#PicturePromptChallenge by Sable Swan



always on display as an actor center stage

given a script, the exact words to say

no ad-libs allowed, nor individual thought

just follow the text, for you’re identity’s been bought


each scene’s unquestionably worst than the last

for every word written seems on a truth fast

digging deep to fulfil the designated role

leaves the cast of one a desperate, lonely soul


what can be done to right this vast wrong

for the storyline’s verity is long gone

the dramatist’s account veers sinfully off course

and the character’s soliloquy nearly chokes in her throat


unable to deliver one more fabricated word

the cast of one takes a brave step forward

out of the spotlight, off her mark

she absorbs the playwright’s launched darts


“your account of my life, “said she, “is sorely fabricated.

there’s no truth here, only a story you created.

i refuse to continue this charade any longer,

i’ll tell my history, for it’s what’s made me stronger.”


with that, she tossed the lies to the side

hearing them hit the floor and slide

stopping abruptly at the diva’s feet

she smiled politely, exiting stage right happily


© Sable Swan (2015)


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13 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Sable Swan

  1. Very Nice, dear Sable! I had asked about the requirements for submissions to these challenges and never received a reply. Does that stand for a rejection? If it does, I understand. Just would like some clarity! Thank you.

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