters allure


Layers upon layers of snowflakes lay entwined

Sparkling under the sun, glimmering like diamonds the shined


A living picture perfect postcard

Mother Nature designed, falling to the music of Mozart


The sounds of silence as snowflakes continue to fall

Leaving a blanket of white, my eyes, do enthral

~  2014 © Marcus ~


evergreen tree


you look so beautiful to me

evergreen tree

standing tall for all to see

every branch lined with needles

they twist and turn sweeping up like steeples

known by all peoples

you are the one chosen

to stand above all when the land is frozen

all the others shed and sleep unspoken

you quietly sway in the breeze

no rustling of leaves

in the dead of winter you don’t even freeze

you look the same through every season

for whatever the reason

you’re a symbol of what we believe in

we adorn you with crystals that shine

lights that twinkle strung on a line

a star sits atop as a sign

you look beautiful to me

evergreen tree

as I stand here rolled and stacked

wearing a scarf and hat

oh there I go talking about that

another Christmas story

i’m sorry

truthfully, I’m in awe of your glory

~ 2014 © Marcus ~


i see daisies


you see the scars from years of pain and suffering

i see daisies resting on healing ground

reminding, it does takes time

you see the tears from years of pain and suffering

i see daisies healing yesterday’s fears

here, take my smile yours forever now

you see the blood from years of pain and suffering

i see daisies soothing the flow to stop

beating, new life to the heart

you see the hate from the years of pain and suffering

i see daisies hugging and holding

screaming, you are not alone

you see the child from the years of pain and suffering

i see daisies wishing mother and child to unite

dreaming, of tomorrow’s shine filled with love

~ 2014 © Marcus`~


just a mess


here we are, another year disappeared

how many more will there be




tell me, can you

you seem to have it covered

always with a glow

you come and go

bits and pieces

sometimes whole

sometimes not there at all

is that when you hide behind

i used to see a smile

the face of the man on the moon

they’re just shadows from asteroid craters

so why am I talking to a lifeless natural satellite

I’m, just a mess

~ Marcus ~


all for nothing


In the land of the Spirit Eagle

A flash is seen within the crystal woods

White on white it glows day and night

Constant vapours forced though air

The beating of a heart long since dead

The thumping sound as paws slam down

Strides that measure twelve feet long

Splashing the dust from heavens ground

A ghost runs by howling cries

Eyes of blue fire and ice

The wrath of his father burns inside

Down among the living sinners thriving

His death all for nothing.

~ 2014 © Marcus ~



[Marcus wrote this beautiful piece with Dana from “Message in a Bottle” Blog]

“Kindred Spirits Rise” ( A Duet)

Two souls stopping the passage of time

Extending hands and taking hold

Their heart beats throw away rhyme

Flying with faith on wings of ink

Carried by the four winds into darkness

No fears to chain them to earth’s sins


The embrace of gravity effortlessly lifting

Leaving a trail of forest dust and sea mist

Their comet hearts glow with the love they have for words

That fills the space like twinkling stars in the distance

A journey both have longed for since the beginning of their time

Fearless, their eyes sparkle with a special kind of love


The two spirits, one of fur and one of fin, speak with one tongue

A language all their own founded in respect and grace

They soar upon their hearts’ shared desires

To be understood and accepted in empathetic embrace

His howling verses that pull emotion from her buried scars

Are rewarded with her provocative smiles and erotic fires


 Shed they do their earthly forms

Where they go, endless dreams are carried by imagination

Yes, it’s true the universe is full of bitterness

As we glide through space and time

Our words are the keys that open doors

Our passion and emotions are keys of gold


For eyes that have never met, they see beyond

Roughened exteriors and salacious smiles

Their friendship transcends all expectations

Allowing them to feel with open hearts and stained fingers

Bridging all distances in time and experience

Creating a much greater tale for the Wolf and the Siren


We are a never-ending story, our hearts joined

As long as there are stars to reach and planetary moons to beach

Home calls for us to rejoin, one the woods and one the sea

It has been a most extraordinary trip to cherish for eternity

2014 © Marcus & Dana



[Marcus wrote this amazing piece with John aka JMC813 Blog]


