Shattered Pieces…


Shattered pieces



Is all that remains

In my memories

Of you now…

Forever left

To wonder why

You chose

The path

That you did –

So cold and strange…

I cared



You greatly

But obviously

You didn’t feel the same way…

After years of talking & thinking

We’d built a solid


Based upon Friendship…

You didn’t even care


To take the time

To communicate things properly –

One day


One thing

Then the next day


Our connection


Leaving just an echo

Of empty silence

To remain forever

In regret…


I meant

That little to you

That you couldn’t


Give me that much


You just left me hanging

To feel




I thought I knew you.

I thought you were a good soul.

I thought you were my friend.

I thought you cared.

How wrong was I…


© debradml (2015)

16 thoughts on “Shattered Pieces…

  1. I wonder if the people who invented social media realized how unfriending and blocking could affect people. No explanation. Just disappearance. The person I write to/for on my blog deleted me 3 separate times and finally blocked me with no explanation. The not knowing why is the worst part. Ok. He doesn’t want a relationship/friendship, but I deserve a reason since all we said were kind and loving things until he ended that. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I completely understand. 😦

  2. Let your hopes shape and not disappointments shape your future. Hope lies in dreams, imagination and courage. Let hope be a brilliant rainbow in your future. xo

    Ellie T.

  3. I feel every word you bleed Deb… For what it’s worth, they have lost a very good friend and they really didn’t know you, but barely skimmed the surface…
    Big hugs and hope for brighter days yet to come ❤️❤️

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