Day 9 in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 9’s optional prompt, was to write a visual poem. And stated if that wasn’t specific enough, perhaps you could try your hand at a calligram? That’s a poem or other text in which the words are arranged into a specific shape or image ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website


So with “Day 9’s Prompt” I chose a poem written by Robin F. Brox – she is an Author of Sure Thing (BlazeVOX 2011), Founder of Saucebox Book Arts, a Feminist micropress and occasional performance series, and a Graduate of SUNYBuffalo & The University of Maine/, Then I posted some other pictures showing this style of poetry – I found on the Internet, And after that is my submission to the Challenge!

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!


By Robin F. Brox


Here are some other examples found on the Internet:





© debradml (2015)


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