Erotic Advent by Callen Wright

S.J's Blog

The Lady In Red

She stood before me

Wearing nought but a bow

Milky flesh wrapped in crimson

Her sapphire eyes set aglow

Sat me down in my chair

Her hands spreading my thighs

Only speaking the words

“Time for your Christmas surprise”

She opened my pants

Her hands sliding inside

Freeing my shaft

Her mouth open wide

She took me in slowly

With her ruby lips

She moaned with pleasure

As she grasped my hips

Up and down her head bounced

As her hand stroked my cock

My pleasure built quickly

Toes curling in my sock

Pleasure took me over

As I growled and roared

I pulled her hair tight

As I erupted with her reward

My body kept shaking

As she swallowed each drop

Her head in my hand

I begged her not to stop

She smiled and stood

Adorning her cloak

She left just a quickly


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