Erotic Advent by Angel Poet

S.J's Blog

Elzia White

Twas the night after Christmas

And in the North Pole

Mrs Claus anxiously

Awaited for Santa to show

All Wrapped up

in ribbons and lace

A sexy negligee

Put on without haste

garter and bows

5 inch heels

She knew would

give him a nutcracker thrill

Then suddenly a clamor

Was heard

St nicks had arrived

And soon would be served

His Christmas surprise

Enter he did

With a grin

Gave a wink

What he saw

Just amazed

Aroused little nick

“Come here my elf

Let me explore

Unwrap my gift

I hope there’s more”

Then he whistled

And shouted

As he licked his

Creamy surprise

Couldn’t contain

His moaning sighs

Now faster

Oh dancer

You prancer

My little vixen

I’m cuming

Oh Cupid

My donger

Is blitzen

His hearty laughter

Could be heard through

The night as he shouted

To all

Merry Christmas to all

And to all a…

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