Erotic Advent by Cameron Lincoln

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Erotic Advent (2)
Beneath the tree, a gift divine,
Awaits, prepared, expectant, mine.
Aglow by fire, glistening, poised,
Wrapped up in ribbon, deliciously moist.
Barber’s pole socks, stretched to the knee,
Blindfold depriving sight of my glee,
Candy striped gloves, a crimson gag,
Choking sweet whimpers, breaths in a snag.
I untie the bow, tender flesh found.
Tracing my fingers on trembling mounds.
Pinching, caressing, igniting your lust,
Savour my presence, surrender your trust.
Christmas cheer spreads, legs alongside,
Through cinnamon trail, deft fingers glide,
Soon joined by lips, suckling on treats,
Tongue keen and eager, to dance as I feast.
Sinking inside you, all senses raised,
Rhythmically pulsing, tending the blaze.
Rivulets coursing betwixt clashing thighs,
Guiding our bodies to new festive highs.
Bonds now unwrapped, silence now broken,
Poems are gasped, sonnets soft spoken.
Promises set for unending smiling,
Coiling together with passion beguiling.
2014 © Cameron Lincoln

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