#PicturePromptChallenge by Richard Ankers



When the curtains drew back, what did I see,
But a magical world staring at me.
A pathway in moonshine, silver of sheen,
But the closer I looked the more it seemed mean.
The trees were bent crooked, angled and black
But the image did draw me with no going back!
That’s where I now wander, lost and alone,
Covered by midnight, to never know home.
So, here is my advice that I give to thee.
Don’t enter the theatre, at least, not freely.
Beware dear observers; beware my dear friends,
As insanity’s journey is hard to defend.
© Richard Ankers (2015)
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17 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Richard Ankers

  1. i love this – i adore the theatre – especially ‘live theatre’ – anything can happen – at anytime and one must constantly be aware of this fact and be prepared to deal with it, which sometimes means letting others have control.

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