la luna.

A stunning piece by my inspirational friend & Author B. L. Ronan… I am forever in awe of her talent!

the sacred road


the sun bestows
its final bow –
slipping in subtle silence
behind the heavy curtain.

the warmth of yesterdays
is forgotten,
leaving the empty
frostbitten void
of all
that is lost
in its place.

the stars
no longer light the way
as the sky is blanketed
in the laden gray
of the moon’s
prolific tears.

the lady quivers
in unveiled devastation,
as pockets of clarity
the comforting headiness of nothing.

the world around her spins,
as the songs of the forest
amongst the forgiving shadows
of the night.

it is a small balm
to a breaking heart
as remembered voices
dance so delicately
across the breeze.

under the watchful eye
of her most blessed la luna,
she breaks
for the breath that sustained her
but moments ago.

become memory
in the mere seconds
that it takes
saline puddles
to descend her cheeks.

the crescendo of voices

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