#PicturePromptChallenge by Aurora



The abandoned theater beckoned her. Marquee lights, half broken, seemed to spell her name, a beacon in the gloomy shadows of the side street. Noticing the door ajar, she slipped inside, unnoticed, to explore.

At first glance it appeared as any other theater, shadows moving with the ghosts of past performances. Climbing the steps to the front of the stage, she parted the curtain and gasped at the beauty of the set before her. A forest, lit by a moon so bright it appeared pulled from the sky itself and a distant cottage, its windows glowing in welcome.

She stepped forward, hand outstretched, to touch the painted beauty before her, but found only air. As the curtain fell closed behind, the forest mirage enveloped her. The smell of crisp outdoor air, the sound of fallen leaves rustling in a cool breeze, warred with reason as she continued forward in search of the painted wall she knew to be there.

Propelled by feet with an inquisitive mind of their own, she walked through a space in a tree trunk of unimaginable proportion, until she paused outside of what had been a distant cottage and found herself bathed in the light from its windows.

With wide amber eyes she took in the world around her, beginning to accept the impossible. From the crest of a small hill, she viewed more towering oak trees with tunnels, each leading to a land more wondrous than what lie before it. Possibility stretched before her as far as the eye could see.

She turned back the way she had come, walking until her feet echoed on the wooden stage and her hands grasped red velvet curtains once more. Mind whirling with adventures yet to come, she exited the theater. They say “all the world’s a stage,” but a stage holds infinite worlds, and she planned to explore them all.


 © Aurora (2015)


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10 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Aurora

  1. Aurora that was fantastic, I could see this as the beginning of a beautiful story yet to unfold. You left me wanting more. 👏👏👏 love how you wrote it, pulling me in.
    Xx Paris

  2. Reblogged this on Aurora Songs and commented:
    I am proud to have been invited to participate in Deb’s “What Do You See?” Challenge with a group of amazing writers who take my breath away daily with their talent.

  3. Oh hats off to you Aurora this is wonderful! In just a few sentences, you effortlessly create a world so believable and so magical that it leaves us breathless and craving for more.


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