Facing Forward…



As I stand here facing forward

Balancing on the precipice of change

I reflect upon the monumental mistakes

That have been made…


Desperate to fit in,

Be accepted and find a fanciful love

I enticed my own disappointment –

Through devaluation…


Forever putting others first

Going out of my way to please

Hoping to find a magic

I no longer believe exists…


Once so careless, innocent and free: Is now gone 

After the endless knocks downs

And lessons learnt along the way

Leaves me finally accepting my defeat

With dreams and moments forever lost…


Peace and quiet calls out to me longingly

To renew my inner self, so I can breathe again

Now is the time to embrace change and move on

Uniquely focusing on my own needs, and

Valuing myself as the woman that I am…


Winter time is coming fast

Xanadu is gone 

The Years are fading quickly

And the zany times of youth are but a distant fading song…

© debradml (2015)


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