#PicturePromptChallenge by Amanda Carrington



Dream swaddled mind
Preparing to fall
Into depths of subconscious
My curtain call
Darkness descends
And it happens too soon
I am lured by the light
I am caught by the moon

Alone on this platform
I play out the scenes
My mind creates pictures
My eyes cannot see
Darkness imprisons me
With invisible bars
I am lured by the light
I am caught by the stars

As this dream unravels
And weaves a web
I toss and I turn
In a cold empty bed
Just me on the stage
Unwilling to fight
I am lured by the darkness
I am caught by the night

As night becomes day
The curtain will fall
As blackness releases
My mind from it all
My body awakens
The dreams are all gone
I am lured by the light
I am caught by the sun


© Amanda Carrington (2015)


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34 thoughts on “#PicturePromptChallenge by Amanda Carrington

  1. Thank you so much for the invitation and the opportunity. A beautiful picture that I am sure will conjure many a scenario to many poetic minds 🙂

    • Dearest Amanda

      Words can not describe how I feel when reading your words except they touch deeply… I love your interpretation and am honoured that you took part and support my humble little blog, Thank-you! Debs xox

  2. Fabulous 1st line. Great use of repetition in last lines of stanzas. I like what you were “caught” by each time! I felt like I was in your dream. Loved it.

  3. So this is what it feels like, to be swept up between your sheets, dreaming… such sweet surrender to all that draws you in, only to wake, knowing you’re surrounded by light… Just beautiful x

    • Thank you beautiful Kym I’m happy you all liked it. I always feel so small amongst all these great poets :)x

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