Amongst the wilds of the parched and perilous grassy plains

The strong will survive under watchful eye his reign

Through the seasons of rain and sun under the harsh winters urn

Leading the pack within the woods as nature turns

Tried and treasured pride, no easy task to fight for and win

Securing his right for many generations of royalty to begin

Foresee the future compelled to sow his seed

The honor of mating, creating life, the need

Daily survival dictates one ugly truth shall remain

Need for sacrificial prey so his kingdom can sustain

Hunt to kill not for sport but to fill

Bellies that call to hunger, killing is a bitter pill

Given keys to the kingdom, bestowed this existence

To be a guardians assurance of majestic persistence

To roam wild and free a gift of life given

To run, to live, survive in woodlands heaven

Mighty roar to blue skies boasts dignity and fortitude

Unmistakably within can be heard undying gratitude

Under the one moons glow, spirits of strength and honor

Draws howls with distant brother roars in valor.


2014 © Marcus & John ~ JMC813



[Marcus’s entry in the “Lace Challenge” via SJ Warners Blog]

“Wings of lace”

from the breath of an angel
wings created
through meadow graceful
seen beating, floating
a human’s touch would destroy its life, painful

sheer enough for light to pass
veins finely laced
a living stained glass
from stem to stem
waltzing through tall grass

wings designed to fly and hover
dips and dives, loop de loop
sounds they make, stutter-flutter
a playful kamikaze
flirting in the months of summer

in a silent embrace
dragonflies mating
origami masters using paper lace
would fail to replicate
its beauty and darting grace

come visit often
little blue dragonfly
we’ve a short time until autumn
for you i, but not i for you
will be forgotten

with colours so sublime
a garden fantasy
will look for you when its time
humming, the sound of spring
when your wings of lace buzz in rhyme

~ 2014 © Marcus ~

Picture from via Marlene


[Marcus’s entry in the “Erotic Advent Challenge” via SJ Warners Blog]


“Me and Mrs Claus”

A frosty night below the northern lights
High atop the world of ice and snow so white

A journey made once a year
To the land of polar bears and reindeer

The eve of Christmas ’twas the night
Anticipation drives me, pure delight

Dasher Dancer Prancer and Vixen, Comet Cupid Donner and Blitzen
All are ready with the star Rudolph in the sleigh sittin’

Fame got to his head
Because of that fucking nose so red

Off they go
With old fat Nick in tow

All the elves fast asleep
After filling their bellies with treats

The door lay open inviting me in
A roaring fire glowing within

This cozy wintery house
Only one creature was stirring and it wasn’t a mouse

Stockings pulled tight up to the thighs
The moment I saw her lust sighed

Two glasses with ice and a bottle of jack
Pour us a drink she said and come lay back

Cookies and milk will not do
She smiles; not on this night with me and you

My fingers touched her curled up toes
And shimmied up to her nose

Planting kisses along the way
Her eyes watched with a sway

She licked her lips painted black
And drooled spit on her lovely rack

Squeezing her titties
Nibbling her nibbies

Her breathing deepened, her breasts heaving
Her pretty now sweating and dripping

Licking her folds
Fisting my hair, her hand firmly holds

Shouting commands driving me crazy
Tongue darting in and out and all around her pussy

Give me the cock she says with a scream
Fill my mouth with your sweet cream

Well, let me just say I did what was told
As I fucked her mouth low and behold

One of the elves appeared, Jenny her name
A sexy little kitten wanting to join the game

A tiny creature all of four feet tall
As delicate as a china doll

She climbed onto the bed
And started fingering Mrs Red

While my cock was pounding her mouth
Jenny was working down south

The two of us pleasing Mother Christmas
And it was fucking delicious

All through the night three of us fucking
While Saint Nick was delivering

One night a year I make my way to the North Pole
To fill a clients twitching hole

Before walking out I leave my card on the table
Kandy Kane Escorts, Willing and Able

The night Santa really came to my home
He left a sack of coal with a note ~ naughty boys roam

~ 2014 © Marcus ~



[Marcus’s entry in the “MDRomance Challenge” via Mark D. Davis’s Blog]

“Love, Killed the Beast”

Through his world written in rhyme and prose,
words echo clear across the skies.

