#PicturePromptChallenge by Angel Poet



Nefarious angel
Banished from Heaven
To the circles of hell
Paying penance
In a purgatorial cell
Allowed to exist
As a ghostly mist
No form
To touch
Sinful lust
Only feeling a lovers
Pleasure and pain
anguishing over those
Allowed to reign

There is
No love
No hope
Or redemption
For this tethered
Aimlessly floating
Enviously Gazing
at the moons glow

A Ghostly voyeur
From the doorway
Of hell
Never allowed
To crossover
And dwell
To see her lover
From afar
Lust in another
Woman’s Arms
This is her penance
This is her shame
To watch in the darkness
In the red room of pain


© Angel (2015)


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31 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Angel Poet

  1. On one hand, I ache for this winged beauty, wish to set her free, to fly, back to the gates of heavens freedom. On the other, I wish to wrap her in my arms, and whisper soft reassurance that the scolding depths of hell has so much more fun to be explored… 😉 xx

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