Lessons Learnt…


Lessons Learnt

As a innocent child

I lived my life

With a faithful belief

That if you strived to do right thing

Life would turn out good…


I am now in the middle of my life

With many painful lessons

Learnt along the journey

And if I could part my “now” wisdom

Back to the child I once was: I would say,

That the statement you once believed

doesn’t turn out to be true…


That life is a series of never-ending lessons,

And in this life you have to love yourself,

First and foremost –

In all the situations that are ahead of you…


Especially within all of the relationships

That you will have in your life –

From a family member to a partner,

Or from a friend to a work colleague…

That each person has to meet the other half way,

And give 50/50 –

Otherwise it’s not worth you time and effort,

And in following this simply principle

You will save yourself

Alot of trouble and unnecessary pain!


Also don’t rush into to things…

Always stop, look, listen and think first,

As time will reveal any hidden truths!

© debradml (2015)


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