Day 6 “Extra” in the #NaPoWriMo Challenge


Day 6’s optional prompt, was to write a form of poetry know as the aubade. ~ via The NaPoWriMo Website

Aubade are morning poems, about dawn and daybreak. Many aubades take the form of lovers’ morning farewells, but maybe you could take in Phillip Larkin’s grim Aubade for inspiration.


So here is an extra Poem submitted by fellow PoetMidwest Fantasy with “Day 6’s Aubade Prompt“…

Happy reading and hope you all enjoy!



Rustling bedcovers

Bodies beginning to stretch

Awakening with Dawn’s whispers of good morning

Sun touched skin shines

In sleepy eyes of lovers

Begging for caresses to breathe life

Into slumbering hearts

And dance another day


By Midwest Fantasy (2015)


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