#PicturePromptChallenge by Lisa Fulham



The final curtain draws ever closer

Lowering slowly

Allowing one final glance

Before darkness consumes the moon

My howling friend

My mystical lunar

How will my soul carry on without you?

Crushed red velvet obscures my view

Reflections and shadows upon the floor

Offer a moment of peace

As the wolf inside howls

One last time

The heavy drapes

Come silently crashing down

Your final act is

Howling At The Fucking Moon


© Lisa Fulham (2015)


“This poem is written in memory of Tony and Marcus. Two playful wolves with deep and beautiful souls. Both taken too soon from our lives, but never our hearts. Together high and howling in death as they did in life together.”



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18 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Lisa Fulham

    • My dear friend TY for making them apart of this… they loved Challenges such as these… and they will love your piece as much as I do… HATFM Forever babes xox Debs

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