Through love and hate in passions throes,
his howled tone misunderstood.

Through pain of light this beast hides,
ashamed of whom he really is.

Through darkened night his soul rides,
among the stars he named for her.

Through time that passes stuck in mud,
a sacrifice in life he now vows.

Through all the letters scribed in blood,
does she know how much he loves.

Through all the scribbled unread letters,
he never sent.

Through all the buried treasures,
his heart kept.

Through open fields he laid in tall grass,
blooms appeared that match his blood red.

Through his heart his Bonny Lass,
will live on beyond his time on earth.

Through all that’s said when done,
a silent pledge to her was made.

Through and through she is the one,
if she only knew, how much he loves.

Through the night fate had heart,
she appeared in a dream.

Through the stars spread apart,
lack of courage failed him yet again.

Through confession begs to heal,
he gave to her his undying love.

Through his own blade of steel,
an end comes to this love story.

Through the sounds of crying birds,
she now knows, how much he loved.

Through his final words,
she found all the letters never sent.

~ 2014 © Marcus ~


earest mine


Sleep in arms that hold dearest mine

O’lovely one, sleep to dream

Embraced you are forever more

Awake and you shall find

My steadfast heart beating for your love

~ 2013 © Marcus ~



“Take My Hand And Walk With Me”

Take my hand and walk with me

Into the woods let us abandon this world

Just for a moment



Sunlight piercing through the canopy above

In solitude you and I but for

Hummingbirds buzzing by

In love


Take my hand and walk with me

Into the woods let us share each other

Just for a moment



 Rest upon this mossy ground

Caressing every inch of you

Fingertips like reading Braille Southbound


 Take my hand and walk with me

Into the woods and shed these rags

Just for a moment



 Opened mouth our lips meet

Tongues dancing feverishly

Spreading your legs

Honey sweet


 Take my hand and walk with me

Into the woods and feel my breath

Calling your name in misty silence

Oh Baby


 Upon your flesh fully mounted

Heady passion this yearning need

Blade and Chalice



Take my hand and walk with me

Into the woods to live a dream

Just for a moment


~ 2013 © Canuslupus ~



Guest Post: Treasured Poetry by Toro ~ Tony


Dearest Toro ~ I think of you often my friend and wanted to treasure you on here!

Baci, till we meet again xox


Sadly the few pieces of Tony’s words that I had managed to save are on my old computer that crashed last year so these are the only ones that I could find…

“YAY” I am so happy an amazing Angel called “May ~ Whispers on the Sigh Of Dreams Blog” has just emailed me her copies of Tony’s Poems… tears of joy and love are flowing as I read over them… Words can’t describe my gratefulness to her!




Covered in tiny specks

Each an imperfection

Complex, so you think

We all have them

It’s part of who we are

These scars of life, bizarre

From those that thrill us

To those that haunt us

To be loved but once

For who we truly are

Accepted and Adored

Without prejudice, toward

Is truly a gift

To never have loved

On the stage of life

Is a tragedy

Romeo and Juliette

Scarred they were

In love they died

Knowing, that they were so

Never questioned, never doubted

They lived enough to sacrifice

Their human form so scarred on earth

To transcend their souls

Their scars entombed

Faded to dust

To dwell amoung the living

Haunting those who cast their hatred

Above the clouds

Their love eternal

Forever more united

Never to be parted

© Toro (2013)


“Blurred Lines ~ Poetry Challenge” via The Sacred Road Blog



Husbands, Fathers, Brothers and Sons onto shores wielding weapons
Masked by fog so eerie, the loss of so many
By Wives, Mothers, Sisters and Daughters, for the freedom we are given, engraved in charters
From the sacrifice gifted and favored, will forever be remembered
On the bloody beaches of Normandy, each brave soul for love of home and country
To their graves, Kissed by the lapping of the waves

© 2013 toro


card hearts


La mia signora, il cuore viene bruciato e rotto.

