The Soul Has Bandaged Moments…


My Revision of Emily Dickinson’s Poem

The soul has bandaged moments
When she becomes too appalled to stir
Left battered from some ghastly fright,
Requires time now to restore.

Salute her, with long fingers
And caress her freezing hair
Hug away the unworthy feelings
From a lost love, that didn’t deserve her care.

The soul has moments of escape
When bursting through closed doors
She dances like a bomb exploding
Till brought down again once more.

As does become a Bee
Delirious, when he finds the pollen prize
Forgetting all the dangers
He just becomes caught up in paradise.

The Soul’s retaken moments
Make you guard yourself again
Till next time upon the journey
When horror seems to welcome you again.

ยฉ debradml (2015)


10 thoughts on “The Soul Has Bandaged Moments…

  1. beautiful and poignant relate to this . You don’t know how my soul have beeen wounded but I keep on fighting but I became wary that is a positive thing .

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