#PoetryInMotion – Standing Tall


A friend of mine that I have got to know via Twitter/ Facebook – called @Myauthor_angel & Facebook – Angel Poet, has started a wonderful group on Facebook called #PoetryInMotion… where the group is asked to enter their submissions to a “picture or word prompt” each week…

This is my first piece with them!?!



Standing Tall

Through the valley of this Life
With the highs
The lows
And the curve balls…

I stand tall
Remaining firm
To live another day
Come what may…

Breathing in the essence
Of life’s force
Taking it slowly
One step at a time…

Where I will
Thrive to shine
No matter what I have to face…

© debradml (2015)




#PicturePromptChallenge by DebraDML 


I have always loved this Quote by Shakespeare and when I found the Picture for the Challenge I thought it would be awesome to use and see everyone’s different interpretations and “My Oh My” what a Challenge it has turned out to be ~ Take a Bow entrants!!!


The submissions have been absolutely incredible and my Stats have been the best ever…. I thank everyone who has taken part… special thanks going to Angel Poet, Shawn D. Standfast & Magenta Nero who have assisted and provided me with feedback when time was short 🙏  To the Poets, Story-tellers, Readers and Supporters…. from the bottom of my heart ❤️ “Thank-you” SO much for taking the time to share in this project with me…. it has truly inspired and filled me with immense joy… each piece is a treasured gift!!!

The past year in my Life has been a kind of an awakening of sorts… I had surgery that has changed my Life, took a huge Trip around the World for 3 months – where I got to meet some of you & reconnected with some old friends I hadn’t seen in over 20 years, Plus I lost some friends this past year too… the passing of Marcus occurred in the middle of my trip as well… so when I got home I felt very flat and decided that I’d run this Challenge and as always it lifts and spurs me on… so thank-you doesn’t really say what it has meant to me…

I celebrate my Birthday tomorrow… so each piece has been like an opening of a precious present to me and a big Ole’ Party for the past 3 weeks that I have shared with you all!

So much love, hugs and light to each of you :-)) xoxox


And now for my Interpretation:



Life is but a Stage
A pantomime of sorts
A blank canvas to be filled by each and everyone of us
From the moment we are born till the end of our finale.

Uniquely, we each view life differently
Our perceptions and experiences
Are diverse and wide
Which form a multitude of never-ending tales.

Some inspire
Lifting those in need
Some we relate to most gratefully
Finding a peace that we’re not alone upon our journey!


As the show is about to commence
Silence descends
The curtain rises
Like the lifting of a Gossamer Veil on a Virginal Bride
Filling us with anticipation of endless thoughts
That challenges our minds for the magic that we crave.

We are ready to be transcribed
Into a journey of different realms
Through portals of interpretation
Bestowed through the individual story-teller
With imagination as our guide.

The emotions once hidden in twilight
Are now lighted centre of stage
Where we readily inhale their words
To absorb the unique creations
Leading us for but a moment into their world of vision.

We sit absorbed in fascination
Till the very end
With the finale upon us now
The curtains fall
And we’re left in glorious wonder
Till a new show shall begin!


© DebraDML (2015)


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#PicturePromptChallenge by Hasty Words



Musical notes weaved softly

Through their quiet murmurs

Excited anticipation drifted

Like waves through the crowd

The casual conversations faded

As the house lights dimmed

And the crimson curtains parted

The actors were at their marks

Ready to play their part

And as the lines were spoken

Their laughter was her sorrow

This comedy was her tragedy

These scripted lines were

The beginning of her healing

But instead of humor

She saw only winter

Covering all her words

Under cold blankets of snow


© Hasty Words (2015)


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#PicturePromptChallenge by Kymberly Witherspoon


What do you mean?

