#PicturePromptChallenge by Carol Campbell


Hesitating, she pulls the curtain
Unsure what awaits her from within
With trepidation she peers around
From the heavy velvet fabric dark red
Not knowing irritates her very soul
Will there be desolation?

The storm had increased rapidly
Overtaking her small hamlet unawares
Started as a breeze that quickly became
A cyclone of mass proportion and strength
It sounded much like a freight train run wild
No one knew it’s true power and magnitude
Surprise fills her heart as she gazes out
The landscape is not what it had once been
The shore of the lake extended far beyond
Trees are forcibly stripped of their leaves drastically
Houses of neighbours are as pick-up sticks
God, please let them be alright and well
Letting go of the curtain,
She decides that she will dedicate all her energy
To assisting in the healing on all levels
Of the people sore tried by this storm.


© Carol Campbell (2015)

IMG_2271 (1)

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