Prendi il mio, non avro bisogno piu



“From That to This”

Tethered and broken

Planks loose and twisted

Gaze the other side

Longing for whats there

Step by step

Limbs shaking

Heart pounding

Dont look down

Don’t look back

Sweat dripping

Almost there

Eyes ahead

Step over step

Licking my lips


From that to this

Desire and want

Open heart

Free will

Run wild

Kiss alot

Hug more

Bite me






Pay it forward

Accept graciously


Give love

Be loved

Make love

Love more



Sleep without tears

Break rules








In love


And again

And again

From that to this

 ~ toro ~


time clock

“Lost in time, Float on by”

Lost in time

Float on by

Seasaw with the wave

A fool like the Kings Knave

Blue sky above

Clouds drift

Sea birds hover

Searching for supper


Lost in time

Float on by

If only you can hear

My minds on you my dear

Time ticking away

Angel eyes distant

Will time finally arrive

Will I survive


Lost in time

Float on by

Lost in my head

Maybe tomorrow, maybe dead

Maybe so

Will anyone care

Lungs filling in

My head in a tailspin


Lost in time

Float on by

Can’t hardly recognize

My soggy disguise

Ferry man passes by

Pays me no nevermind

Could not see me

Faded into the sea


Lost in time

Float on by

Silence like death

Takes away your breath

Time to go with the flow

Tip back and dive

Strained heartstrings

The endings…





being held in the arms of love

kisses that travel the length of body

flesh exposed

heated and musky

…forgot what thats like


sound of my name

called out between kisses and bites

soft and breathy

a flame ignites

…forgot what thats like


mouth to mouth

tongues explore

breath intake

lips swollen and sore

…forgot what thats like


the weight of her

along my form, aligned

curves and all

limbs entwined

…forgot what thats like



she straddles

eyes connect

hers twinkle

…forgot what thats like


cuddled into me

words not required

eyes shut

just her desired

…forgot what thats like


watching her sleep

watching her breathe

my love

to her bequeathed

…forgot what thats like


reality sets

staring at walls

my life

no one calls

…i know what thats like

~ toro ~



“After All These Years”

Missing you.

After all these years.

Only God and You know.

How can I miss you each-day.

When you’re in my thoughts every-day.

After all these years.

With a single phrase said…

I travel back in time.

I love you.

After all these years.

It draws me to you.

Can you see me.

When I say…I love you, dearly.

After all these years.

Never seems quite enough.

How can so much feeling linger for so long.

No matter how many times I say it.

Never fades away.

After all these years.

Book one…me and you…always, forever and a day.

Book two…missing you…holding you…compelling you to stay.

Book three…time has passed…time to let go…chapter one: “new day”.

After all these years.

Just know this…you are always in my heart, no more tears.

~ toro ~



“Demon’s Rise”

I’m a fucking mess, can’t you see from my face

I’ve got red lips and mascara streaks rolling down, what a disgrace

Pale white skin

Eye’s so black their cold

Feeling the pain

Walking in the rain

Eight inch blade buried deep

Pulled it out and tossed it.

Wiped my lips, feeling me drift

Eye’s weary

Throat full and spitting

Ear’s are deaf

No sound left




 ~ toro ~


Guest Post: Some favourite pieces of poetry by SJ Warner


This wonderful and very talented lady has become a good friend over the past few years, when I visited the UK last year we got to meet up and I know we will remain good friends for a long time.

