#PicturePromptChallenge by Sabine



Enlightenment, enchantment, thin in the air
a tremor of whiteness, dazzlingly bright
Something sweet, whispering an ancient spell
the most adventurous would slacken their pace

One step over the threshold,
designed in bloody ink
One second of your life was a lifetime,
no redhooded little girl playing fancy games

Her recognition of danger was a mere thought,
she lost her mind and soul
A tremble against the wind of hate
she let it all go to reborn

Drag the man here little enchantress,
come over the threshold little temptress
Bring him over ecstasy with one single glance,
desire coursing along his way

Waking up from her dream
Venus delighted in the new scenery
An old charm was her spell
freed from the man she once loved

….. her chrysalid was her nightmare in a redhood.


© Sabine (2015)


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21 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Sabine

    • Thanks for all the nice comments though devious is not one I rely on too much. I prefer sensual to porn, kindness to any form of harm, so basically I am a romantic in the 18’s century style. I can’t let you say such thing about me.

      • You clearly misunderstand – I did not in any way imply that your poem was pornographic. (I’ll admit that confuses me…) I’m a horror and angst-driven prose writer, devious is a playful term to me and meant as a high compliment. My apologies that you took it any other way.

        Debs, please feel free to remove my comment if it would make Sabine feel more comfortable. I take no offense.

  1. Thanks Nina, I apologise too. I should have answer sooner to your post, but life is getting in the way. I really appreciate you taking in consideration this. Thanks a lot.
    I know the word had a double meaning, one playful, but it bothered me slightly at the time 🙂 it’s over now and all is good hopefully. Thanks, have a great day.

    • Absolutely, Sabine! Your poetry is lovely, and I’m very sad to know I upset you. I’m sure that you, much like your writing, have a beautiful soul and I would never wish to cause you offense, or even an inkling of distress. I’m very relieved to know the misunderstanding is cleared up, and that no ill feelings are left behind. All is good, and I hope to read more of your work in the future. I enjoyed this piece greatly. 😀

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