#PicturePromptChallenge by Arthur Sleep


Cartesian Moonbeams

A Cartesian theatre of dreams and extremes
On the side where the artist and poets reside
In fanciful flights of moonlit nights & paths
That lead to adventure and romance
Or a faux history of fantastical sensory mystery
Hearing werewolves howl and night beast prowl
Safety of roaring fires and candlelight
From castle turret window slits where wine flows
And roast meat falls off the bone

We pull back from the figment but didn’t factor
We are the actor, stood on a parquet stage floor
Looking at a painted backdrop hanging scene
Framed by crimson curtain calls beyond which
We are the audience smoking Magritte’s pipe
Dreams as the crimson drapes drop
We pull back further as a benign user illusion
Staring at the screen of a phone

Homunculus smashed to smithereens
We are our dreams reality screams
And I will float back, rather than hide
To where the artists and poets reside


© Arthur Sleep (2015)


His “Social Media” site is:



7 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Arthur Sleep

  1. Excellent! You have captured the quintessence of the relationship between the reader and what’s read; the performer and the audience; the dreamer and dreamweaver.

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