Her words inspire, please go check out her Blog and Books! Here are just a few of her Poems that I love!

Books by Author SJ Warner

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All of of her Books can be found on Amazon !

#Please check out her Social Media sites and follow:

Blog   Facebook  Goodreads  Google+




So long she had walked this road
The twists and turns had sometimes been hard
But her footsteps they had slowed
Her way now seemed barred

The sense of bewilderment
Overpowering her soul
Her body completely spent
Life flashing by out of her control

The pathway before her no longer clear
So many different directions she could turn
Each one holding so much fear
Her mind unable to discern

Which path would lead her
And her heart to happiness
Her mind and vision a blur
The correct path hard to choose through all the mess

As she stood there at the crossroads
Lost and alone
Faith in the world erodes
The pain she felt was all her own

No one could save her from her fate
Decision made
Each step she hoped would take her from all the hate
As she walked she silently prayed

Prayed she had made the right choice
Hoped the path she took would lead her to joy
All around she could hear a whispered voice
Whispering it’s desire to destroy

She knew then she had taken the wrong path
Knew she would forever wonder this path of distress
Leading herself open to his wrath
As his poison began to infest

Her soul forever tormented
Set to wonder lost in the mire
Her once happy soul now demented
As her body was taken by the devil’s fire.

© S.J Warner 2014.




The gossamer ghost

The misty shape

That floats on by

That movement you see

From the corner of your eye

That’s me as I

Drift on by

You don’t see

The pain I hide

The tears I cry

Because I’m invisible

To you

I’ve tried so hard

To make you see

To make you hear

To make you love me

And support me

But you don’t see

So I hide

In the background

Hoping you will notice

The shadow of my former self

The tortured soul

That follows you

That begs you

That prays that one day

You will see

That one day

You will free me

From the sorrow inside

But you won’t

Because to you

I’m just

Invisible me.

© S.J Warner 2014.




With soft notes
Of spice
Gently float
Taking me to paradise

Memories of
Nights of sin
Of passion
Of pleasures

Stolen moments
Spent with him
Soft fabric
Brushes against
My skin

Taking the shirt
Slipping it on
The feel of the cloth
Makes nipples pert
Turning me on

Wrapped in his scent
Calmness restored
The feeling heaven sent
Bringing me instantly
Closer to him

Until he returns
This is all that remains
A suit
A shirt
And scent filled memories…

© S.J Warner 2014.


POETRY CHALLENGE via The Sacred Road Blog

“Become One”

He watched
From afar
Her beauty
And grace
Drawing him
To her.

Yet he could
Only watch
Wanting more
But fear
Of rejection
Holding him back.

So he watches
Her graceful steps
As she walks
Along the sand
Her cotton dress
Blowing softly.

The setting sun
No match
For her beauty
For in his eyes
She is

Even the ocean
Was calm
In her presence
The gentle swell
Softly caressing
The shore.

He watches
As she steps
Into the water
Her delicate ankles
Kisses by the lapping
Of the waves.

He wished he could
Walk with her
Hold her hand
Pull her into
His arms and
Kiss her beautiful lips.

But for now
All he can do
Is sit
And watch
Dreaming of
What could be.

If their
Hearts, minds
Bodies and
Finally become

© SW36 2013.


#PoetryInMotion ~ Flame



A small flame
Still burns deep inside me
Fuelled by the fantasy of love.

A yearning of hope
To still find that eternal soulmate
With a connection that will fit like a glove.

Yet past lessons
Have hurt me badly
As I gave it all that I had and still lost.

It is all part of the journey, I know
With lessons to be learned on our way
But once bitten twice shy, as they say.


