Erotic Advent by Olivia Purley

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 Erotic Advent

The cold and crisp air drifted into Henry’s cabin, as the old train hurtled through the early evening on its way to Lake Bled. Henry, determined to enjoy himself on this trip, brushed his hair into place with his comb. Frowning at his reflection in the mirror, he wasn’t happy with tufts that wouldn’t behave. He had been accused of being a recluse and unsociable. His accusers spoke the truth, but he had good reason. However, the time had come to adorn his party clothes and enjoy the company of others.

This party had its excesses that didn’t match his tastes, but he deemed them normal for the company he worked for. Working in the computer security department gave him his much-needed privacy. He liked to work alone and had very little patience for people.

Straightening his jacket in the mirror he wished that he had learned how to…

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