#PoetryInMotion ~ Dreams



Whispered words draw me in from my dreaming

I can hear you calling: yet your so far away

In the darkness I search

As the moonlight tries to guide me…

I can’t see very well, as there is a storm brewing 

But seeping through the shadows 

Comes a chilled feeling 

That places me on high alert…

It’s becoming clearer as I realise

Where I am now

Past echoes of memories are trying to haunt me

But I stand my ground and inform them…

No more shall you enter my “Dreams”

I have the power now to control & reject you

I will banish you eventually, I hope

As I open my eyes and deeply breathe…

© debradml (2015)


#PoetryInMotion is a Group that I am apart of on Facebook… they post “Weekly Prompts” inviting the Group members to take part in Challenge… This was a submission to one I did recently!

Click here to go to the Facebook Group


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