Day 10 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 10’s optional prompt, to write an abecedarian poem – a poem with a structure derived from the alphabet. . ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 10’s Prompt” I have chosen a poem from the “ website” by British Poet, Edward Lear, and after that is my interpretation to the Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!




A     tumbled down, and hurt his Arm, against a bit of wood.
    said, “My Boy, O! do not cry’ it cannot do you good!”
    said, “A Cup of Coffee hot can’t do you any harm.”
D     said, “A Doctor should be fetched, and he would cure the arm.”
E     said, “An Egg beat up in milk would quickly make him well.”
F     said, “A Fish, if broiled, might cure, if only by the smell.”
    said, “Green Gooseberry fool, the best of cures I hold.”
H     said, “His Hat should be kept on, keep him from the cold.”
I     said, “Some Ice upon his head will make him better soon.”
J     said, “Some Jam, if spread on bread, or given in a spoon.”
K     said, “A Kangaroo is here,—this picture let him see.”
    said, “A Lamp pray keep alight, to make some barley tea.”
M     said, “A Mulberry or two might give him satisfaction.”
    said, “Some Nuts, if rolled about, might be a slight attraction.”
O     said, “An Owl might make him laugh, if only it would wink.”
    said, “Some Poetry might be read aloud, to make him think.”
Q     said, “A Quince I recommend,—A Quince, or else a Quail.”
    said, “Some Rats might make him move, if fastened by their tail.”
S     said, “A Song should now be sung, in hopes to make him laugh!”
T     said, “A Turnip might avail, if sliced or cut in half.”
U     said, “An Urn, with water hot, place underneath his chin!”
V     said, “I’ll stand upon a chair, and play a Violin!”
W    said, “Some Whiskey-Whizzgigs fetch, some marbles and a ball!”
X     said, “Some double XX ale would be the best of all!”
Y     said, “Some Yeast mised up with salt would make a perfect plaster!”
Z     said, “Here is a box of Zinc! Get in my little master!
We’ll shut you up! We’ll nail you down!
We will, my little master!
We think we’ve all heard quite enough of this sad disaster!

By Edward Lear (1512-1888)



My Abecedarian Poem

As I stand here facing forward

Balancing on the precipice of

Change, I reflect on the monumental mistakes been made…

Desperate to fit in, be accepted and find love, I

Enticed my own disappointment, through devaluation…

Forever putting others first,

Going out of my way to please,

Hoping to find a magic

I no longer believe exists…

Just too many

Knocks along the way now,

Leaves me finally accepting my defeat…

Moments lost,

Now time to change,

Once so careless and free is gone…

Peace and

Quiet calls out to me longingly, to

Renew my inner self

So I can breathe again

Through taking a step back,

Uniquely focusing on my own needs, and

Valuing myself as the woman that I am…

Winter time is coming fast

Xanadu is gone

Years are fading quickly, the

Zany times of youth are but a distant fading song…

© debradml (2015)


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