© DebraDML (2015) 


#PoetryInMotion ~ Sparks



There are still moments

When I close my eyes

And think of you fondly


Where I can still feel the “Sparks”

Shiver down my spine

As I recall the sensations you stirred


Then with a bittersweet clarity

I slap myself back reality

And lock them away deep inside me again…


© DebraDML (2015)


2014 “Erotic Advent Challenge” run by SJ Warners Blog


This is a collection of Short Stories or Poems written in 2014 for the “Erotic Advent Challenge” which was hosted by my friend SJ Warners Blog… during this Challenge we sadly lost a lovely friend and writer Marcus… xox

Hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did – just click on each persons name to read their piece!


Tammy-Louise Wilkins

Ethan Radcliff

Raven Anxo

Pen name K


SJ Warner

Khul Waters

Zoey Hart

Cameron Lincoln

KA Hobbs

CJ Heath

KB Mallion

Olivia Purley

Chris Kuhn

Mark Davis

C.R Lemons

Steve Richards

Caroline Juliette

Jamie B

Magenta Nero

Callen Wright

Carrie Anne Ward

Angel Poet

Laurie Schmidt Lee

Der Erzahler



2014 “Treat Week Challenge” via SJ Warners Blog


My friend SJ Warner ran this “Challenge in 2014” via her Blog, showcasing some Short Stories & Poetry by the following Writers – Enjoy:

Caroline Juliette

Benjamin Prewitt

Cameron Lincoln

Ava Bellamy

SJ Warner

Stephen Richards

Jamie B.

Tammy Louise Wilkins

Chris Kuhn

Mark Davis

BL Ronan


Guest Post: Some favourite Poetry by Kat Fraser


Kat Fraser was one of my first friends I made online and we have remained good friends over the past three years and she has been a great encouragement to me… She is a very talented Writer & Poet, who is in the process of writing her first novel!

Here are just some of her pieces over the years that I have touched and inspired me but all her words are excellent… So if you haven’t already go check her out!

Enjoy ~ Debs xox


Her social media sites are:

Blog     Twitter




Drowning in a sea of emotions

Fighting, reaching for the surface

Just going through the motions

Nothing matters without your face

Your body, your heart, your soul

Here with me

Hallow ache in my chest

Only you can fill the hole

Forget all the rest

You are the one

Not worthy of your time

My past written in stone

Punished for my crime

Do anything to atone

The smallest attention

Feels me with such hope

The long, painful silence

Feels me with such dejection

Just want it like it was

Full of love and trust

Electrifying passion

Lying now in the dust

Drowning in a sea of you

Only you can save me

Thoughts of nothing but us

Nothing matters without you with me.

© Kat Fraser (2015)




Empty words fill the air
Promises hanging
Only to drop
Shattering into pieces

Time wasted
Waiting alone
For that one thing
That will never come

Hope soars
Belief in words
Maybe this time
Heart swells with promise

Actions speak louder
Nowhere to be found
Waiting alone
Heart torn apart

Hopeless romantic
Giving so many chances
Wanting a new ending
But it’s always the same

Broken down
Give up trying
Jaded to the core
Never again

Sweet, empty words
Fill the air
I want to believe
Sad, lonely cycle

Time wasted
Waiting alone
For that one thing
That will never come…

© Kat Fraser (2014)




Darkness seeps in
Gripping within

Stabbing pain
Nothing to gain

Sadness takes over
Filling up and over

Bitterness tasted
Pointless time wasted

Happiness yearning
Never learning

Angry words spoken
Heart is broken

© Kat Fraser (2013)




I look into your eyes and I get lost

Lost in the sea of blue, in the depths of your soul

I take your lips to mine and I get lost

Lost in the essence of your love, in the taste of you

I wrap my arms around you and I get lost

Lost in the embrace of your love, in the strength of you

I blanket you with my body and I get lost

Lost in the desire of you, in the flame that burns for you

I take you as my soul mate and I get lost

Lost in the joy of everlasting love, in loving my best friend

I love you with all my heart and I get lost

Lost everyday from now and forever, I get lost in you.

© Kat Fraser (2012)