In Their Shoes


In my job: whilst caring for the Elderly
It doesn’t take but a moment
To stop and listen, give a smile, hold a hand
Or a hug when required…
One day we may be “In their shoes”
So I always try to think of that
If I was them, how would I be feeling
And it seems to work most of the time…
Instantly calming someone
That maybe feeling scared, lost or confused
No magical touch, just purely
Treating others how I would like to be treated…
© debradml (2015)


Good-bye, Farewell & C’est La Vie…


Good-bye, Farewell & C’est La Vie



And C’est la vie…


To the complications

That you have caused me.

To the rejections

That have wasted my time.

To your deceptions

That show your own failings.

To the mass of pain

That caused tears to be cried…


I’m done with this unhappy ending

I’m taking back my hurtful pride.

I’m looking forward

Without anymore hesitation –

From your false friendship

That you’ve hidden behind.

No longer will I be a doormat

That foolishly wonders on Why?

It takes two to make a real friendship

So C’est La Vie, Farewell & Good-bye!

. . .

© debradml (2015)


Ode to Bridges…


My Bridge Poem

Oh beautiful bridge

Connecting two points of land

So that we may pass more easily from point to another

You sit so quietly: waiting

To fulfil your role each day…

What things you must have seen

Over your time,

As we come and go

Blissfully unaware

But grateful that you are here for us today!

© debradml (2015)



Ode to Earth Day…



To feel, breathe and connect

With the natural energy

Surrounding us

Brings an inner peace

That is indescribable…

Mother Nature is a quiet magic

That we so often take for granted

Getting caught up in

The ‘hustle and bustle’ of the modern world

But when we do… go and say hello

She embraces us purely, every time!

© debradml (2015)


Trials and Tribulations


Trials and Tribulations

As I wake upon another day

I am faced yet again

With more trials and tribulations…

Why in this life I am unsure

Of why they keep happening

But I’ve decided that I just need to let it all go

To look forward and move on

Instead of trying to understand, Why…

I need to focus on the time I have left here

To be peaceful, happy and whole

Not weighed down by others

Selfish negativity and childish games

As Life is too short and precious…

© debradml (2015)



Ode to my Aunt…



“Hello Aunty… I hope you can hear me”, I say out aloud.

“Wish I could just pick up the phone and have a chat with you.

I can still hear your laughter, as I look at your smiling face.

We check on Mark all the time and he is doing ok.

I hope that you are happy and know that we miss you dearly.

You are forever in our hearts and thoughts…. no matter where you are.

I love you!”

Tears swell in my eyes

Every time I look at her picture

Who on this day, 12 months ago, passed away…


© debradml (2015)