Beasts Howling at the Full Moon.

In beautiful remembrance to a unique and amazing soul… who touched so many in such a short time… but now he’s forever in our hearts and memories! Miss you Marcus so much xox Debs

Kindred Words

This is piece collaborated on by myself, the lovely Caroline Juliette, and the Lionheart, JMC813 

It is a piece written in remembrance for our late friend, Marcus. It has become a tradition since his tragic death that I post on the full moon of each month in his honor; so once again – please feel free to join in and add your howls to the moon in the spirit of good friends, good memories, and the freedom of the wolf’s spirit to run the wild forever.


Would you offer to us,
a moment, for Marcus?
a respectful head bow
a leg hump, a wolf howl?

Per il nostro capo,
branco amata il Lupo,
we’ve come together,
somehow, thanks to you…
to howl out our lungs
for tonight’s full moon;
with love, in remembrance
of so much goodness in you,
tonight, we…

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