#PicturePromptChallenge by SA Healey


Dreams Don’t Have to Wait

Pallid existence down overgrown paths

Forgotten landscapes crazed with cracks

Tapestries rolled and curtains drawn

Crammed into corners she didn’t belong

Debauched revolution of the clocks

Wasted seconds and moments lost

Another mistake, another regret

Crushing boulders upon her chest

Passion entombed in waking grief

A thousand secrets tucked underneath

Eyes downcast, biting back fear

Masked refinement blotting tears

Stormy light and moony pace

Working the wings in silent grace

Wavering shadows muting her pleas

Confiscated treasures hung from trees

Moss-coated memories eroding her soul

Pocketed timepieces taking their toll

Till history and destiny converged at her feet

Forging a plot twist from stroke and heat

Tasting his breath, feeling his rise

Peeling back her fraught disguise

Vocal chords stretching raw

His throaty syllables trailing scars

Evocative words in tangled wind

The pendulum swing between virtue and sin

Cutting her deep with razor blade prose

Gathering strength through open sores

Phantom incarnations seeping from veins

Dripping his night and soaking his rain

Resplendent salvation by his desire

His limbs – her forest, his lips – her fire

Lethal suffusion of love and lust

Manifestation of implacable trust

Burnt silhouettes against paper moons

Luminous minds and tongues abloom

Conquering languages all their own

Mapping skin to find the way home

Discovering ghosts in hidden caves

Lifting wishes from shallow graves

So many things she wanted to be

So many places she wanted to see

Spotlight blinking, he whispered her fate

“Your dreams don’t have to wait”


 © SA Healey (2015)


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29 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by SA Healey

  1. It was such an honor to be invited to participate. Thank you so much! I am still in awe over the beautifully varied and inspired pieces I’ve seen thus far. Just amazing. xx

  2. Reblogged this on S A Healey and commented:
    The following poem is my interpretation for The Words Across the Oceans picture prompt challenge. It was an incredible honor to be invited to participate, and I highly encourage you to follow debradml.com so that you may check out the other pieces as well. Inspiring stuff!

  3. Truly a magnificent piece! Such beauty, skillfully woven and presented for our delight. Although it in no way detracts from the perfection of the whole and my enjoyment thereof, I absolutely adore the two lines –

    “The pendulum swing between virtue and sin
    Cutting her deep with razor blade prose”

    • Megan, I want to tackle you to the floor and hug the daylights out of you. lol. Thank you so much! Your unwavering encouragement and support means the world to me xoxo

  4. This flows beautifully. There’s a tick to the tock, the transition from despairing loss to dreams being realised is seamless. A truly beautiful piece full of rich imagery. Such a pleasure to read.

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