The bright yet subtle light on the path that lies ahead
What do you mean? What is that to the left?
The red devil has pushed back to show the path that lies ahead
What do you mean? What is that to the left?
The mist and moss ease back exposing the path that lies ahead
What do you mean? What is that to the left?
The burning radiation has cooled to the moon’s glow showing the path to what lies ahead
What do you mean? What is that to the left?
The healing as begun you simply need to continue on the path that lies ahead
What do you mean? What is that to the left?


© Kymberly Witherspoon (2015)


Straight ahead, is that not what we have been taught. Over the last 7-8 months I have been taking a journey that was most unintended. Well, now I will be guiding my father along a very similar route. These are the words that came to mind as I realized that while I am still healing I will need to take another path soon.

I thank you for allowing me to join in with the incredible talent and exquisite artistry that has already been put forth. What I do is just dabble here and there. That anyone may want to read is an honour…

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#PicturePromptChallenge by Katrina Storey



Dense and thick

Reaching out

The scarlet material blankets me


A reflection of myself

My soul weighted down

Dragging and scrapping

At one time clawing, but no more

Long ago I would scream

Only my echo for company

So long it’s been dark

My only friend

My only companion

Always a one man show

No players in this game

A puppet on strings

Bending for the masses


A spectacle

Soon the curtain will rise

The lights come up

For one night only

My performance will start again


© Katrina Storey (2015)


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#PicturePromptChallenge by Lucy Roderick


The smokey red curtain

Opens to shadowed darkness

Misty moonlight

Creatures of fear await me

Should I enter this night

I lurk in the shadows

Hiding my fright

This is where I’ve been beckoned

To rest from my flight


© Lucy Roderick (2015)


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#PicturePromptChallenge by Carol Campbell


Hesitating, she pulls the curtain
Unsure what awaits her from within
With trepidation she peers around
From the heavy velvet fabric dark red
Not knowing irritates her very soul
Will there be desolation?

The storm had increased rapidly
Overtaking her small hamlet unawares
Started as a breeze that quickly became
A cyclone of mass proportion and strength
It sounded much like a freight train run wild
No one knew it’s true power and magnitude
Surprise fills her heart as she gazes out
The landscape is not what it had once been
The shore of the lake extended far beyond
Trees are forcibly stripped of their leaves drastically
Houses of neighbours are as pick-up sticks
God, please let them be alright and well
Letting go of the curtain,
She decides that she will dedicate all her energy
To assisting in the healing on all levels
Of the people sore tried by this storm.


© Carol Campbell (2015)

IMG_2271 (1)

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#PicturePromptChallenge by Ron Boevink



Sunset in a summers heat appeases not the lonely heart…

As the evenings spent alone makes it harder to ever start.

I watch the world evolve and turn for yet it has little meaning.

The “chase” will be on again, emotions though wont be stealing.

Inside my safe quiet haven, I only hear my own heart beat.

Without you here now my love makes me incomplete.

The world will evolve and turn, I will continue to suffer.

Your smile will always be with me but it doesn’t make me tougher.

Sunset in the summer heat appeases not the lonely heart.

My heart will cry forever as you’re gone, I shan’t feel any pleasure.


© Ron Boevink (2015)



#PicturePromptChallenge by Barb B


She is breathless with anticipation
Tonight they will meet
A year has passed
Yet it feels like yesterday she was in his arms
Strolling slowly through the woods
The moonlight glow lighting her way
She savors the evening sounds
The scent of the moist earth
They will meet at their special spot
Among the trees and dancing leaves
So many special moments
The first hand hold
Oh how the sparks flew
Endless evenings
Spent laying together
In the cool grass under these trees
Sharing secrets, wishes and endless dreams
It was here he first kissed her
Here her heart became his
In the clearing she waits
Moonlight dancing
Casting dark shadows
She swears she can hear his voice
But he is just a whisper in the mist
The curtain drops
Eyes open
She is alone with the impression of him fresh
As the tears drop swiftly down her face
He has been gone one year
His ashes scattered
Among those trees she holds so dear
He still surrounds her
But only in her memories and dreams


© Barbarella (2015)


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